The Rain On Monday

Written words are the only thing my mind can find ease in.


15. Irreplaceable


The crisp air of the morning tickled my skin from beneath my sweater.

The door to your apartment closed abruptly, and your arms tangled themselves around

my waist, which suddenly brought a smile to my face.

We stood in that position until the paperboy came along and forced us to retrieve the paper.

We walked lazily to your room, sitting on the bed, pondering life.

Your grey eyes turned to green in the spring-time, and I adored you even more.

The way that you dressed in such vintage clothing during the day, then changed over to a grunge look for the night.

The way that your brown locks curled perfectly on your shoulders.

The way that your lips always tasted like Cherry Chapstick.

The way that you told me that you loved me, right before you broke my heart into a million, irreplaceable pieces.

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