The Rain On Monday

Written words are the only thing my mind can find ease in.


55. Ended

It all started the day in gym class when Allison called him ugly.

He missed his bus home, and instead, walked home crying.

The world was suddenly different, but not the good type of different when you smell the fresh paint on your bedroom walls.

Everyone except himself hurt him, but that was soon to change.


It all got worse the day at home when his mother called him useless.

He missed when she smelled like apple pie instead of alcohol, so he cried endlessly.

The world was suddenly hazy, but not the good type of hazy when you wake up from the best sleep you think you’ve ever gotten.

Everyone purposely hurt him, so he did the same.


It all progressed the day at summer camp when James called him fat.

He missed his father’s call about his mother’s alcohol poisoning, and he couldn’t cry.

The world was suddenly hectic, but not the good type of hectic when you’re scrambling in the midst of a cheery crowd.

Everyone made sure to hurt him, so he never hesitated to do the same.


It all stopped the day in his room when he called himself a failure.

He didn’t miss his chance, and he became so damn tired of crying.

The world was suddenly gone, and this was the good type of gone, like when you know that you won't miss the plastered cast around your leg.

Everyone had hurt him quite bad, but nobody hurt him worse than himself.

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