The Rain On Monday

Written words are the only thing my mind can find ease in.


9. Audacity

I awoke suddenly to the sound of your breathing

and the smell of coffee brewing at noon.

I was about to wake you from your slumber

when I saw the beautiful grin on your face,

and your chest slowly rising and falling –

the way you stretched out your arms and legs

so you could get more comfortable.

In that moment, instantly, your face brought

beautiful memories to me,

and I remembered then the reason

why I was here, why you were sleeping next to me,

the reason that I fell completely head over heels for you.

Your eyes fluttered open in a childish way

right after I was done remembering.

You saw the widespread smile on my face

and grinned so broad, showing off your perfect glossy teeth,

while cringing your eyelids over your grey irises.

I was infatuated by your existence, as you were conscious of mine,

but somewhere, as I was looking into your eyes,

I saw the flecks of uncertainty

sparkling abruptly in my way.

And as coffee cools, hearts are numbed,

and memories are tainted, my love for you was nothing more

than the audacity of a ratio of one to one billion.

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