The Rain On Monday

Written words are the only thing my mind can find ease in.


93. Not Nirvana

I think too much.

I've got this whole presumption

that everyone is always thinking

about me, mainly negatively.

I act confident, maybe i even am


But then I always look in

the wrong direction

in the wrong moment,

at the wrong person.

Maybe they were just spaced out,

or maybe they were wondering

why the hell I wore that damned

jumper with those damned

trousers that didn't even match.

You told me that it was quite narcissistic

of me to assume that every person

that looks my way is absolutely

thinking about me, mainly negatively.

Yeah, this is definitely not nirvana,

and hell, it's just come to my realisation

that maybe i never even crossed their

shitty minds.

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