Love in Hell

(Im going to add more chapters) This is my fan fiction about a girl who goes to a boys delinquent camp because she killed someone. Lots of the boys there call it camp hell. Can she find love in hell?


1. Love in Hell

Love in Hell

Ch. 1

I woke up, sweating real hard. I'd had that dream again- the one where Sam raped me. I had been walking along the street- after dark; coming back from my friend's house. He just, jumped out, tied me up, and hauled me away to be raped... I decided that a glass of water would fix it up for the night. I began walking down the stairs- and tripped. As I bumped down and landed at the bottom, I seethed. Then, I heard a door open, and looked up to see my mother looking down at me. "You okay?" My mom asked. I nodded. "Hey mom, I wanna go to Lilly's house later, can I?" My mother laughed. "Oh, but sweetie. It's the middle of the night. There is no later. But there's a tomorrow, you wanna go then?" I smiled up at my mother. "Yes, please." My mother offered me her hand. "Come on, let's get you back to bed." I shook my head. "I'll just sleep on the couch tonight mom, thanks." My mother sighed, and disappeared into her room. I then shot up immediately. "I gotta get outta here." I murmured. I loved my mom, my bro, and my dad. But I just needed a break. Of course I was still afraid of walking outside after dark- after what Sam did anyways. I walked to the coat rack, and snatched my favorite hoodie. The brown one. Then, I walked over to my escape window and opened it. (If I went out the door the alarm would ring) I wondered where I'd go... probably to Lilly's place. Maybe the store first... I could use some chocolate to cool me down. I made my way through the back alley- my house was a little ways away from the store- behind it. Suddenly a hand shot out from the shadows. I screeched, and then went straight to instinct. I struggled until my eyes adjusted, then I punched the dude right up the nose. I was no soft kitty. The only person that had ever overpowered me was Sam- and that guy was BIG. "I bet you picked a lot of fights in your day, well this time, ya picked it with the wrong gal!" I threw him over, smashing his back against the rough pavement. I smiled, I had definitely given him a bloody nose, and a stinging back. As I walked away, I felt someone slap my ass. "You're quite feisty, girlie." A gruff voice echoed from the ground. I screeched with rage- turning around quite rapidly. "What did you call me?!?" I yowled. Then, I launched myself at whoever lay there. I kicked his gut a million times, then kneeled over him, smacking and punching him back and forth across the face. "Hey, somebody call the cops!" A voice echoed from far away. I didn't pay attention. I was in a trance, I couldn't stop punching. Then, a few minutes later, I felt a steely hand gripping my arm. I spun around, and on instinct, punched whoever it was in the face. Oops, great. The steely hand, well that hand so happened to belong to a cop. "Hello, officer." I mumbled as an ambulance came and parked next to the offender of the shadows, put him on a stretcher, wheeled the stretcher into the ambulance, and sped away. The officer shoved me into a cop car with a grunt. Great, I thought. Being arrested, just what I needed to brighten my nightmarish night up.

Ch. 2

I woke up in a jail cell. Oh yeah, I thought, my memory was coming back. I had been arrested and was being held in custody until me and my family got news from the hospital. Apparently I had messed this dude up pretty bad. Suddenly, I heard the jail door open with a click and a screech. "Come with me." A very orderly voice ordered. With a huff, I stood and followed the officer. We stopped in the lobby, and I was really surprised to be standing in front of my family. We hadn't seen each other in a while, considering my family hadn't been able to visit. "Mom, Dad, James!" I cried happily. "Oh, we missed you sweetie!" My mom answered. We hugged for a while, 'til the officer cleared his throat. "Miss River Calowatt, you are being summoned to court." I groaned. My family and I followed the officer through some long hallways 'til we arrived at a large pair of oak doors. The officer opened the doors, ushered us in, then closed them behind us. Damn, I thought. I wouldn't be able to get outta this one. Me and my family made our way to the front of the court room, and my family sat down. "Miss River Calowatt, you have been charged with murder." The judge's clear voice rang out throughout the room. "But, considering you have already been in jail, I have another option for you." He continued. "Hell?" I asked, snickering. "River!" My mother yelled from behind me. But, the judge showed no emotion, so she figured it'd slide. "No..." He answered after a few moments of silence. Fixing his cold, hard gaze on me. Then he smiled. "A lot of the kids there call it CAMP hell though."

Ch. 3

When I woke up, I was on a hot, smelly bus with a cop and a bus driver. I hissed. "Crap, I'm on my way to camp hell." I remembered leaving the court room. Then, the officer outside had strapped a tracker bracelet onto my wrist, shoved me a letter, and ushered me and my family out the door. I later on had read the letter, it read:
Welcome to camp green lake, kid! You have been sent this list so that you know what to bring, so here goes! You will need:
-Two white tank-tops or t-shirts - Underwear - Sun protection ( hats or bandanas) - And any other possessions or cleansing items you want to bring (please note: these possessions or cleansing items may be taken away due to policy.
We hope to see you soon, at camp green lake!
I snorted, I didn't believe this letter. How could a camp for male delinquents be fun? Yes, I said male. All female juvies had refused me, due to my "nasty" attitude. So, I was being sent to a male delinquent camp, because since I had killed someone, I qualified as an aggressive enough kid. Jeez, my neck was hot. I felt to the back of my neck, only to find a swimming pool! "Gross!" I exclaimed. Then, I pulled out my baseball hat, and tucked my golden-brown hair neatly underneath it. Wow, now I even looked like a boy. As I turned to look out the window, I nearly jumped outta my skin! A boy had just flung some dirt at the bus window! Yeesh, he had some problems. I watched the hundreds of holes go by, until the bus finally lurched to a screeching halt. I stepped of the bus, and followed the cop.

Squid's p.o.v

I watched the new kid step off the bus. He was pretty far away, so I couldn't really tell what he looked like. But, he did look pretty skinny. X-Ray and Zig-Zag came up behind me and grinned. "Fresh meat." Zig-Zag murmured. He had a devilish look on his face, as always. "Why you always gotta bug the new kids, man?" I asked, but I was grinning, anyways. Zig-Zag grinned as well. "Cuz they're just so damn funny!" Then Zig and X walked away, leaving me to wonder 'bout the new kid.

River's p.o.v

As I stepped out into the sun, a short little red-haired man walked up to me. "Hello, River." He said, grinning. I was already pretty freaked 'bout this guy, so I just nodded. "Well, little missy, I'm Mr. Pendanski, and you'll be in d-tent. "D" stands for delinquent." He said, as he began walking away. He probably expected me to follow him so I began followin'. Mr. Pendanski stopped outside a small wooden shed. "Just before you start here, I want to help ya out a bit. Those are the showers, that's the mess hall, and that's the wreck room. Oh, and don't forget, that's the wardens cabin. That's the number one rule here at camp greenlake, DO NOT upset the warden." Mr. Pendanski was still smiling. "Hmm" I murmured. Mr. Pendanski led me into the small wooden shed, and threw me two orange jump suits. Then one pair of black, tie up, ankle high shoes. "You can change, I'll be waiting outside." I nodded, feeling awkward. As soon as he was out and the door was closed behind him, I began to whip into my outfit. Just in case, I promised myself that I would only ever be truly naked in the showers. Other than that, I'd always be wearing a white tank, a bra, a pair of shorts, and a pair of undies. Once I was dressed, I walked out to meet Mr.Pendanski. "Time to meet your cabin mates!" He cried, grinning. I, again, followed him to another area. As we walked into the shade of the tent, I took off my hat, letting my light brown hair fall outta my hat. All the boys around me gasped. "Mom, you didn't say the new one would be a girl!" A black boy with glasses shouted. But before Mr. Pendanski could say anythin', I said: "Got a problem, buddy boy?" and dumped my stuff on an empty cot. As a said it, the black boy stood up, and everyone else sat up. "What?!?" He asked. I smiled. "You heard me. Unless you're deaf too." I said, referring to his glasses. Then, he started gettin' real mad. That's when a boy with brown hair that was chewin' on a toothpick stood up and positioned himself between us. " Leave 'er be, X." He said. I smiled. He continued. "She's new." He then turned towards me and smiled. "I'm Squid, that's Zig-Zag, Magnet, X-Ray, Zero, Caveman, and Armpit." I smiled. "River." I answered. He nodded, and went to sit on his cot, shoving X-Ray too. I hadn't noticed that Mr. Pendanski was still there. "Now, you boys make River here feel welcome, and keep her away from other troublemakers in this camp." He said, then walked away. All the boys nodded, and I sat down. "So what's they get you for?" Zig-Zag asked. "Killin' somebody." I mumbled, and then I went silent.

Ch. 4

I woke up to a loud blaring horn. So, I sat up, observing my surroundings. It was still dark out. I groaned. I was an early morning person. I wake up at 5:00 every morning. The only reason I groaned was because I didn't want to dig. My cot was in the corner. So, I was facing away from all the boys. "Get up!" I heard someone yell at me as they pushed on my shoulders. Even though I was in bed, I was still VERY defensive. So I spun and punched whoever it was in the jaw. I watched his outline stagger, then lumber to the cot next to mine. Damnit, I thought. I just punched Squid. Then, I got up and pulled on my jumpsuit and shoes; I had been wearing a white tank top, a bra, a pair of shorts, and a pair of undies. I followed Zig-Zag out into the open. "So, where do we go?" I asked. He smiled devilishly at me. "The library." He answered. I liked him, he was cool. I could tell we would be great friends. I decided I would go see how Squid was doing. "Uh, hey." I mumbled as I approached him. "That's all I get? No, sorry Squid or..." He asked. I grinned. "Nope." "Huh" he answered. "Ya know, you're a pretty tough gal. Ya killed someone, you're not afraid of X, and ya don't even say sorry when ya do somethin' wrong." "Well, I'm considered a rebel everywhere I go. Nobody has ever overpowered me in a fight. Nobody except..." I finished that last part off with a fading voice. I didn't want to tell Squid about Sam, not yet. "Nobody except...?" He said in a questioning voice. I just walked away. Suddenly Mr. Sir, a guy I had met before Pendanski showed up, came and yelled at us. "Come get your shovels!" We all formed a line. I was second. I grabbed a shovel and walked away. Suddenly a hand snatched my shovel. But, I didn't let go. X-Ray hissed. "Ya know, I would like ya a lot more if ya handed over my shovel." "Your shovel?!?" I asked, laughing. "Too bad." I said. X-Ray let go of the shovel and lunged for me, but I was ready. I let go of the shovel as well, and ducked as he swung one of his fists at me. I popped up immediately and nailed him in the jaw. I then hopped out of reach as he snatched for my arm, hoping to twist it behind my back. I laughed, then knocked him to the ground. But, he pulled me down with him. I snarled, popped up, snatched his arm, and placed my foot on his chest. So, there he was. Lying on the ground, panting, with his right arm gripped by me, and my foot, planted on his chest. I felt to sets of arms pull me off of X-Ray. "Have the shovel." I hissed at him, even though I had beat him. I turned around to see the two sets of hands belonged to Squid and Zig-Zag. "That's a bad idea, Twister." I huffed, and wondered who twister was. So, I picked up a random shovel and followed magnet. "Who's Twister?" I asked. Magnet laughed. "Twister is you, chika!" "But, why?" I asked. "Cuz when you're in a rage, you can be as aggressive as a twister." I smiled. I liked that the boys understood not to mess with me. We finally reached the digging site, and Mr. Sir told me what I had to do. "All right, River-" He started. "It's Twister now." I said. "All right, Twister. You will be diggin' here. You are to dig one hole. 5 foot wide, 5 foot deep. Your shovel is your measuring stick. Have fun." After he had finished explaining to me the concept of the digging, he walked away. "Humph." I huffed, and began to dig. By the time the water truck came around, I was about one third into my hole. Squid came up to me. "Wow, your firs hole and you are on fire!" I laughed, jumping out of my hole. "Well, I have dug holes many times before, I'm quite familiar with a shovel." "How?" he asked. "Well, have you ever heard that dogs like to bury things?" I asked him. "Yeah" he answered. I smiled. "Well, I've got a big golden retriever back at home, his name is Ray." Squid laughed. I continued. "Well, Ray REALLY likes to bury things in our backayrd. So, once a month I go out and dig it all up." "Wow!" Squid exclaimed. Then, he walked away; I guess he wanted me to follow him, so I did. He led me to the back of the line. "You'll be in the back for now, and X will move you up depending on how much he likes you. I nodded. "Got any blisters on ya, Twister?" Mr. Sir called. "Nope" I answered. Everybody snapped tgeir heads towards me and I shrugged. Once we all had our water, X-Ray came up to my hole. "All right, Twister. You and me have some ground to cover." I laughed. Oh, how I love to laugh. "Physically or orally?" I asked. He smiled."Orally. Ya know, I would like you a lot more if you stuck to my rules." "Huh" I said. He smiled. "You, are VERY clever, I'll give ya that. I just want ya to know, I'm the leader, I'm the head of our little troop. So, if you just follow me and the other boys about like you're sposed to, you'll be fine." I smiled, jumping out of my hole. "I like you X, I REALLY do. But, I have one word for you. This is like my one word motto, I've been goin' by it my whole life. Rebel." Then, I hopped back into my hole and began diggin'.

Ch. 5

I was sitting on the couch in the wreck room, watching the boys play pool. I had just beat Magnet, and now he was playing Squid. Just then, I heard somebody breath in my ear. "You're pretty sexy ya know. You and me could have some fun." I screamed, jumped up, and spun. The offender was a tall blond boy. I screeched and punched him in the nose, giving him a nose bleed. I lunged at him, knocking him to the ground. But, he jumped right back up, and threw me down. But before he could do anything else, I heard somebody scream. "Get away from her!" I stood and watched as Squid pummeled the blond boy. I pulled Squid away from the blond boy. "I can fight my own battles." I hissed. Then, I punched the blond boy right in the jaw. I kicked him, and he fell to the ground. I started kicking him in the gut, but somebody lifted me up. Whoever he was, he started walking away from me. Soon, all of d-tent was outside, blocking me from the doorway. "Twister!" Zig-Zag scolded. " That's the lump, you should NOT fight with him. He is dangerous!" I growled. Then, realizing they would never let me finish this, I calmed down. X-Ray put his hand on my shoulder. "We were told that we were to protect you. This is all we are doing. The reason why lump is in here, is because he raped a girl. So, you should stay away from him." I huffed. "So, if you could just make this a little bit easier, you will come to be more respected around here." "I can't make any promises." I growled, and stalked back to the tent. Even though I was upset that d-tent had stopped me from fighting, I was kinda happy. Because that's when I knew d-tent had my back. I thought I was alone, when I lay down face first in my cot, but I heard somebody sit down on the cot next to me. "I just thought I should tell you, we have a meeting with mom tonight." Then, he walked away. When the alarm went for dinner, I made my way over to the mess hall. I got in line, got my food, then walked over to d-tent's table. I sat down between Zig-Zag and Squid. "So, are you excited for the meeting tonight, chika?" Magnet asked. "Sounds fun." I replied sarcastically. "Mom makes us talk about our feelings." Caveman added. Then, I realized everybody was staring at me. "What?" I asked. I turned around. Lump was staring right at me, from a few tables over. Zig-Zag grabbed my shoulders, and turned me around. "Bad idea, Twister." "Ya, remember what X said." Armpit added. I huffed, and continued to eat.

Ch. 6

We were all sitting in a circle in the wreck room. Mom was currently asking Squid what he liked. I was next. "I like marine biology, Squids are my favorite marine creatures." I smiled, so that's where his name came from. "So, why are you here Squid?" mom asked. "Well, when I was younger I was really happy with my life. But then, one day, my dad said he was going for ice cream, and he never came back. My mom became devastated, and became a drug addict. It was too hard to live with her, so I ran away. I stayed in the neighborhood though. I broke into neighbors houses and stole food and clothes. Then, one time I got caught." Once Squid had finished mom looked at me. "So, Twister, why are you here. I took a deep breath. "Well, one night I had a nightmare-" mom cut me off. "About what?" He asked. I sighed. "Well, about a year ago, I was raped. By a boy named Sam. Sam is the only boy that has ever overpowered me. I always get nightmares about it. Anyways, I thought some water would help clear my head. So, I started walking down the stairs. But, I fell. When I landed at the bottom, my mom came out and helped me up. I told her I would sleep on the couch that night. But, I left. I didn't run away or anythin', I was planning on going back. I just needed a break. I'm not sure what from, just a break. So, I decided I would go to my friend Lilly's place. But I wanted some chocolate to cool my nerves, since I didn't get that glass of water. So, I passed through the back alley, and somebody grabbed my wrist. We fought, but somebody saw us and called the cops. The guy I had been fighting with was sent to the hospital, and I was put in custody. A few days later I found out that he died of his injuries from our fight, and I was charged with murder. Since I had a bad enough attitude, I was sent to an all boys camp, here." Then, without permission, I went back to the tent.

Ch. 7

Squid's p.o.v

Twister looked upset when she left... maybe I should go comfort her... Would she think I'm creepy? Would she like it? I wonder if she likes me... I admit, I do have a thing for her. She's pretty, and I kinda like her attitude. I wish she was my girl... Well, I guess that makes it, I'll go talk to her

Twisters p.o.v

I heard somebody come into the tent and sit down near me. Damnit, I'm crying, whoever he is, he can't see me like this! I turned away from whoever he was, but turned back when I heard Squid's voice. I liked Squid most of all. He was like my protector. Zig-Zag was like my older brother, and X-Ray was kinda like a parent to me. Giving me advice when I needed it. But I do admit, I've got a crush on Squid. He's cute, and has a country accent. "Hi, Squid." I mumbled. "You okay?" He asked. "Ya... Why?" I was truly wondering. "Well, you kinda ran outta there, and your eyes are red." "Oh..." I mumbled, wiping my eyes. Then, Squid did something I never imagined he'd do, he kissed me! When he finally pulled away he looked down, but I smiled. "I..." Squid started, but I cut him off. "It's okay Squid, I like you too." "Uh... Wow." I laughed at him. "But, I'm not going all sappy if we form a couple." "Understood." He answered. Then he continued. "Like what?" He was smirking, he was trying to embarrass me. "Like... Holding hands all the time, kissing in front of the guys... Ya." He nodded. I smiled and scorched over, allowing him to lie on my cot next to me. I was surprised we both fit. We talked for a while, lying on our backs beside each other, and staring at the roof.

Zig-Zag's p.o.v

As I walked in, I was surprise to see Squid and Twister sleeping together. "Aww" Caveman said in a mock voice. The rest of us laughed. X-Rat didn't even wake Squid up, he just went to his cot. "Watcha doin' X?" I asked. Wasn't X gonna wake them up? What if they got in trouble? Damn. "I'll wake Squid up before we got to go dig." "I'm not sure X... This might be bad." "Well, are they naked?!?" X-Ray asked me. I stayed silent. I guess he was right. "What a cute little couple." Caveman said. X-Rat whipped around towards him. "None of you will wake them or tell, got it!?!" We all nodded.

Ch. 8

Squid's p.o.v

I woke up to the sound of X-Ray's voice. "Yo, man! Wake up!" I realized I had fallen asleep on Twister's cot. "Shit" I mumbled. All the guys were laughing at me. "Don't me fun of me all right? You guys are just jealous." I smirked. I was good. Suddenly the horn blared. I was still sitting on the side of Twister's cot when she woke up.

Twisters p.o.v

I woke up to see all the boys staring at me. "What?!?" I asked. Then I noticed Squid sitting on the side of my cot. "Shit" I said. They all laughed. Then we all left to go dig. I stayed next to Squid the whole time. When the water truck came we all lined up. My place had moved up to 5th. The line now went like this:
X-Ray Armpit Squid Zigzag Me Magnet Caveman Zero
I was pretty proud of myself. After I got my water I jumped back in my hole. Suddenly, I heard a hiss. I turned slowly, and screamed. In my hole with me, was a yellow spotted lizard. "Squid!" I screeched. "Twister!" I heard him yell back. Just as the lizard was about to bite me, Squid lifted me out of my hole. I was panting in Squid's arms when I fainted.

Ch. 9

I woke up to slaps. Whoever was slapping me definitely got it, I punched him right in the jaw. I watched Zig-Zag jump as I punched him. "Damnit Zig! What the hell was that?!?" "You fainted!" He yelled defensively. "Twister," Squid cut in. "Go back to camp okay? I'll finish your hole. I shook my head. "No, I'm not a wimp." I answered. "Zig, X, can you help me out?" Squid asked. "We're done." Said X as they both nodded. They picked me up and carried me to camp. "Jackass!" I yelled back at Squid. He just smiled and waved. "Are you actually mad at him?" Asked Zig-Zag. "No" I answered. He nodded, satisfied. "You guys?" I said. "Ya?" They both answered. "I want to have a shower, but I don't want anybody walking in on me, could you stand outside and be my guards?" "Sure" X-Ray answered. We went to our tent and they put me down, I grabbed my other jumpsuit and my other tank top. Once we arrived at the showers I went in while X and Zig stood guard. X was holding my stuff for me. After a couple minutes, I reached over the door and asked X for my other jumpsuit and tank. I handed him my newly washed other pair. Once I was done I came out and took my washed stuff from X. Thanks you guys. They nodded. We all went to the wreck room together after I had dropped my stuff off in the tent.

Ch. 10

After Squid had finished my hole for me, he came to meet me, X, and Zig-Zag in the wreck room. I had just beat both of them at pool when Squid came up behind me. "Hi" he said, putting his hand around my shoulder. Soon everyone else in d-tent was there. Suddenly, we heard mom calling d-tent from the other side of the room. We all ran up to him. "Guess what?!?" He asked, his usual preppy personality shining through. "What mom?!?" We all asked excitedly. "Armpit, you get to go home today!" We all cheered happily for Armpit. He ran to get his stuff, then got onto the bus. We all grinned, happy for him. Once the bus was out of sight, mom turned back to us. "Your new camper will be here tomorrow. His name is... Hmm... Oh yes! Sam balder. Make him feel welcome. I froze, and fled back to the tent. The rest of d-tent followed me. I wasn't crying, no, not at all. I was screaming and punching my pillow. "Whoa, whoa, whoa!" X-Ray said as he and Squid pulled me off my pillow. "Calm down, chika." Magnet warned. I looked at all of them in the eyes. Anger rippling over my face. "Sam balder is the guy that raped me."

Ch. 11

Squid's p.o.v

I can't believe some guy would hurt Twister like that! I love her so much, I'm just so mad! When this dude arrives I'm gonna beat the shit out of him. He won't even know what hit him! But... No. I shouldn't. At least not at first. Twister hates it when other people fight her battles for her. Oh... I know her so well! I don't just like her, I LOVE her. This dude... Sam. Well he'll be sorry he ever raped Twister and that he ever came here. Nobody is gonna like him at all. Sucker! I looked over at Twister. "Do you want help... With Sam, I mean." I asked. Twister shook her head, of course she did. I watched X-Ray whisper to Zig-Zag, who whispered to Magnet, who whispered to Caveman, who whispered to Zero. Then they all stood and left. "We'll let you deal with this." X-Ray whispered in my ear. I nodded. I turned to Twister again, and sat next to her on her cot. I knew she wasn't sappy, but I hugged her anyways. Of course she didn't say thanks Squid. I smiled. "I know you hate this guy, and you want to fight your own battles, but I'm gonna take it out on him too. She smiled back at him. "Squid, can you tell the other guys that I want to be the first one to talk to him. I want to know if he remembers me. If he does... Sucker." I grinned. "Oh Twister, you're the best girlfriend in the world. She laughed and kissed me, then I went to go tell the guys.

Twister's p.o.v

I was sitting on my cot alone, now that Squid had left. I couldn't believe that Sam was really coming here! I wasn't upset, or scared, I was actually happy! I couldn't wait to beat him to a pulp. I couldn't believe Squid would practically kill Sam for me... He probably would kill him if he could. I didn't feel like eating. I just went straight to bed.

Ch. 12

I stood with the rest of d-tent, waiting for the bus to arrive. We had already dug our holes. I held my shovel firmly in my left hand. I had Squid on my right and Zig-Zag on my left. Suddenly I heard the sound of wheels crunching in the sand. We all turned towards the bus."Umm, Zig-Zag, remove the shovel of her possession. She could seriously murder him." X-Ray said. He was so responsible, he really took care of me and the rest of d-tent. He probably doesn't like Sam, because of what he did to me, but it was his responsility to take care of d-tent. Zig-Zag nodded and gently took the shovel away from me. It was probably a good thing he did, anyways. I kept my eyes on the shadow on the bus that should have been Sam's. I felt Squid and Zig-Zag tense by my side. Then, the bus door opened. An officer and Sam stepped out. I glared at Sam. "You got a problem with me, chick?" He asked. I smiled evilly. "Yes, yes I do actually." He approached me, an equally evil look on his face. "And why would that be?" He asked in a mock sweet voice. I smiled. "Well, maybe a name will refresh your memory. My name is River, River Calowatt." He thought for a moment, then gave me a look of steel. "Ah yes, the only one of my victims ever to actually fight with me." I spat right in his face. "Damn right." I hissed. Then I punched him. He growled, snapping his head back towards me. "Bitch." He hissed. He lunged at me, but I didn't care, I pushed him, and he fell. I planted my foot on his chest and began kicking him savagely. "She's gonna kill him!" Caveman yelled. Realizing this was true, Zig-Zag and X-Ray pulled me off of him. The officer grabbed Sam by his collar. "Come with me, jackass." I screamed, kicking out. "Let me at 'im!" "No" X-Ray answered firmly. Him and Zig-Zag hauled me back to the tent. They dumped me on my cot, still seething. I glared at them. Tonight, at dinner, Sam's gonna get it.

Ch. 13

Sam's p.o.v

I can't believe that bitch would actually kill me! She was an asshole, that was for sure. I was sitting in the mess hall, at d-tent's table. I could tell nobody liked me. That was probably because of River. She was evil. Everybody was there except for her. There were three guys who I think we're her guardians. Squid, X-Ray, and Zigzag. (They had all introduced me to themselves earlier) Just then, River walked in. Squid went over and whispered something in her ear. She looked at him, seeming annoyed. Then he said something else to her, to quiet for me to hear. She twitched, but nodded. Squid smirked, and came to grab me by the collar. He dragged me to our tent, where he shoved me to the ground. He leaned in real close to my face. "You wanna know something?" He asked. "Hmm, no." Was my response. "Well, I'll tell you anyways. River, is not her name. Her name is Twister; and I'm her boyfriend. I will do anything to protect her from jackasses like you, so I suggest that you back off." I smiled, casually. "Oh, Squid, I'm not scared of you." "Oh? Well, are you scared of a six foot tall young man?" He was smiling like mad. "Or maybe, a person who killed somebody?" I was actually excited to hear that, somebody here was a murderer?!?! I had to get their tricks. I forgot about being mad. "Who's the murderer?" Squid smiled, if possible, even more. "Twister" He answered. Shit. Then, Twister walked in. Squid stepped back, and Twister made her way towards me. "You got anythin' to say to me? Before I punch the living daylights out of you, I mean."

Twister's p.o.v

Sam curled away from me very quickly. Squid had probably told him about my being sent here for murder. I smirked, finally, I was the one controlling Sam. He smiled weakly. "I, uh, well..." He couldn't say anything. He knew he was going to die. "No last words? Aww, that's sad." I yelled and punched him in the nose, and blood began pouring out immediately. I kicked his gut, and grabbed his arm, digging my long nails into his flesh. He was weak now, because I had kicked him so hard. I pulled as hard as I could on his arm, hoping it would dislocate. Small spots of blood were now welling on his arm where I had dug my "claws" in. Then, I felt somebody grab both of my arms. I didn't even know who it was, all I knew, was that I was being dragged towards the warden's cabin.

Ch. 14

"Now, why would you do somethin' like that to one of your cabin mates, sugar?" The warden asked. She was brushing her long, curly red hair by her mirror. I smiled, an sat on the couch. "You wanna hear a story?" She turned to me, placed her brush on her dresser, and came to sit by my side. "Shoot, hun." I explained to her all about how Sam had jumped out if the shadows that one night, tied me up in a sac, and hauled me away to be raped. "Well, Sugar, you just have to live with these things. But that does not, under any circumstances, mean that you kill him, understand?" She warned. "Yes, ma'am." I answered. She nodded, and showed me to the door. I shivered as I walked away. That was the worst.

Squid's p.o.v

It was nighttime, everybody was asleep, except for me. Tonight, I was sleeping with Twister. Just to be safe. She was curled up on side of the cot, sound asleep. I was lying on my back, watching her. "You really do love her, don't you?" A voice asked from behind me. I turned over to see that the voice had come from Zig-Zag's cot, which was across from Twister's. "Ya, ya I do." I answered. He smiled, or so it looked like did, anyways. "You're a good one for her." I smiled back. "Thanks." Then, he went to sleep. I turned over to see that Twisters eyes were open. "Really, you mean it?" She asked. I nodded. "I don't just like you, Twister. I have realized that I love you."
Twister's p.o.v Aww, Squid was so sweet. Truthfully, I loved him too. He had changed so much over the four months that I had been here. Before, he was so mean, being a delinquent and all. But now, now that he knew me and loved me, he was so much sweeter. He had drifted off to sleep. But, I still enjoyed him being in my cot with me. No, I did not want to have sex with him, I don't run like that. But, I did like the fact that I felt safer with him right next to me. I realized that I hadn't used my shower token for the day yet. So, I sat up, crawled over Squid, and grabbed another tank top and my other orange jumpsuit. As I walked over to the showers, I heard gunshots go off in the distance. "Mr. Sir is such an idiot." I mumbled to myself. I decided I would take the full minute and a half shower. I remembered my last shower, I'd had two shower tokens that time so I had a three minute shower. I opened the door, stepped in, and closed the door behind me. It may have been the night, but it was still pretty hot out; so, the cool water was VERY refreshing. I took my shower, washed my clothes, and got dressed. Gee, I couldn't wait for tomorrow. To see Sam suffer... Now that, was a happy thought!

Ch. 15

The horn blared at 4:30 in the morning. I got up, and groaned. Sam seemed to be a deep sleeper, he didn't even open his eyes. I looked around and everyone else in d-tent and I met eyes. We all smirked- we were going to let Sam sleep, he would be super late. I got dressed, noticing that Squid had gone to bed in his own cot. He must have moved after I returned from my shower. We all walked outside to pick up our shovels. As I grabbed my shovel and we prepared to move, we heard a loud shuffling behind us. We all turned, including Mr. Pendanski. "Wait, wait!" Sam yelled as he struggled to get his jumpsuit on. He was wearing boxers and a white t shirt, he looked like a sleepwalking man- a running one, anyways. We all laughed, all of us except for Mr.Pendanski. He unlocked "the librarie" and shoved a shovel at Sam's chest. "Why are you late?" He said in quite an orderly tone, for such a little man. "Nobody bothered to wake me, I ended up waking to realize everybody was gone!" "Oh, poor baby!" I said in a mock voice. I fell onto Squid, who wrapped his arms around my waist. All of d-tent was laughing, and we all started moving towards the digging site for the day.
(Later on in the day)
I watched Sam suffer, he looked funny. Well, to me, anyways. In the beginning if the day, he couldn't even get his shovel into the dirt. X-Ray had to help him. Now, Magnet was checking over his blisters. We were all almost done, except for Sam, who was probably less than half way. Once I was finished, I went to sit on the edge of Squid's hole. He smiled, and continued working. Zig-Zag came up behind me, and asked me if I wanted to play pool. "I'll beat you." I answered. He chuckled, and motioned for me to follow him anyways. I told Squid I would meet him in the wreck room later, and he nodded. Me and Zig-Zag walked back to camp, and he asked me a question. "Do you love him, or do you just like-like him?" I punched him, but I could tell he wanted to know. "Look at you, goin' all sappy!" He laughed, and answered. "Nah! Your like my little sis, I gotta know what's goin' on. Speaking of which, when I leave, would you like my phone number?" I knew he didn't have a crush on me, but I asked why. "Why?" "Cuz if I'm going to be your older brother, you could come live with me, if you wanted." I smiled, once you get to know him, Zig-Zag is really nice. "But I've already got a home." He looked down. "Yeah, about that. You aren't allowed to return to your home." He stopped, we were just outside our tent. "What do you mean, why are you allowed then?!?" He sighed, and grabbed my shoulders. "You've got listen to me, okay?" I nodded. "Okay, my father is a lawyer. The law is, if you murdered somebody, you are not allowed home." I tried to yell back, or wrench away from his grip, but he said, "You promised you would listen. Now, you are not allowed home, because it is considered that you might have been troubled, by the way you were treated. Therefore, you might have something against your family and try to kill them, or could be further influenced." He let go, and looked me in the eyes. "So, I'm never allowed to see my family again?" He shook his head sadly, and hugged me. This was the first time I had cried since I was a baby, I felt stupid. I stood up straight, and Zig-Zag wiped away a couple of my tears. He seemed to know I wanted alone time. As he walked away I realized I hadn't answered his question. I would tell him I wanted his phone number later, for now, I needed to think.

Sam's p.o.v

I didn't think i'd ever finish my hole, but there I was, all done. I decided that I would go beat one of the guys in pool, maybe then they'd cut me a little more slack. As I walked into the wreckroom, another tall blond boy walked up to me. (I am tall and blond) "Hey, man. I'm the lump. I heard you are in here for rapin' a girl, me too." I nodded. The Lump continued. "Do you have anything against that Twister gal?" I think I knew this was going. I nodded my head vigorously. "Well, I've got a plan." he said.

Twister's p.o.v

"Hey guys..." I mumbled. They all paused and looked at me. I was sitting on the couch. "I think I have a perfect nickname for Sam." They all grinned, and Magnet said, "Shoot, chika." I nodded. "Well, I love this name so much because it corresponds with what he did, and what he is. Dick."

Ch. 16

I had been sleepin' with Squid for the past four days. He was protectin' me. He was asleep though. Suddenly, I felt what felt like little knives digging into my insides. Right in my stomach. It felt like a thunder storm was goin' off in there! I began shivering, twitching. Squid woke up and sat up immediately. "Are you okay?!?" He practically yelled. I was too weak to say anythin', so I just moaned and curled up. I wanted to scream, this was probably the worst pain I had ever felt in my entire life. Squid stood up and shook the nearest person, Zig-Zag. "Yo, man, wake up!" Zig-Zag moaned groggily. "What?' Squid answered in a hurried voice. "Somethin' is wrong with Twister!" Zig-Zag satood immediately. "Let's bring her to Mr. Pendanski, he is a doctor." Squid nodded, or so I think he did. The world was spinnin' and I could barely see anythin'. The two guys picked me up and carried me to Mr. Pendanski's cabin. They yelled and pounded on his door until he came out. "Mr. Pendanski! Somethin' is wrong with Twister!" Squid yelled. Mr. Pendanski led Z-ig-Zag and Squid to the nurse's office, where he instructed them to place me on a table. He told Zig-Zag to go call an ambulance, and Zig did so. I moaned. "Oh Squid, it feels like there's lightning goin' off in my stomach!" Mr. Pendanski pulled my tank up a bit, and felt my Stomach. I shivered, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, felt like ice. I heard sirens going off in the distance, as Zig ran back in. "They're here." he said. Mr. Pendanski nodded and injected some needle into me. As he did, everything went black.

Squid's p.o.v

I went with Twister to the hospital. When we got there, she was wheeled off into some room. A nurse came up to me and led me to a waiting room. "We'll let you in once we have diagnosed her." She informed me. I nodded.

Ch. 17

Squid's p.o.v

It was the next mornin' when the nurse finally came up to me again. "She's still asleep, but you can go in now." As the nurse led me to Twister's room, she told me a couple things and asked me a couple questions.

Nurse: What is her name?

Me: Umm, River... Calowatt. Yes, that's it! Her name is River Calowatt.

(The nurse began writing all my answers down on a clipboard.)

Nurse: Okay, what is you're name?

Me: Alan, Alan Smith.

Nurse: Alrighty, has River had any problems lately, any sicknesses?

Me: No... not that I know of.

Nurse: What connection do you have with her?

Me: I am her boyfriend, ma'am.

Nurse: Well, your girlfriend has parasites in her stomach. They were eating her flesh.

(I cringed)

Nurse: Yes, it's quite serious. What we are going to do, is this: We are going to wait 24 hours and see if the parasites flush themselves out. If they do, then you and River will stay here for another 24 hours just so we can make sure she is ok. Then, you two can go back to where you were. If they don't, we are going to perform surgery to remove them. She will then have one day to recover, and you guys can go back to where you were. Understood?

(I nodded)

(The nurse opened a door)

Nurse: Just wait until she wakes up, then, you can tell her everything I told you, okay?

(I nodded)

I sat down in a chair next to Twister. She looked so much more sweet when she slept. She was so pretty. I was so happy she was mine. I saw her eyelids flutter, and sat up.

Twister's p.o.v

"Squid, where are we?" I asked. "We're in  the hospital." He answered. I nodded. "Who else came with us?" "Nobody" He answered. "So, what's wrong with me?" I asked, looking him straight in the eyes. He sighed, and took a deep breath. "Aparently you have some parasites in you and they were eating your flesh-" "Eww" I interupted. He continued. "I know... Anyways, they are going to give you twenty-four hours to see if the parasites flush themselves out. If they do, then we stay here one day so they can watch you. If they don't, they are going to perform surgery on you and you are going to have one day to recover. Either way, after that one day, we go back to camp hell." I groaned. "I haven't been in a hospital since the day I was born." Squid laughed, and then, a doctor walked in. "How are ya feelin'?" He asked me. "It doesn't hurt anymore." I answered. "Good, good." He murmured. "Well, we still have to wait almost a day, but I don't think we'll have to perform surgery on you." The doctor commented, smiling. "That's good." Squid murmured. The doctor nodded and walked out of the room. I fell asleep.

Ch. 18

Turns out, the parasites had flushed themselves out. I had been at the hospital for two days, and I me and Squid were allowed to go back to camp green lake. The doctor had told me I could go back to doing everything I was doing before, and I wouldn't be weak at all. After me and Squid had thanked him (Well, Squid did anyways.) we got on the bus and that is where we are now. I smiled, I hated too much attention, and to be going back, actually felt good. Me and Squid were silent the whole way there. Once we got off, all of d-tent was there to welcome us except for Dick. Zig-Zag rushed at me and picked me up. I laughed. After Zig put me down, Magnet tickled me. I guess I haven't told you yet, I am EXTREMELY ticklish. Happiness flooded over me, I was so glad to just be back. It was the afternoon, so we all went to the mess hall. I ate some kidney beans and had some water. I realized I hadn't eaten in a while. (Well, other than hospital food,  anyways) It was good to eat tasty, filling food with all of my friends.


That night, Squid was letting me have my space. He was sleeping in his own cot. I stayed up all night, (well, almost)  thinking. I thought about my old life, and about how  I would never get it back. About how I wasn't allowed to see my old friends and family. I had made up my mind, I was going to live with Zig-Zag (he was 19 so he could have his own house) until I was 18. I had already asked him for his number. Of course I was sad, but I was also happy. This would be my chance to forget about all the bad things that had been done to me, and that I had done to others. I was excited, even though I knew that was still seven months away. I finally drifted off to sleep, tomorrow would be a new day. A new hole too.


I felt more at home now, digging holes. I was halfway done, when the water truck came. "Come get your lake water, little fishies! Get it? Lake water!" I guess I haven't told you the story of camp greenlake yet. Well, long ago, there WAS a lake AND a town. The wardens granfather owned the lake, and half the town. But, when some black onion picker (His name was Sam) kissed a white teacher (Miss. Kate), (no offense this was just their law back then that black people couldn't marry white people) and they fell in love, Sam was killed. To avenge Sam's death, Miss. Kate ran away and became an outlaw. She was named kissin' Kate Barlow, because she kissed all the men she killed. The day Sam died, the lake dried up, and it hasn't rained there since. We all ligned up, Dick was even behind Zero! Oh, happy day! Dick's blisters were just becoming caluses. He was probably the slowest digger I had ever seen. When I was done, me and the rest of the guys left for the wreck room.


Sam's p.o.v

It was six days after I had met the lump. Eight days after I had gotten here. One day after Twister had gotten back from the hospital. That was seven holes. Anyways... Well, it was the evening. Me and the lump had a great plan. We were going to trap Twister when she was alone, and we were going to beat her up so bad, that she wouldn't be able to twitch her lip without a thousand bruises goin' off. I nodded to him as we watched Twister walk away, she was probably going to think on her cot, she did that sometimes. We simontaniously stood up and followed her. As we snuck into the tent, I tip-toed up behind her and covered her mouth. She bit me, but she had done it before. Lump grabbed her arms and pulled them behind her, and I kicked both of her knees so that she fell to the ground. I kicked her jaw so that she was weak. Then, I pulled my hand off of her mouth, she was too weak to scream now. Well, I guess I was wrong. She screamed and pulled away from the Lump. She kicked me right where it hurt. I heard somebody walk in behind us and scream Squid. Then, whoever he was pulled Lump away from Twister and shoved him out of the tent. I heard somebody else rush into the tent, probably Squid, and he pulled me off of Twister. Then, he began beatin' me up.

Squid's p.o.v

I waited for Zig-Zag to safely usher Twister out of the tent before I had my fists puonding Sam to a pulp. "I told you to stay away from her!" I hissed. We fought for what seemed like hours, until I finally broke one of his arms. I finally got a firm hold on his neck. He was so weak now that he had no Idea what was comin' at him. I squeezed his neck, and pulled upwards. "This is for EVERYTHING you have ever done to my girlfriend"!; and just like that, he stopped quivering. I let go of his neck, letting his body fall to the ground. I could only see the whites of his eyes, and I realized, I had killed Sam Balder.




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