This Is Why I Hate Uni

My best friend is gone. He has left me to live without him.
“Excuse me miss, this was found. Its for you” I stood in the doorway of his room while they bagged his body downstairs. I could hear the cries of his mum, and sisters. The paramedic handed me the letter.
Ruby Taswatt
It read. I can’t read this. If I read it then that means he is really gone.

1 Year later
He’s annoying, a giant flirt and above all a little smart ass. However I need a place to stay and there is no way I can stay at home, there are to many memories, I’m surprised I made it through the second half of senior year without him. Still haven’t read the letter though. It could be worse, I could have a ditsy blonde bimbo slut as a roommate instead of this ladies man. Well I guess this is how I’ll live while at Universaty. Without my best friend, living with someone who brings home a different girl every second night. Great.


12. A True Hero To All, Stay Strong

Ruby’s POV

The bus ride was long and boring. I read the rest of my book and started a new one called Shift. It's good I must say but I have no idea what is happening in the story. I try and try to read but every time my mind just falls back to Harry, if not Harry then Bradford and with Bradford comes mum, Sophie, Zayn and of course James. I keep reminding myself that I'm here for Tyler but I'm really not. 

*I know you, you'll run away first chance you get and I'm not going to tell you not to. In fact, go, get away and go study in London like you've always wanted to. But Rubz, come back. Don't run away forever you have to come back sometime. Come check up on Lucy and Sophie and mum for me, come back to see Tyler and just home. Promise me you'll come back. You gotta pinky promise okay! Cross your heart for me. HA now you have to.* 

Now I'm sitting at the bus stop waiting for someone to pick me up. I sent a quick text to Amy telling her I had arrived in hell in which she replied with "be glad they have free wifi;)" you got to love her. A grey Toyota pulled up in front of me, mums car. Great. 

"Hi honey" she smiled giving me a quick hug. I smiled in return and put my bags in the back then hopped in to the passenger seat. 

"Where's Tyler?" I asked curiously looking in the backseat where he said he'd be when I arrived. Nothing. 

"Oh he's at home, I couldn't get him off the computer." She answered. It's been 6 months and the first thing I say to her is where's my brother, I'm truly a lovely daughter... Although that does sound like Tyler, he's obsessed with mine craft and Notdoppler (which is basically a website full with games it's actually fab if I do say so myself). 

"How's London?" She asked trying to make conversation with me but I wasn't interested. 

"It's good." I said changing the radio station. Marina and the diamonds' how to be a heartbreaker started playing and my mood immediately brightened. Marina and the diamonds my baby seriously. 

"Any boys? Aren't you staying with that Harry boy?" Ummm what the hell how does she know about Harry?!?!?!?!? I moved in with Harry four months ago and we haven't talked in six...WHAT THE FUCK. 

"Zayn told me about you two don't worry." She said obviously seeing the GIANT CONFUSION ON MY FACE WHY IS ZAYN TALKING TO MY MOTHER?!!!!!!

"Since when do you talk to Zayn?" I asked playing it cool. Right I'm interested in this conversation now. 

"He came to say hi he's at our house now with Trisha, they're staying for dinner to welcome you and Zayn home." Okay she better not set me up with Zayn ill kill her I swear. 



Right I'm killing her. 

Let me fill you in. Well, we got home and I didn't even go into the lounge where I knew HE would be so instead I went up to Taylor's room and spent the next hour or two up there with him when Zayn walks in with some knowing smile on his face and tells us dinner is ready downstairs. Next thing I know my mother is making me sit next to Zayn and I swear she put our plates inches apart we're so close together he's lucky to breath the same air as me! Anywho now I'm stuck here next to him still while Taylor get us ice cream from the outside fridge. Joy. 

"So Zayn how come you never mentioned that ruby lived with Harry before? I didn't know she had a boyfriend" my idiotic mother said leaning forward to Zayn awaiting his answer. WHAT DID HE SAY???

"We're not-" but before I could explain myself Zayn had oh so rudely interrupted me. 

"Oh no they're not a couple but they should be really" he paused sending a wink my way. I scoffed a but too loudly getting a death glare from mum. Fucking hell. 

"Oh well I'd love to meet him ruby" before I could tell how much of a bad idea that was Taylor saved me. 

"Mum there's no ice cream in the garage and Sophie is here." I froze in my spot. Everything around me kept moving but I was frozen still. I'm not seeing her no I'm not ready to face her. I felt zayn's hand on my knee as I heard him whisper a small shit before she stepped into the dining room. She was like the girl version of James. Dirty blonde wavy hair that reached just past her shoulders, she had his brown eyes, which had a touch of gold in them, she had his mouth and glorious cheekbones. They were brother and sister so of course they looked alike but she was two years younger however growing up they were always mistaken as twins. She looked at me and I swear if looks could kill I'd be a pile of ash on the floor right now. 

"I heard ruby was back in town, I wanted to come say hi" she smiled politely; her eyes glued to me like lasers. I felt tears prickle my eyes as I looked away and turned to Zayn. His face was worried while he looked back at me. 

"No I can't do this" I spoke quietly only for him to hear. He nodded his head before taking his hand from my knee. The second our contact was broken I jumped from my seat and ran out the door. 

"Ruby! Ruby come back!" I heard people yelling my name as I ran and ran. I didn't know where I was going, just letting my feet take me where ever they wanted to go. I ran through the park, past the supermarket, past my old high school and through the football oval before my legs were about to collapse. I stopped leaning against the old brick wall next to me, it didn't hit me at first where I was until I looked up and saw the gravestones and old church. Jogging through the gate, I still remember where he was buried from the funeral. My chest heaved as I came to his name. 


James Holt

August 2nd 1993 - October 16th 2011

'I'll fight until there's nothing left to fight for'

A true hero to all, Stay strong.


The quote was going to be his quote in the yearbook it ended up being on the front cover under the school emblem. The senior council got a petition signed by every senior student as well as some teachers to have his quote be the quote for the whole year. It was my idea to put the hero part at the bottom. His mum didn't want the cliché boring loving brother, son blah blah blah so I suggested that, she loved it immediately and although Sophie tried to change her mind Carrie had never been sure of something in her whole life. 

"I'm sorry okay!" I yelled at the gravestone. Nothing mattered but him right now. 

"Im sorry it took so long for me to come back. I'm sorry I screwed up. I'm sorry I didn't make you proud. I'm sorry James I'm so so sorry." I sobbed falling to the ground; I sat in a ball rocking back and forth sobbing loudly repeating the words over and over. 

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry" I sat there for an hour until it was dark. I had no idea how I got here or how to get back. My sobbing had subsided; I just sat there, a shivering mess. Reaching into my pocket I grabbed my phone. 15 missed calls and 34 text messages. All from mum, Trisha, Zayn and Tyler. I didn't plan on talking to any of them at the moment. I dialled the first number I could think of. 

"Hello?" He answered, his voice horse like he'd just woken up. Strange because its only about 8:30ish.

"Harry?" I asked quietly. Tears still streamed down my cheeks but I was done with sobbing. I was crying silently and he will be able to hear it in my voice that something is wrong. 

"Ruby? What's wrong?" See. I told you he'd know. 

"Everything." I left out a breath I didn't know I was holding in, looking around the only light I could find was the church and a few lamps scattered around the graveyard. Little scared right now. 

"What happened rubz?" He asked carefully, worry evident in his voice. How do I put this?

"My mother tried to set me up with Zayn. James' sister came round and she still hates me and she just looks exactly like him but as a girl and I couldn't take it so I ran and I ran and I don't know how but I ended up at his grave and I've been here for about two and a half hours and I don't know how to get home and it's dark and I'm scared and I'm crying and I just-I just can't be here Harry" I said quickly I don't even think I understood half the stuff I was saying. 

"I'm already in the car, wait outside the church and ill be there in a couple hours okay?" He said frantically, I heard the engine start in the background. He's going to drive to Bradford?

"Harry no it’s to far away, ill find my way" I said standing up. Wiping away the tears I stared at his gravestone. He's truly gone. 

"You have no choice I'm going to come pick you up and I'm going to be there for you. Just wait outside the church okay." He said not giving me a chance to reply as he hung up. 


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