Chance Of A Life Time

Young Emily Jacobson has won the amercan x-factor prize of 1,000,000euros for her trip to Europe were she will go on tour with one direction. so what happens when Niall falls for her but she flls for someone else in the band.


1. Chapter 1

The year after 1D was on X-factor....
"And the winner of this years X-factor who will win 1,000£ and a tour with one direction is...... Emily Jacobson!
One month later.....
Yeah thats write only one day until I Emily Jacobson get to go on a world tour with one direction!! I am freaking out and have been ever since I won the X- factor. I am a huge fan of one direction I mean i am a huge Directioner. And in 24 hours I will get to meet them, but first I have to go shopping with Abby aka my best friend. Then we both
have to head home and pack because after a lot of e both of our parents we got them to agree that Abby could be my extra guest for the tour.
The morning of departure for the tour........
I woke up at 4:00 am to catch my fight. Then I got all dressed up because I knew one direction would be picking me up at the airport. After a short breakfast my mom and dad drove me to Abby's house were her and her family hoped into our large van. Me and Abby were so excited that we didn't even mind her little brother annoying us. We talked about everything that we were going to do in London all the way to the airport. Once we got to the airport it all the sudden hit us how much we were going to miss our families. After all the water works and goodbyes we just sat and waited for our plane to arrive. Once we got in the plane the longest 8hours and 30 minuets of my life started. It was filed with eating, sleeping, and talking with Abby. And then finally after the hours and minuets passed we got of the plane and walked to the limo with the driver holding a sign with our names on it. Oh yeah and in the back of that limo was One Direction!
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