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In this story, the boys aren't famous but Harry is the star athlete, Louis is his crazy party animal best friend, Zayn is the school bad boy, Niall is a foreign exchange student who's attracting a lot of attention and Liam is Rosie's best friend. When they all end up in detention together sparks fly and soon a romance blossoms, but with which boy? Mature content!!!!!!!


2. This is going to be a long Detention

******Louis' P.O.V.******

Me and Harry strolled into detention three minutes late, just to make a scene. "Styles , Tomlinson." The teacher said dryly. "Sit down and shut up. Ill be back when detention is over. I f you need me ill be in the staff room." She walked out of the room but then paused and stepped back in "oh, and don't need me." I looked around for Harry and found him exactly where I expected him to be, pulling out the chair next to Rosie and started chatting away to her. I had a feeling this was going to be a long detention. I sighed and sat down on her other side, between her and that guy that's always with her. They weren't toghether but he definitely wanted them to be. Sure, she was gorgeous but I'm happy with Elle, at least that's what I told everyone. We'd been drifting apart lately and I had a feeling that she was cheating on me with one of the other guys on the football team. I decided that, for now anyway I wouldn't make a move. Standing up I walked over and sat next to Niall, who was staring at her. "You know," I started "with that accent of yours shed probably be putty in your hands." "Do you really think so?" He asked happily, his eyes lighting up. But just as he was about to cross the room to her Zayn sauntered into the room immediately taking my recently vacated seat. The smile slid off Niall's face and he slumped down in his chair. "In my opinion you still stand a chance mate" I said reassuringly "she doesn't seem to be the type to go for a jackass so Zayn and Harry are probably out of the question and Liam's totally friend-zoned. You'll be fine." With a new smile on his face he shuffled across the room and pulled up a seat in front of her.

********Rosie's P.O.V.*******

I gave Niall a weak smile. He'd been here for about a month now and seemed nice enough but I was just I a bad mood since I had to deal with Harry and Zayn hitting on me. True, Zayn seemed much more my type, bad boy, mysterious, but still kind of a jackass. "So, babe" Harry whispered in my ear, "you going to Meghan's tonight or will we be having our own private party?" He started to curl his arm around my shoulder and I could feel his hop of hair tickling my cheek. I hated the shivers that it gave me from being this close to him and for a moment I almost leaned in. But then I remembered who he was and I snapped out of it, lifting his arm off me and putting it on his lap. "You know I wasn't kidding earlier" Zayn murmered, tucking some hair behind my ear. This time the chills didn't bother me that much, Zayn was so hot "you really do have a nice ass" he continued, inching closer to me, nibbling a little on my ear. I composed myself and turned slightly "you're not too bad to look at yourself" I said flirting a little myself. "So," he continued, reassured by my response. "You going to Meghan's later?" "I suppose I'll make an appearance." I answered. They didn't call me the queen of truth or dare for nothing and the games at Meghan's partys were always good. "Great," Zayn said "I'll see you there." And that was it. That was one thing I liked about him, he stopped the the conversation when it was over. He never felt any need to prolong it with mindless chit-chat. "So you are going," Harry said excitedly, putting his hand on my thigh. I slapped it off and groaned. This was going to be a long detention. But surprisingly Harry stood up, leaned right in and whispered. "I can make you groan ten times as loud." He stepped back, winked and then strolled over to Louis. I giggled, maybe I didn't have him totally figured out then.

******Liam's P.O.V.*******

What does she see in these assholes? I saw the look on her face when Zayn nibbled on her ear, that smirk when Harry made whatever tasteless joke he whispered to her. Why couldn't I be smooth like that? Why couldn't I send shivers down her spine. I saw her start joking with Niall and I was happy for Niall, he always looked so lost, like America was a whole new world, but then again, to him it probably was. At the same time though I was jealous, more competition for Rosie's attentions. Well at times I had her full undivided attention, but as a friend, never anything more. She made some comment and then looked to me, I read her expression and knew that she had said something she thought funny but no one had laughed. I burst out laughing and she grinned happily, "see," she said "Liam gets me," "yeah," I said chuckling weakly. "That's because I have to put up with you 24/7!" "Oh don't lie," she teased "you know you love me really." "I suppose," I sighed "oh you're so mean, I'm hurt" she giggled and I could tell that every other guy in the room was jealous of the connection we had. I smiled contentedly, she may never love me back but at least I still had her as my best friend and, for now anyway, that was good enough for me because it was probably more than any of these guys would get.
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