Mind Trap

Written in two twin sisters P.O.V.'s, this story is about Camilla, who occupies herself by art and reading, and Cassandra, who likes cell phones and acting. They're just normal twins with normal problems...they both live in completely different worlds! They have different friends, talents, and clothing styles, but there's one thing the two both enjoy- writing. One day somebody comes into both Cassandra and Camilla's lives, trying to fix their rough relationship. It change's the girl's lives forever and what they think of about one another. :D
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5. Camilla 3




Samantha emailed me that night asking me about my new story. I loved that about her . . . she was always encouraging me to write and writing herself. Samantha had dark brown short cropped hair with dark eyebrows and a small face. She wore simple clothes and blushed a lot. I loved her like I loved Rilla and Leo and my three cutie cousins, Sara, Olivia, and Luke. I loved her like mom and dad and all my extended family. And Cassie. I guess. Rilla and Samantha were almost family to me. They weren’t popular like me, but not picked on, also like me. Samantha was only my friend, though. Cassie had nothing to do with her. Rilla was both our friends, and I guess Cassie’s best friend Abigail wasn’t technically considered my ‘friend,’ and I’m glad for that.

          Rilla went home after dinner and I sat in Cassie’s pink chair and studied for our Social Studies test.

          When, finally, at about 11: 00, Cassie came in. She plopped right down on her mess of pillows, not even bothering to take her makeup off or change into her pajamas. I had studied for a while, but then lay in my bed, as I was having a hard time concentrating with Cassie whimpering. Sleeping was useless, so I climbed out of my sheets and stood by Cassie’s bed and said, “Why are you being so nice to me all of a sudden?”

          Cassie tilted her head up. In the dim light, I could see a tear roll down her face, leaving a pink streak down her cheek. She ignored me, as usual, so I went back to studying.


But that was the night before- here’s where our real story begins.


The next day Cassie stayed home from school, as she mentioned in her chapter before this. And I did, indeed, ask Abigail if Cassie showed up.

Abigail sniffed. “What would I care?”

I had found out what was wrong with Cassie.

I hung out with Samantha and Rilla and another shy girl named Rubye at lunch. Jonah, Cassie’s ‘friend,’ sat by us too, and we had a great time without Cassie.

I turned in my art project and got an A on my Social Studies test.

Jonah’s locker had been rampaged and the culprit was put in detention, or rumor had it.

Everything in the way went mostly normally until I read and re-read my story in the school newspaper about ten times and also looked at Cassie’s entry.

This was Cassie’s latest article:


Silver Cloud Middle School Dance

By Cassandra Woodcliffe


Last Friday, Silver Cloud Middle School hosted the first dance of the year, for 7th, 8th, and 9th graders who attend this wonderful school. Girls wore their fanciest dresses and skirts, while boys sported handsome tuxedos. Teachers boogied along with the boys and girls as the school band played slow, fast, rock, pop, and even the classic sock hop music. Concessions filled the students as they laughed and showed off to their partners. Even the school’s mascot, The Silver Fox, got down and tried break dancing, but accidentally crashed into the lighting system. This left everyone in the dark for about fifteen minutes until it was fixed. Never before in school history has something so crazy happened at a dance! This dance was legendary, especially for the fashion show.

Girls of all grades got a chance to show off their beautiful dresses, hair, and partners. Nineteen girls tried and left three finalists, Abigail Waters, Ida Hoes, and Cassandra Woodcliffe. Abigail Waters walked out of our school “Proud and popular,” she said into the microphone when asked how she felt. Ida Hoes won second and Cassandra Woodcliffe in third.

“We are so proud of our girls,” said Miss Natalie, who was one of the show’s judges, also the English teacher for 7th grade.

Also thanks to our principal, Mr. Willie, who thought of this great opportunity and to Camilla Woodcliffe for her background painting on the stage where the fashion show took place.

Most of all, thanks to all of the students who showed up to our school’s dance!


I couldn’t believe it.

It sounded like what Cassie would write about, but she would never give me credit for just painting the stage, or even bother mentioning she won third to two of the most popular girls in 7th grade. She must have been so jealous.

Cassie went to the dance with Jonah, as friends. I went to see Rilla and Cassie in the show, and to see my painting. After the dance, when mom picked us up, Cassie looked so happy to have at least won. I guess she was acting.

So I guess she did care. I mean, I’ve always know she does love me. Mom and dad always remind us that at night, despite whatever happens during the day, we all love each other as a family. I knew it was true, but right then I decided to try and be nicer to Cassie and sometimes give her a break. She was being nice to me, so I would return the love.


When I got home, Cassie was writing in her bed.

I sat in her pink chair and said, “I know what’s happening and I want a truce, through these hard times of school and drama and popularity and nerds and boyfriends and pressure and everything else. So, what do you say?”

Cassie looked relieved. “For now.”

I gathered up my courage and asked her something I wanted ever since the first day of middle school.

I blushed, “Uh, Cassie . . .”



tournament?” That all rushed out in one breath.

          Cassie sat up and smiled.

“After that, can you teach me how to blend colors for my assignment in art?”

          “Of course!”

          And at that moment everything was perfect.





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