Do you Remember (a Harry love story)

Alexis and Harry have been friends since they were 5. Their feelings for each other have been growing since then until Harry makes a horrible mistake. Will Alexis forgive him and love him again? Or will she hate him for the rest of his life for shattering her heart.


1. Puppy love

"Harry lets get married."  said the little blonde girl said blinking.  Her cheeks were rosy red and her eyes were the color of the carribean.

"Only if you give me a kiss." a little boy said.  He had brown curly locks and emerald eyes. 

The little girl puffed her cheeks and  turned her back on him.

"Harry I told you.  Boys have cooties.  I will never ever never never ever kiss you." she said.

Harry pouted.  "  Okay fine.  But you have to promise you'll kiss me when you marry me." he said.

She turned around.  "Deal." she said and shook his hand.  

And together they ran off towards the swing set and played until their mothers called them back home.

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