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In this story, the boys aren't famous but Harry is the star athlete, Louis is his crazy party animal best friend, Zayn is the school bad boy, Niall is a foreign exchange student who's attracting a lot of attention and Liam is Rosie's best friend. When they all end up in detention together sparks fly and soon a romance blossoms, but with which boy? Mature content!!!!!!!


1. Getting detention

********Harry's P.O.V. ********

Me and Louis ran out of the locker rooms, a pile of clothes each. "Did you see the look on their faces?" I gasped trying to speak over my laughter "how could you not?" Louis replied, equally breathless. We burst through the door leading to the main hallway. We sprinted through the throngs of people, class was jus ending. I pushed open the two double doors and we were out on the main green. "Yes!" Louis called triumphantly "an excellent prank if I do say so myself" "yeah, yeah" I said absentmindedly. I was checking out a smoking hot girl in jeans and a tank top with a guy. "You're a genius, but so am I, hand me those clothes." He tossed me his pile and I started scaling the biggest tree I could see, leaving the clothes at the top and then timed my drop so I would land right in front of the girl. She didn't flinch but I didn't expect her to, the girl had nerves of steel. "So, babe" I started, leaning against the tree trunk "when are me and you finally hooking up? I mean, you're hot, I'm hot. It's inevitable." I saw jealously flare up in the guy's eyes and I immediately understood that he had feelings for her. "Well," she replied flirtatiously leaning towards me "today's Friday and you're a jackass, so how about... Never? Works just fine for me bye." She brushed past me and I watched her ass as she walked away. "Nice ass!" I called after her. "Go fuck yourself" she said in a fake cheery voice. "I'll be thinking of you" I screamed back and then smiled, sure I could have and girl I wanted, I mean I was Harry Styles! But the way she always rejected me turned me on.
"Styles, Tomlinson!" Our P.E. coach was storming down the steps "give those boys back their clothes and detention after school today! Now get to class" she yelled, spittle flying from her mouth. I looked over at Louis and in perfect synch we said "worth it!"

*********Liam's P.O.V.*********

"Harry friggin' Styles!" She yelled "what an asshole, what do girls see in him?" She continued to rant, but I wasn't listening, I was just staring at her amazing beauty. We've been best friends since the first day of first grade when she walked up to me and said "you look kind of like a lost puppy, all sad and cute. I think you need me more than my old friends do" she sat next to me and barely ever talked to her old friends again. It was a little while later that I fell in love with her. It was the summer before we started middle school and she got dared to kiss me. To this day I can remember everything about it, the smell of her breath, our friends laughing, the smell of a barbaque, her rough hand on my cheek- "I'll be thinking of you? Who does he even think he is?" My thought were interrupted my the end of her rant "Harry Styles" I answered in a fake girly voice, "the most popular boy in school!" She laughed and wrapped her arm around my shoulder. "Leeyum I don't know what I'd do in his hell-hole without you. Want to cut next class?" "Yeah" i replied, "lets go"I offered her my hand and we ran off laughing hand in hand.

********20 minutes later********

********Rosies P.O.V. ********
I stretched arms and enjoyed the warm sun beating down on my face. I looked across at Liam and smiled, poor baby had fallen asleep. He was so tired since he spent all night every night looking after his little sister. When his mom died his dad just totally lost it. Liam was the oldest so all the responsibilities fell to him he worked two part-time jobs and my family helped out whenever we could. He was my best friend and I loved him to pieces. But was it in more then a friendly way? Even I didn't know anymore. "Liam Payne! Rosie Jacobs!" A teacher was running across the grass screaming at us. "Lee" I whispered, nudging him. "Wake up!" "Why aren't the two of you in class?" She demanded. I opened my mouth to speak but she cut across me. "In fact, don't tell me now, tell me later. In detention."

******Zayn's P.O.V.*******

I chuckled from my spot behind the bike shed. Amateurs. I stubbed out my cigarette and took a step backwards, straight into a line of bikes which went crashing down taking me with them. "What in God's name was that?" The teacher screamed. Running into the bike shed. "Shit" I muttered, but not quietly enough. "Language!" She bellowed. "Ditching and..." Suddenly she noticed the but of my cigarette "SMOKING! Detention!" I saw the face of the girl she'd just been yelling at over her shoulder and gave her the nod, "at least the company will be good" I said winking. "What's your name gorgeous?" She scoffed and said "puh-lease" before turning and stalking off "nice ass!" I hollered. "So I've heard" she yelled back. Her puppy-dog best friend ran after her "what is it, jackass day?" She asked him sarcastically. I didn't hear her answer but instead pulled out another cigarette and lit up. The teacher was in shock. "Want one?" I asked. She pulled it out of my mouth, "make that two days of detention" she said snarkily. "Now get to class" she added. "Nah," I answered, strolling over to my motorbike and throwing my leg over it. "Not really in the mood. But don't worry I'll make sure to be back in time for detention. Later." I drove off and couldn't wait to see that girl again. I'd make sure that I fucked her at meghan's party later. Sure me and Meghan were friends with benefits and all that but she'd understand. She always did.

*******Niall's P.O.V.********

Wow, this place sure was different from Ireland. What year was I even in again? Oh yeah, I'm a senior. Why can't they just call it sixth year? And why were the girls always staring at me? They never did at home? I used to always say I'd love to date an American but at the minute all I want is to talk to a girl who was a bit of banter, like that one girl in my Spanish class, Rosie or something. Just then a girl behind me tapped my shoulder and handed me a note, it asked if I was going to her party later. I looked back. She was stunnin an all but her personality was flat. Still, I knew I was lucky to be fitting in so I smiled and nodded. Just then I heard a book being dropped on my desk. "Mr Horan, when you're quite finished with your conversation maybe you can tell me what I just said?" "Um w-well" I stuttered, "exactly as I expected. Second question, when do you have detention?" He smirked "this evening" I muttered. "We'll done, you seem to be catching on to the way this country works. I groaned. Detention? Way to go Horan, your mams going to love this one. She didn't even want to come to this country and now shes going try think that you're turning into a delinquent. Great. Who knows what kind of douchebags are in detention.
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