A collection of my best poetry. Please enjoy, and if you read it, comment!


1. My friendship poem


My friends, Athus, my heartache finds, the emulation deep.

The empathy ‘twas nothing, I needed friendship sweet.

Carressing minds, have gone to waste, on platforms said and gone.

But where the ancient bond from old can faithful friendship come.


Alas, the hearts are turned to none, but where the friendship seek,

Can these find the broken dreams that ruined friendships be?

Those ruined relations never meant to nicely truly be?

No, they’re lost, cannot be renewed. Or can they truly see?


Is a friendship lost because of fights or more just out-of-touch?

Both are the cause, but fights cannot make up. Out of touch however, is not beyond repair.

Because I know that I have repaired friendships said and gone, and now they are mine.

I love all my friends, each on their own. All being different, none be alone.

I just wanted to thank you all deeply, for what you have done to me.

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