Kayla is the new girl in town and she just bought a house in london and one night when she go's to the bar and meets harry styles and louis tomlinson at the bar.and harry brings her home.will kayla be an one night stand or willl her and harry fall in love .


2. moving in

Kayla's P.O.V.

I arrived in london at 5:00  pm i  was so tried form driving .Now I had to bring to boxes in the house and i can unpack tomorrow and walk around and go shopping those are my plans .when i walked in the house the was nice and big but not that that big but nice. the living room was nice and their was ana one sofa.then the kicthen was nice and dinning room was too. then i walked up stairs and their was the bathroom was big than the ona at home.their was 3 rooms i put the biggest room for my room. now it was time to bring iin the boxes and go to bed. 

Harry's P.O.V.

We were finshed with the tigerbeat photo shoot it was the longest photo shoot that we ever did i think they took more than 200 photos.Now we had to go to an meeting and talk about our tour in london,ireland.and other place and america. when the meeting was over paul drove all of us to our house. first was zayn.louis.niall.liam and then me it was a long dirve because we live away of each other but now to far away though.when i got to my house i unlocked the door and walked to my room and changed into my pj's and when to bed.but i closed my eyes and louis called me( louis):hey mate can i come over tomorrow cause have nothing to do( harry):don't you have eleanor to keep you not lonely and i was doing the same thing as you i was going to have a lazy day( louis):but eleanor is back at school studying still(.harry):fine you can come over and we can go to the do something fun together (louis):we can go to the bar and have  some fun there if you want to go though( harry):sure we can go at midnight louis :okay bye (end of phone call)now i can finally go to bed and sleep.I can't wait intill tomorrow now thanks to louis.



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