This Is Why I Hate Uni

My best friend is gone. He has left me to live without him.
“Excuse me miss, this was found. Its for you” I stood in the doorway of his room while they bagged his body downstairs. I could hear the cries of his mum, and sisters. The paramedic handed me the letter.
Ruby Taswatt
It read. I can’t read this. If I read it then that means he is really gone.

1 Year later
He’s annoying, a giant flirt and above all a little smart ass. However I need a place to stay and there is no way I can stay at home, there are to many memories, I’m surprised I made it through the second half of senior year without him. Still haven’t read the letter though. It could be worse, I could have a ditsy blonde bimbo slut as a roommate instead of this ladies man. Well I guess this is how I’ll live while at Universaty. Without my best friend, living with someone who brings home a different girl every second night. Great.


2. I know you...


He pulled me down so I was sitting on his lap and the movie started. Oh lord it’s a scary movie.

“I hate scary movies.” I whispered to no one in particular. Harry tightened his grip around my waist.

“Don’t worry I’m sure Zayn will keep you safe.”  The boy next to Harry and I said. Zayn I think his name was. Yes he definitely sounded like he was from Bradford. Hmm kind of reminds me of Soda. This was in my art, English and form class during senior year. We were friends back then, I think he was the only guy that I didn’t flirt with no I’m not a slut, its just what I did back then. Weird I know but oh well I’m me and you can’t change me. Soda though (I never found out his real name kind of regret that) was a little like Zayn now that I think about it. Both had jet-black hair, although Soda’s was flat whereas Zayn’s stuck up in a quiff. Both tanned skin. However something different was that Soda always said he didn’t want to study in London. I wander what Zayn is studying? Wait what if he is Soda and he had recognised me but is waiting for me to recognise him?! What if when Harry told them about me Zayn told him all of the stuff I did back then. Oh crap. I mean I made some huge mistakes back then during high school, don’t we all? Until the accident I was a wreck but lets not go there.

Maybe I should find out what Zayn studies…Soda always wanted to be become an English teacher. Maybe I should as him where he’s from…hmmmmm

“Rubz you alright?” Harry whispered in my ear. And its now that I realise I’ve been staring at Zayn for 20 minutes and have no idea what is happening in this movie.

“Yea I’m fine.” I whispered back, turning my head to see someone’s head being played with like it was a football. Oh dear lord.



She buried her head into Harry’s shoulder after seeing what was happening in the movie. Thank goodness she isn’t staring at me anymore! I was starting to think she recognised me. Maybe she hasn’t. Maybe she has? I don’t want to find out. That’s be an awkward conversation

“Oh Ruby remember when we got drunk at Dan’s party and got busy upstairs and now you’re my best friend’s girlfriend…who I’ve slept with…more than once…I’m going to go.”

I am such a dick. Ugh what is this movie anyway?



One movie later

Ruby has fallen asleep on me. No one else has noticed but me though. She looks so small and innocent when she is asleep. Sigh. Why do you hate me?

“Harry mate” Niall whispered from behind me.

“Yea?” Please don’t wake up Rubz.

“Take her ta bed.” He said nodding towards Ruby and then going back to his seat next to a sleeping Zayn. Maybe I should, Louis, El and Zayn have all fallen asleep as well.

“Right come on you big lug.” I said carrying her bridal style towards her bedroom. I set her down and pulled the blanket up over her.

“Night Rubz.” I whispered kissing her cheek. I heard a faint mumble or something come from her while walking to the door but ignored it and closed the door behind me.



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