Will You Marry Me?

"Will you marry me?" I looked at him, smiling, my eyes coming to tears...
"Yes" I replied, starting to cry. He gave me a huge hug, and swung me around. And that"s when it happened.......


2. Him


It was a week before summer vacation. I was so excited to kick back and relax with no responsibility what so ever. My friends and I had been planning what to do this summer for the past 4 weeks. Sleep, swim, sing, dance, go to parties and concerts. You see, I'm in grade 12. Graduating grade 12 to be exact. We figure that this is going to be our last free summer to do whatever we want. You may be asking yourself, 'but don't you have a job?' and the answer is no. I did. I was working part time in a bakery for the last 3 years but I have enough money to go to college now, so why not enjoy my summer. I quite last Thursday. You also may be wondering why I can't enjoy my summer after I go to college. The reason being that I have already planned that summer. I want to go to a music camp for the entire summer. Sure that will be fun, but that's still not what I mean by doing whatever I want to do, and besides, I won't be with my friends. I've been friends with Casey and Hannah since, well, since forever! We are basically like sisters. We tell each other everything, and honestly, I think I spend more time with them then I do with my own family. But that's fine with me. My mom is 46, so she's not exactly the coolest mom in the world. I mean, she tries to be, but that's what makes it worse. Imagine, your waiting outside school for your mom to come pick you up. Your talking to this really cute guy and all of a sudden your mom drives up, rolls down the window and says "Hey Tori! So who's the boy? You guys are being safe right?" and so on. I mean she tries to act like someone my age and it just doesn't work for her. And don't even get me started on my brother. My brother is 24, 6 years older then I am. And yes, he still lives at home. He sits downstairs in the basement in his pajamas and plays video games. All day. My mom keep bugging him to go back to school, or get a job but, he refuses. Ever since our dad moved out on us he's been a total wreck. He dropped out of school in grade 11 and has been sitting in the basement ever since. Seriously. He hasn't even gone outside, or come upstairs once! Lucky for him there is a kitchen and a washroom down there. My mom decided that she would just refuse to bring him any food and that he would have to come up eventually, right? But NOOO. 2 weeks later, he is still down there practically dying that I had to start bringing him food again. I also have a cat. His name is JoJo. He is 10 years old and so fat he can barely move. Hey, don't blame me, it was my brother who fed him to much... well, before he became depressed. Ever since I have been giving him normal amounts even put him on some diets but I guess he is going to be a fat cat forever. At least he seems happy. 

Well back to school. It was 2:30. 35 minutes before the bell would ring and everyone would jump out of their seats, swarm into the halls and try not to get pushed over and trampled by everyone else. I was currently in English class reading some book that I don't even know the title to. It was so boring that I stopped trying to pay attention. Instead I stared off into the distance day dreaming about my future. I guess I had been day dreaming so long that I didn't even notice everyone getting up. "Tori aren't you coming?" Hannah said. "What? Oh ya" I replied back to her totally dazed. "You were day dreaming again weren't you?" "No" I lied. Hannah hated it when I day dreamed. Said that I needed to pay attention in class rather than going off into my own little fantasy world. "I was just thinking" I lied again. "So are you coming to my house after school?" she asked me while we were walking down the hallway. I was. We were going swimming. We had planned it at lunch since it was such a nice day. "Ya sure- Oh sorry" "No no I'm sorry". The tall blonde guy who had just bumped into began to say. He stared at my for a moment before walking on "Did you see the way he looked at you?" Hannah asked, almost screeching. "Ya... I know" I replied quite dazed. I had never had some look at me like that before. So... caring. So... in love? 


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