Mind Trap

Written in two twin sisters P.O.V.'s, this story is about Camilla, who occupies herself by art and reading, and Cassandra, who likes cell phones and acting. They're just normal twins with normal problems...they both live in completely different worlds! They have different friends, talents, and clothing styles, but there's one thing the two both enjoy- writing. One day somebody comes into both Cassandra and Camilla's lives, trying to fix their rough relationship. It change's the girl's lives forever and what they think of about one another. :D
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4. Cassandra 2




That day I went to Abigail’s house for another karaoke party. This time she had invited a bunch of other girls from school, not just us, but I wasn’t worried. Just more people to introduce my practically angelic singing voice to.

          At first it was just Abigail and I, and we were supposedly setting up. But in truth, Abigial’s not one of those people who is sets things up. She’s got a maid named Gretta for that.

          Until the party started, Abigail and I went to her room. We looked at magazines about boys and circled the ones we thought were cute- Orlando Bloom, obviously! She has this poster of Josh Hutcherson on her wall, and I think it’s insane- the entire world knows no actor is cuter than Orlando Bloom!

          Next we reapplied our makeup and painted our nails. She has this coverer that makes it look professional-but it practically is because she has her own nail painter named Julie. I got bubblegum pink and she got pansy purple, which looked more like magenta, but the bottle claimed it was the color of pansies.

          “Your sister is weird,” Abigail said casually over a snack of mini cheesecakes. “Sometimes I don’t understand her.

          I didn’t know what to reply. “Oh, well, I guess she might be. I don’t know! It’s hard to judge family.”

          “Then why do you do it all the time?”

          Her words were sharp, and they sent a chill up my back. “Well I’m sorry, I guess I should be more like you.”

          “You’ll never be like me,” she taunted. “You’re not rich enough. You’ve only got popularity because of me- well, and you’re a pretty, smart actress. But if it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t maintain your popularity, I’ll say that much.”

          I wanted to leave, but I didn’t. I wanted to talk, but I didn’t. That was my first mistake.


I had almost had to go home and do my chores before going to Abigail’s house, but I had some extra Jumbo Munchers on hand and I gave them to Leo in exchange for doing my share of chores. He was so happy to get the Munchers that he didn’t care that he’d be doing my chores that night.

“Cassandra, aren’t you going to sing?”

I looked at Abigail and smiled. “Of course. That’s what karaoke parties are for!” Then I happily walked up towards the purple and gold lighted stand and turned the machine to my song.

At first it was like every other party, but then the machine broke down. I didn’t realize at first and I kept singing acapello. Some of the girls started to laugh and I fell to my knees, forgetting all of my acting abilities and almost crying until I realized it would smear my makeup.  Then I regained composure and shrugged the pain away.

I walked off the stand, passing Abigail on the way. “I’m going home,” I muttered. “That’s where I truly belong, not here with you people who I’m not myself with.”

I slowly walked home, thinking about how I wished I had stayed at home with Rilla and Camilla. But no, now it was too late, almost eleven o’ clock, and I should’ve been doing homework- and it almost made me sad to think that I was turning out like Camilla. 

“You’re late.”

The words were strong and forceful, and they sent a deep dark hole into my heart. “I’m sorry,” I said, and I actually meant it. “I shouldn’t have gone.”

Mom nodded. “And next time you won’t be going. You cheated your brother into doing your chores so you could go to another karaoke party- you know how much that girl upsets me! Not to mention that you spent the morning at school texting your boyfriend- and don’t you tell me he’s not one because I’m not an idiot! You also completely ignored Rilla and your sister when they asked you to come home and play with them…”

          “Mom, it’s hang out, not play!”

          “I don’t care! You’re not going to turn out like a spoiled brat like those other girls on T.V.! If you keep doing this we’ll cancel your lessons and never let you go to another audition again! And don’t you tell me that would be ‘ruining your entire life’ because there are plenty of things to live for besides acting and beauty and boys and popularity and cell phones. Don’t you understand? Camilla’s been trying to tell you…”

          “I DON’T CARE!” I screamed and stormed to my room.

          Camilla was sitting in my pink chair studying.

          I ignored her and lay on my bed.


I didn’t get up in the morning. I played sick so I could debate what I would do. I was acting a lot like Camilla, and I actually liked it. I was tired of being popular, but I wasn’t quite ready to wear a T-shirt to school. But Mom was right. I was a horrible human being, and I needed to change, just not necessarily the way I dress.

What would Camilla say to my new attitude? I would have to ask her when she got back from school. I imagined her standing by her locker at the end of the day, asking Abigail if I had showed up, who didn’t know or care. It was just like Abigail to act like that.

Abigail was definitely fit to be popular. She had jet black hair that always looked perfect and a pair of stunning blue eyes, but now that I thought about it, they were rarely seen because of her designer brand mascara and eyeliner that I had begged Mom for just weeks before. She had perfect tanned skin- and it was natural too! There was nothing about Abigail that I didn’t love-until I actually got to know her and the truth that lied inside.

I was worried about what would happen when Camilla got home, but I loved her. I knew she’ll bother me for saying it, but it was true.






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