This Is Why I Hate Uni

My best friend is gone. He has left me to live without him.
“Excuse me miss, this was found. Its for you” I stood in the doorway of his room while they bagged his body downstairs. I could hear the cries of his mum, and sisters. The paramedic handed me the letter.
Ruby Taswatt
It read. I can’t read this. If I read it then that means he is really gone.

1 Year later
He’s annoying, a giant flirt and above all a little smart ass. However I need a place to stay and there is no way I can stay at home, there are to many memories, I’m surprised I made it through the second half of senior year without him. Still haven’t read the letter though. It could be worse, I could have a ditsy blonde bimbo slut as a roommate instead of this ladies man. Well I guess this is how I’ll live while at Universaty. Without my best friend, living with someone who brings home a different girl every second night. Great.


5. Tattoos and other new things

Harry's POV

I got home and she still wasn't here. I can't believe Louis sent that text. AND SHE REPLIED. I didn't get it though. What reasons does she have to hate me?

I decided to have a shower, ponder over everything that had happened. Lol no I'm not a girl. I got in, washed my hair a body then got out. Simple but effective ;) I wrapped a towel around my waist and made my way to the kitchen to get a drink. Hey! If it was up to me I would walk round naked but Rubs gets mad when I do that! I pushed my hair out of my eyes and opened the door to the lounge, looking up I saw ruby. Her back to me, she was wearing her running gear and was sweating. Guess she went for a run. 

Wow you're dumb. 

Shut up brain. 

She turned around quickly but I still got a glimpse of it. Her tattoo on her right side. It was small looked like a line maybe going up her side from just above her hip to under her breast. 

"Hey" she said putting the drink bottle down. She looked HOT. I looked her up and down. Taking in her breasts, stomach and perfect legs. God she was perfect I just wanted to do her right then and there. 

"You okay curly?" She asks walking towards me. 

"Yea I'm fine uh How was the run?" I asked looking past her and at her phone on the table. 

"Twas okay." Did she just check me out? HOLY SHIT IM IN A TOWEL!!!!

"I'm going to go get dressed." I quickly said a fast walked to my room. Did that just happen?

I stood in the middle of my room in my underwear thinking of what I should wear when thre was a knock on my door, not thinking anything of it shouted a come in and in walked ruby wearing bum pants and sports bra still. Looking down I got a better look at her tattoo. It was a bottle with bubbles coming out of it and floating up. I recognised it but I'm not sure where from. A tattoo parlour maybe?

"Do you have a top I can my baggy ones are in the wash?" She asked running her fingers through her hair and biting her bottom lip. Was she trying to turn me on because its sure as hell working!!


Ruby's POV


I saw the way he looked at me in the lounge so now this is payback. I put on some bum pants, took my hair out of the ponytail so it flowed just passed my shoulders and left my top half in just my sports bra so he could still see my stomach then walked over to Harry's room knocking twice before I heard him shout a come in. 

He turned around only dressed in a pair of black boxers and just sort of stared at me, taking in my appearance. 

"Do you have a top I can borrow my baggy ones are in the wash?" I asked brushing my hair back with my fingers and biting my bottom lip. My gazed fixed on Harry the whole time. I looked down and saw he was already starting to get hard. Hahaha this is easier than I thought. 

"Are you sure you want to cover that up?" He smirked at me taking a few steps forwards. I broke eye contact and looked towards his draws making it seem like I was thinking about wearing a shirt or not. Harry kept walking towards me until we were chest to chest. I could feel his breath in my ear and out of the corner of my eyes saw him bite his lip making me smirk a little. This would be so much easier if I wasn't so attracted to you. 

"Really think the world would like it better if you weren't wearing these pants either." He whispered seductively in my ear. This would be the part where I had PLANNED to walk out. But no. He's in control now. His hands rested on my hips as mine reluctantly made their way slowly up his chest. His lips hovered over mine, both our eyes averting from lips to eyes and back again before he leaned forward and brushed his lips across mine. If I had any control what so ever I would of slapped him however I'm under his spell now, there's no backing out. I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him closer, pressing my lips to his harder. 


Harry's POV

She pulled me closer and I smiled into the kiss. This is perfect. My hands went from her hips to her bum in seconds while I licked her bottom lip asking for entrance, she immediately let me in. It's safe to say we then had a full on make out session right then and there. Much to my delight. :)

Next thing I know shes lying on my bed and I'm hovering above her tracing kisses down her neck, sucking gently on her skin. Her hands are roaming my body, same as mine, one is tangled in my hair and the other feeling at my abs. 

"I know you want me" I whispered sucking the spot behind her ear. 

"Funny how I know you want me to" she answered turning us over so she now straddled me. Ruby started kissing my neck, sucking and biting every few seconds. I moaned with pleasure as she made her way back up and across my jawline. 

Flipping us back over so I was on top, I took time looking her in the eyes and running my hands down her sides to her hips when I remembered the tattoo. Starting and the bottom of the bottle I kissed up to the top, sucking at her skin causing her to moan and squirm under my touch.  


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