The Rain On Monday

Written words are the only thing my mind can find ease in.


4. Friends Forever


You said you were my friend,


Till the end.

But on that one particular night

You had enough and sought fight.

You spit words at me

Faster than a car

I didn’t even know

I’d take it this hard.

I spat back the truth

And you knew it would end,

But you wouldn’t stop hurting

The one you called friend.

After weeks of fighting 

And talking like this

I decided we were over

And finally called it quits.

You were my best friend,

The one I expected at my door,

But now there’s nothing left

And I can no longer wait for more.

A few weeks later

We met up again

Though I knew it was the end

You still had called me friend.

We became closer this time

Though still distant in thoughts,

Avoiding on purpose

The words of our loss.

It happened again –

Another fall out toward the end,

What happened to friendship?

What happened to mends?

You judged me on a daily basis, now,

Though I never did things to hurt you,

For secretly I longed for you around.

Every time we’d make eye contact

I’d smile and laugh,

Still hoping to rekindle

The things left from what we had.

Sometimes at night

I think and get sad,

For I know I’ll never get back

The true friendship we had.


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