Do you Remember (a Harry love story)

Alexis and Harry have been friends since they were 5. Their feelings for each other have been growing since then until Harry makes a horrible mistake. Will Alexis forgive him and love him again? Or will she hate him for the rest of his life for shattering her heart.


3. My Fault

Harry's POV~


"So Harry who are you taking to prom?"

"I really wish someone would ask me to prom."

"Harry obviously wants to ask me, right Harry?"

I was being bombarded with these questions at lunch.  Can't a lad eat his food in peace?  I wanted to scream at them and tell them to get away but instead I just smiled at them.  I didn't want to hurt anybodies feelings.  I've done that one too many times.

I looked at the table across from me.  There she was.  Alexis Greene.  Being her shy, timid self.  The most beautiful girl I have ever laid my eyes on.  She had sea glass colored eyes, golden hair with her tips dyed brown.  Her pink lips were almost always in a little o shape.  

I knew I could never be with her though.  I've hurt her too many times by being with the wrong girls.  She would never forgive me.  Plus we haven't talked in months.

I snapped out of my thoughts when Jade pressed her body against my left arm.  Jade was the head cheerleader and always wore revealing clothes.  This time she was wearing a deep v-neck that was skin tight and short-shorts that were also a size small for her.

"Hey Harry wanna come over to my place tonight?"  she asked obviously trying to seduce me.  I smiled at her and kindly declined.  At first she seemed a bit offended but then smiled at me showing her overly bleached teeth.

"It's okay babe.  Maybe next time." she said and stood up and walked away with her heavy perfume still lingering around.

I looked over to Alexis again and this time she was looking right at me.  Without even thinking I smiled at her.  She immediately looked down at her lap and I could tell she was blushing.

Why are you like this Harry?  Just go talk to her!  I hated myself for not talking to her.  But I know it would cause her harm if these other girls saw her with me.  These girls already hated her as is because they thought she was stuck up and too snobby and that's why she doesn't talk to people.  I knew better though.  Alexis has trust issues.  And I hate to say it, but it was all because of me. 

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