The Rain On Monday

Written words are the only thing my mind can find ease in.


3. Dearest Old Friend


Dearest old friend, are you happier now?

Now that you’re free from the chains that once held you down.

Dearest old friend, you’re much different now.

I hope it’s from me – I can turn this around.

Dearest old friend, I see you around, and hope you’re much better

than they’re treating you now.

Dearest old friend, I hope you’re sillier now,

and that your friends do know how to keep you on the ground.

Dearest old friend, don’t cry anymore, I’ll always be with you,

just not as close as before.

Dearest old friend, don’t hold any grudges, for they’re no use

when you can’t see the ones who are judges.

Dearest old friend, our friendship is gone, but it’ll always be there,

it’ll always prolong.

All these years we’ve held on so long, one day we’ll understand

that we never went wrong.


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