The Rain On Monday

Written words are the only thing my mind can find ease in.


83. China Doll

Some said that it all started from this new diet that everyone was dying to try.

For some, I guess that's correct, but for me, it was different.

Those other girls went to the gym twice a week, ate balanced, green meals.

I was too weak to exercise, and my food's calories were as filling and wholesome as coffee.

The other girls, they kept down their food, their cheeks were always pink and ripe with


But for me, I always slumped down to the tiled floor, tears plopping on the porcelain rim as

shame poured out of my stomach.

The other girls, you see, they didn't know that girls like me existed.

The other girls attracted men instead of boys, or women instead of girls, and they

always smiled.

I always attracted colds, a stiff throat, and watery eyes that incessantly pained me.

Here I am, a bruised girl with a china doll face and translucent eyes, so different

from the other girls.

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