Kayla is the new girl in town and she just bought a house in london and one night when she go's to the bar and meets harry styles and louis tomlinson at the bar.and harry brings her home.will kayla be an one night stand or willl her and harry fall in love .


1. Moving and goodbyes

Kayla P.O.V.

Today was the day that I'm leaving this house and getting my own in LONDON The reason i'm moving is my dad said when I turn 19 I can get my own place down in london and also my family is kind of messed up my dad got married 3 times already and so I had 2 step-moms.My real mom is dead because she got in a car crash when I was 8 years old. My dad was helping me witih my last two boxes he didn't want me to leave cause he would miss me and get lonely when my step-brothr is there and sister but they are both little brats and always want money.So that was the last box dad i guess it's time for me to go now and head to my new house. Call me when you gey lonely my dad said . i will call every day and i will be ok in london.

Harry's P.O.V.

Today me and the boys are at a photo shoot for tigerbeat tis photo shoot is taking for ever. i wish it was over cause we been here for 4 hours changing and taking pictures.we are all so tired and we have to leave america today to get back to the U.K. for our 4 weeks off this month .i'm goig to go see my mum and then hang out at my place in london and have a goog time off .the rest of the bos are going to hang out with family and firend and girlfirends .i'm the only one who doesn't have a girl friend .but i will find the specail girl someday i hope so.

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