The Rain On Monday

Written words are the only thing my mind can find ease in.


44. Unrequited

Your love was like flavoured chewing gum; sweet, bitter, then tasteless.

The way it made your mouth water but minutes later you couldn’t taste the once decadent flavour you had once, so you spit it out.

Your love was like hot showers; relaxing, steamy, then suffocating.

The way it warmed your insides, the moist air surrounding and blocking out the cold air beyond the door, then minutes later it’s hard to breathe.

Your love was like fresh tea; burning, satisfying, then cold.

The way it burned your lips and tongue, satisfying your hunger, then minutes later turning too cold to drink.

Your love was like popular music; hard to forget, overplayed, then forgotten.

The way it made its way to the core of your brain, always written on your school notebooks, then slowly the last verses are incapable to recall.

Your love was like sweet candy; delicious, insatiable, then unhealthful.

The way it left your mouth craving more, like enough wasn’t enough, but minutes later you realised it wasn’t good for you.

Your love was like Echo’s for Narcissus, it was always unrequited.


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