The Rain On Monday

Written words are the only thing my mind can find ease in.


11. Damaged

The little things in life cause us to over stress.

Where were you all this time when I made this great big mess?

Teddy bears and photographs drove me straight to tears.

I’m getting worse and worse, more and more these years.

Cigarettes and coffee mugs are all I need to live.

Take note that there’s no sorrys, and no use to forgive.

On the verge of death every single day -

life is yet too meaningless in every single way.

Perspective is important, as understanding yet is too.

Don’t get a little carless, for my entire world is you.

Popping pills and sipping drinks from the Biggest Liar’s cup -

I think that life could be better, if only we weren’t stuck.

Dresses every colour, shoes with heels too tall;

you think that life is better when you know you’ll never fall.

We don’t give a damn as long as life's fine -

obviously we’re damaged and all ready to pine.

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