A Lonely World

I coundn't stand it.Every time....I was always alone.But now I can finally show u my world.


3. All Alone

          He went to a school where he felt like the only one. Everyone made fun of him because he was Asian. He felted  alone,he soon moved to this new school ,where apparently he felt more comfortable, and at home. His mind was confused,everybody was different...as years pass he soon got depressed. Then it was time to graduate,everyone signed his year book but he felt like he wasn't there....he was just in the hallway waiting for someone to sign his yearbook... Suddenly came middle school.People got more scary,everyday he thought if he could pass a day without getting into a fight. When he had his first fist fight it felt great, like there wasn't anything that could be more better then that. He felt like someone came into him and help him knocked down this gigantic wall that kept leaning onto him... But it just got worst....bigger walls tried to crush him. He started to think of this girl...he told himself I need to survive this.So every day he could  come and see her as much as he could. Later on every time he there's always a voice in his head. "Destroy them them,they're hurting you" but another voice came along and said " Don't be a absurd ,think of the girl,what she'd think of you just think about it" He just couldn't decide,I tried to end it with a tiny cut but it didn't stopped the voices from coming back. As days pass more voices told him that he should kill them,but he felt scared....In fact he felt....dead.

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