Do you Remember (a Harry love story)

Alexis and Harry have been friends since they were 5. Their feelings for each other have been growing since then until Harry makes a horrible mistake. Will Alexis forgive him and love him again? Or will she hate him for the rest of his life for shattering her heart.


6. Falling. Not in love.

Harry's POV

My mom was feeling sick today so I volunteered to pick Lexi up. When my mom first told me that Alexis was going to stay with us for a month I was looking forward to it yet dreading it at the same time. I also volunteered to pick her up because I wanted sometime to talk to her and gain her trust again. This month would be the perfect opportunity to restore our friendship, and maybe... Love. I knew she didn't love me. She pretty much admitted that she hates my guts. But I still loved her. What I did with Stacy was a terrible mistake and I wish I could take it back.
I finally arrived at her house. Anxiety was seeping through my skin. Finally I rang the doorbell. Right as I did it I got a text from someone. I looked down at my phone and I read the word Tracy. I Frowned in disgust and ignored the text and I looked up and I saw Alexis standing there. She looks so beautiful. Her blonde and brown hair were in loose curly locks. She had a look of shock on her face. I gave her a shy smile.

"Hey..." I said shyly. She looked at me with shock still in her face. Then she sighed and shook her head.
"I can't believe I agreed to do this." She muttered.
She tried to lift her bags and walk past me as fast as possible and the next thing you know she's falling towards the cement steps.
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