The Rain On Monday

Written words are the only thing my mind can find ease in.


5. Lies Are Your Life


You think I’m nothing without you around, but right now I feel

so far from the ground.

Your words, they hurt me, you intended that way.

By now I’ve stopped trying to get you to stay.

You never once regretted anything that you said.

Now it’s a hassle to get myself out of bed.

I should’ve known that you planned this straight from the start,

especially on the day you stuck a knife through my heart.

You never said you were sorry, not even a hug for the pain;

not ever once did you claim my eyes were starry from the rain.

You can’t speak the truth, can never be real, who’s next on your list

to break and not heal?

You’re so full of lies, I always wonder why.

Maybe it’s because you’re unwilling to try. 

I understand now why you were my friend.

It was because you needed confidence, though it killed me instead.


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