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In this story, the boys aren't famous but Harry is the star athlete, Louis is his crazy party animal best friend, Zayn is the school bad boy, Niall is a foreign exchange student who's attracting a lot of attention and Liam is Rosie's best friend. When they all end up in detention together sparks fly and soon a romance blossoms, but with which boy? Mature content!!!!!!!


3. The party part 1

******Harry's P.O.V.********

"Caitlin, I told you before, I'm not interested." I pushed the girl away and kept looking for Rosie, something about her drove me crazy. Caitlin pouted, "What happened you Harry? You used to be fun!" "Look Caitlin." I said harshly, my patience wearing thin. "We had fun, we fucked once, but that's all that's ever going to happen between us!" "You are such a prick!" She yelled, then ran off with tears in her eyes. I slunk down in my seat, running my hands through my famous curls. I hated when girls got upset, if this was any other night I would probably go after her and we'd end up hooking up with her again, hell, when I got really drunk later if I nothing happens I probably still will. She was a good fuck after all... Oh shit, I felt my cock begin to get hard and quickly sat down on the couch, "THE PARTY'S HERE!!!" Someone yelled "IT'S TIME FIR TRUTH OR DARE!!!" "Quick!" One of the girls yelled, "somebody go find Rosie, like now! Truth or dare is just not the same without her!" Three different girls ran off to find her and I smirked, this should be fun.

*********Rosie's P.O.V.**********

"Rosie?" Someone was calling my name "in here" I answered. I was sitting on a marble counter-top in Meghan's kitchen telling a story to my fascinated male audiance. The fact I was wearing a short skirt and very low cut top and heels probably owed to this undivided attention. "Rosie," a girl that I was friendly enough with ran into the room. She was gasping for breath and clearly had a stitch in her side. "Truth..." She whispered hoarsely. "Or dare!" I completed for her, my eyes lighting up. "C'mon Leeyum! Lets go!" I called excitedly, grabbing his forearm and following the girl to the sitting room.
Once we got there a big cheer went up. "The queen is here!!" Someone yelled and I laughed giddily. I probably shouldn't have had that last shot... Oh well.
I sat down and immiadiately Caitlin set her sights on me. "Rosie, truth or dare?" "Dare" I scoffed. No one self respecting picked truth until we were all hammered. "I dare you," she began "to make out with Liam" I shrugged. She had always hated me since I close Liam over her and her cronies in first grade. She took any opportunity to stop us being friends. "Piece of cake" I replied smiling sweetly and grabbed Liam's head before kissing him passionately. He wrapped his arms around me, holding me close. Then I realised something. Liam was an amazing kisser. His tounge licked my bottom lip, requesting entry, which I gladly granted. A few minutes later I pulled back, "good enough for ya?" I asked snarkily. She gave me daggers and drank deeply from her cup. "Next!" Someone yelled and I watched the game, laughing. Suddenly I felt hot breath on my ear, "I wish that was me." Harry grumbled in his deep, gravely tone. I shivered and ignored him but it was too late, someone had seen "Rosie," Connor slurred "I dare you to give Harry a lap dance." I swallowed and smiled weakly. "Sure thing" I answered. After all, I have a reputation to uphold.

********Harry's P.O.V.*********

I couldn't believe my luck, remind me to stop ragging on Connor so much. Rosie swung her leg over me so she had one slender leg each side, trapping me. She smirked back at Connor and then begun. She leaned into me so that I had a full view of her massive tits, they were like like melons and started nibbling on my ear, leaving a trail of kisses along my jaw line. Someone switched the song to Shakira, she sighed and started gyrating. I smiled and pulled her closer by her legs, so that she was rubbing against my cock. "KISS HIM!" Somebody yelled at her drunkenly. She moved in and gave me the most amazing kiss of my life. Suddenly I felt my dick start to harden again and she smiled through the kiss. I could hear everyone laughing and jeering but I didn't care, Rosie was amazing. "Okay, that's enough," Caitlin said, her voice strained. I chuckled knowing how worried she must be. Rosie leaned in and whispered in my ear, "if you're lucky I'll take care of that later" she said tapping the bursting front of my trousers. I smiled, no girl could resist the Styles' charm.

*********Zayn's P.O.V.*********

I watched jealously as Rosie gave that little fag a lap dance. He didn't deserve her. As the game broke up I strolled confidently over to Rosie. "Care to dance?" I asked her sarcastically. "Oh why yes. That would be excellent" she replied in a mock posh accent. "Well then lets go" I finished, offering her my arm and leading her towards the main room of the party. The noise was deafening and there barely any room, because it was full of gyrating teenagers. The room smelled like sweat and alcohol. It was perfect. Rosie grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the centre of the dance-floor. I watched her dancing for a minute but then laughed and jumped in behind her, grinding on her. She looked back at me and smiled drunkenly. I leant forward and kissed her, she kissed me back frantically, wrapping her arms around my neck, pulling me closer. I grabbed her ass and lifted her slightly, sliding my tounge into her mouth. She moaned slightly and I smirked through the kiss, if she tought I was good at this, wait until later. I snaked one arm up her shirt and fondled one of her at least DD breasts. She gasped and pulled back. "Bedroom. Now." She commanded hoarsely. I grabbed her hand and we ran out of the room and up the stairs. It was quieter up here, but I pushed open an almost hidden door into the attic. I knew for a fact that Meghan would never come up here with out me and it was sound-proofed so I could make her scream.
"Come here" she said, kissing me urgently, pulling me onto the bed. I ripped her shirt off and stared at her ginormous tits, "wow," I muttered, pulling off her bra too. They were like two perfect melons. She bit my lip slightly and ripped off my signature leather jacket, and slowly unbuttoning my shirt, leaving little kisses behind each one. Suddenly she dropped to her knees. Unfastening my belt and unzipping my trousers as quickly as she could. She then pulled down my boxers to my ankles and then off. My cock was totally engorged, per cum glistening all over the tip. She pulled me off the bed and stared sucking on it. I moaned as she sucked harder and harder, I was getting close and I told her that, I put one hand on either side of her head and pushed her further down my shaft so she was deep throating me I screamed her name and started to come, her bursts of sperm straight into her mouth I pulled out and squirted all over her tits and her amazing body. "Ok," I growled. "Your turn." I ripped off her skirt and her soaking wet panties before lifting her onto the bed. First I fondled her tits but then turned my attention to her downstairs. I stuck one finger and then another, curling them to hit her g-spot. She screamed and I laughed, replacing my fingers with my tounge, shooting in and out faster and faster, with my newly spare hand I started rubbing her clit. "Oh Zayn," she screamed. "ZAYN!!!" As she screamed my name she came, hard and fast, I licked it up happily and, without giving her time to rest, I pulled myself up, so we were face to face and entered her. She screamed again and I chuckled, I was still in control. In and out I pulled myself, glad I'd put on a condom while I was licking her out. Suddenly she came, with an orgasm that shook her whole body. Seconds later I came too and then we lay together, breathless, but happy. Suddenly I stood and started dressing. "Thanks for that." I said, pecking her lightly on the lips. "Text me later." I commanded and then I left.
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