The Rain On Monday

Written words are the only thing my mind can find ease in.


1. Alice


Within the walls of this wonderland, what happened Alice,

have you gone mad?

You’ve tied the strings together and whispered your goodbyes,

but what happened to forever, what started all the lies?

Alice, Alice, you’re withering away – we can tell by the clock

that you know you can’t stay.

Alice, Alice, we’re all friends, dear, tell us all now

why you hate it right here.

Wonderland never seemed so beautifully dark –

Alice, you can’t leave without leaving your mark.

Alice, Alice, what is wrong with your heart?

It seems like you’re broken and falling apart.

Desperately, we’re begging you to stay, nothing’s worse than the

price that you’re willing to pay.

A twist to this sadness, you see, little girl, is that you’re not Alice –

and this isn’t your world.


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