This Is Why I Hate Uni

My best friend is gone. He has left me to live without him.
“Excuse me miss, this was found. Its for you” I stood in the doorway of his room while they bagged his body downstairs. I could hear the cries of his mum, and sisters. The paramedic handed me the letter.
Ruby Taswatt
It read. I can’t read this. If I read it then that means he is really gone.

1 Year later
He’s annoying, a giant flirt and above all a little smart ass. However I need a place to stay and there is no way I can stay at home, there are to many memories, I’m surprised I made it through the second half of senior year without him. Still haven’t read the letter though. It could be worse, I could have a ditsy blonde bimbo slut as a roommate instead of this ladies man. Well I guess this is how I’ll live while at Universaty. Without my best friend, living with someone who brings home a different girl every second night. Great.


6. Drunken Distractions

We lay there breathless and smiling to ourselves. Wow that was good. 

"Do you remember me yet?" She asked. I turned my head looking at her with confusion. 

"Ha thought that would jog your memory, the tattoo obviously didn't." She muttered looking up at the ceiling. I rolled over and place one hand on the other side of her so I was hovering over her making her look at me but ruby just turned her head.  

"You hate me because I don't remember you?" I whispered searching her face for any sign of emotion and there it was, anger. 

She pushed me off her and got up out of the bed, putting her clothes back on. 

"I HATE you because you're a sleazy flirt who can't keep it in his pants!!!" She yelled picking up her bum pants and putting them on. I sat up in my bed and looked at her dumb founded. What the-

"What the fuck I'm anything but a sleaze just because I've had a few one night stands you think I'm a manwhore?! I bet you're not any better than I am!!" I shouted the last part. Ruby just stood there looking like I'd just slapped her in the face. 

"I can't believe I slept with you" she whispered. 

"Yea well I can't believe I slept with you twice." I said my voice just over a whisper. I didn't think she'd heard me until she spoke up. 

"And here I was thinking you didn't remember me."

And with that she had slammed the door shut and stormed off to her room. I sat there in silence listening to her slam her bedroom door, open it, storm past my room then out the apartment door. What did I just do? 

It wasn't just your fault she had a roll to play in all that as well

Yea but I didn't even remember her

You were drunk, one the rebound and it was a one night stand. You didn't even learn her name of course you didn't remember her until you slept with her and it jogged you memory a bit!

Sometimes brain you fuck me off. Others you're actually pretty cool. 

Dude you talk to yourself to much. 


It's been a week and she still hasn't talked to me once. She has barely even looked at me!! The boys have noticed I've been down lately as well; the only people I've told though are Louis and Eleanor. El said to just let her cool off but Louis told me to try and talk to her, so I have sort of been doing both. Every morning when she is in the kitchen making her breakfast or packing her bag for school ill say good morning to her, she'd just shrug me off and shoot daggers my way. I stay clear of her when she eats home, going to one of the boys house or to the library. Most nights ill stay out until about 11 but for the last couple of days I've come home and she hasn't been here, I can't get to sleep until I hear her get home. 

Tonight is one of those nights. It's around 12am and she sill isn't home, I'm starting to worry. I don't know if I should text her or not to just see where she is.  Maybe some food and tv will help, just to get her off my mind. 

I sat on the couch thirty minutes later a bowl of mac n cheese and the avengers when I heard a loud laugh. 

"Ugh why won't it open" I heard her whine from outside the door. She was drunk. The door swung open and she stumbled through the door. 

"Woah that was cool" ruby said to herself. She hadn't notice me yet so I cleared my throat immediately getting her attention. 

"What are you doing up?" She asked struggling to stand in her heels, oh lord. I jumped up from my seat and caught ruby just in time. She wrapped her arms around my neck and I stood up straight, still not loosening my grip from her waist. 

"You didn't answer me curly fries" she whispered. I could smell the alcohol on her breath it was disgusting. She giggled, still thinking that I hate that nickname, truth is, she's the only person I allow to call me that. 


Ruby's POV


I'm finished work but I don't want to go home. Harry could be there but that's not the reason. I still haven't read it, the letter from James, it still sits on my desk away from everything else. Ever since that night I can't get my mind off it. Had the nightmare last night as well. 

I opened the door of the Starbucks where I worked and headed down the street. Plugging my headphones into my ears I pressed play and Anything But Ordinary by Avril Lavigne started playing.  Where to go where to go?? I could go and visit Amy. Haven't seen her in a while. 

To amy cx:

Heyyyy I need to get drunk and forget about my problems...and roommate aha care to join??


Almost instantly I got an omg yes from her, my night just got better. 



We walked up to the club, I had walked to Amy's and stolen one of her tight black cocktail dresses and black studded heels, and went straight inside and to the bar. 

"So tell me again why we're doing this on a Wednesday?" Amy asked. Her long golden hair was straightened and her eyes had a light purple shadow to match her short purple dress. 

"I've told you Amy, I need to get away from Harry" I said for the fifth time tonight. She wouldn't quit and it was getting annoying. 

"Get away from Harry or James?" She mumbled but I still heard her nice and clear even over the loud music. Actually it isn't even music it's just sounds at the moment. 

I glared at Amy briefly, chugged my drink of vodka and made my way to the dance floor. 


My mind was blurry, the alcohol just kept coming and going and I was definitely tipsy. I was currently on the dance floor, some guys hands were on my hips and my body rocked and rolled. Amy was off in a booth with a few people from school we had meet up with not long ago, I got bored quickly so the dance floor was the only place I could retreat. 

"God I need a drink" I breathed out walking away from the guy. Turning my head to look back at the guy he looked at me with a questioning look. I mouthed the word sorry and kept walking. Not in the mood tonight to be honest. 

"Rudy there you are!" Amy shouted behind me, she was still perfectly sober, the little slut was my driver hhaa I feel her pain having to put up with a drunk me. 

"Helloooooo"I sang back, she grabbed my arm and dragged me off of the bar stool I was currently sitting on. 

"Time to go home hun I have class tomorrow" I pouted but let her take me outside anyway. 

The ride home I ant exactly remember its all a bit fuzzy to be honest. Amy had a drink bottle full of water in her bag so I sobered up. 

"Okay text me before you go to sleep so I know you're safe." Amy said as if she was my mother. I nodded and waved goodbye, making my way into my apartment building. Still being slightly tipsy I figured taking the stairs would end in major injuries to me and the stairs themselves so I headed up the elevator. 

"Ugh why won't it open" I semi shouted trying to open the door. IT WON'T BUDGE AGHHHHH open sesame!!! YUSS. The door fell open and I stumbled inside. 

"Woah that was cool." I muttered trying to balance. Someone cleared their throat and I looked up to see Harry sitting on the couch. He looked so tired, like he hadn't slept in days. Hi hair flat and mouth stretched in a straight line. 

"What are you doing up?" I asked rather bitterly. All of a sudden my legs gave way and I started to fall, feeling to arms wrap around my waist just as I fell. He caught me, straightened up as I wrapped my arms around his neck. DON'T KISS HIM!!!!! 

"You didn't answer me curly fries" I giggled slightly. 

"I couldn't sleep. C'mon lets get you to bed"he muttered the last part lifting me bridal style and walking in the direction of my room. Bitch I can walk I have legs fugnugget. 

"I can walk Harry." I said coldly. He immediately dropped me we happened to be just outside my room so there was really no point but still. 

"Just trying to help but whatever" he said under his breath but I heard him as clear as day. Harry turned and started to walk back down the hall. Our heads both shot up at the sound of the door opening and closing again but Harry shrugged it off so I'm assuming it was one of his mates. 

"IM NOT A FUCKING BABY HARRY I DON'T NEED YOUR HELP" I yelled at him. So now would be a good time to tell you that I have a short temper and its even shorter when I have alcohol in my body even fits a small amount like right now. Harry turned back around face fuming. 

"Whatever just fuck off and hide in your room like always, I'm sick of trying" he said sharply. I felt a ping as he said that, my eyes welled and I stormed into my room slamming the door shut behind me. I grabbed the closest thing to me, a book and threw it across the room. It landed on my desk and everything practically  fell off as the book slid across the many papers and notebooks that covered my desk. 

"For Petes sake" I mumbled walking over to my desk and picking up the book I had thrown. Underneath the book was something I didn't wan to find right about now. Take a guess at what it was... Did you guess that it was the letter from James? You were right, sadly. I picked up the letter and examined it carefully. It was open. But this can't be I haven't opened it unless...


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