The Rain On Monday

Written words are the only thing my mind can find ease in.


19. Issues

Her grades dropped from a 97 to a 92 and her alarm never was set for 6 A.M. anymore.

Her hair lost its healthy shine, and her face lost its smile.

Her mouth did less of the talking because her mind was far too occupied.

Her eyes were never green anymore, and instead they turned into a saddening colour of in between.

She couldn’t tell the difference from what she needed, or from what she wanted.

All of her best friends turned into acquaintances, and her self-esteem stopped existing.

Her teeth, once glossy white, became yellow from hugging the toilet, and she bruised easily, because she refused to eat.

She was always thinking about food, or about her grades, or about what people thought of her, and she put it all in front of her issues, because she didn’t think that she had any.


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