Mind Trap

Written in two twin sisters P.O.V.'s, this story is about Camilla, who occupies herself by art and reading, and Cassandra, who likes cell phones and acting. They're just normal twins with normal problems...they both live in completely different worlds! They have different friends, talents, and clothing styles, but there's one thing the two both enjoy- writing. One day somebody comes into both Cassandra and Camilla's lives, trying to fix their rough relationship. It change's the girl's lives forever and what they think of about one another. :D
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3. Camilla 2




We were walking home from school that ordinary day, Cassie and I. We were both unusually quiet. Rilla, our best friend, ran up to us and squeezed in between us. She started yapping about something, but I was busy thinking about my story I was writing, and Cassie was probably trying to remember the lyrics to a song she would sing tonight at the Karaoke party.

Leo walked behind us bouncing a basketball and talking to a pretty girl about the substitute teacher they had had that day.

Rilla sighed.

“Oh, you’re brother’s so cute! Can I come over today so we can spy on him?”

Cassie said, “I’m going to Abigail’s house, but I think Camilla’s open.”

Cassie smiled at me and I wondered if my sister was trying to be nice. She even called me by my real name, which is as rare as seeing a fast food restaurant on a meteor.

“Uh, yeah.” I smiled back. “I can play. I mean, hang out. But, I don’t think Leo would want us spying on him.”

Rilla groaned.

I looked back at Leo, who was grinning and blushing, who had heard the whole conversation.

 I rolled my eyes and he stifled a laugh.

The girl Leo had walked with departed and Rilla had called her mom on Cassie’s phone to make sure she could come over. Cassie dumped her sparkly pink backpack on her bed and then rushed out the door to the karaoke party.

But before she even opened the door to our room, Cassie gave me a hug and smiled, “I wish you would come, Camilla. You never know, you may share the gene for singing, too. Bye Rilla, see you tomorrow!”

Rilla and I sat on my bed, on my side of the room, which was neat and tidy. Cassie’s was messy and cluttered.

Rilla had short, messy blond hair and was super tall. She was a month younger than Cassie and I, so we always had our parties together or similar. And we loved it, and even on birthdays Cassie and I mostly got along. Rilla was the best, and I could never ask for a friend better than her and Samantha.

I’ll tell you about Samantha later, so back to the story:

“Whatcha wanna do?” I broke the silence.

Rilla made a dreamy face and swung her legs to the beat of the radio.

“I want to talk to Leo,” she replied. “You know what would be cool? If we ever get married-”

“That won’t happen, Miss Dreamypants!”

“-But anyway, if we do, then you and Cassie and I would be sister in laws!”

I rolled my eyes.

“Sure. That’d be cool. But I doubt that will happen. He’s two years younger than us anyway.”

“Tsk.” Rilla dreamt. “Think what you want.”

I asked Rilla if she wanted me to read her the first bit of my story I was writing.

“Let’s paint nails!” she squealed.

So we did.

I had mine bright blue and hers were bright pink.

I really wanted to read my story to Rilla; I knew she would like it. But she always wanted to do something else.

Finally I insisted.

“Out of the mist, a figure gained upon my hideout. I couldn’t tell who it was, a friend, or an enemy.

 “Who’s there?” I whispered, pointing my flashlight at the figure’s head. The body turned and ran. It ran in the direction of my partner’s hiding place, Ammae. Ammae’s strong and unexpected kick forced the stranger to the ground.

I made the motion for everyone to come out.

“Good job, girls. Marroe will be proud of our work.”

Simma and Ammae emerged from their corners as well as Luma. We stood above the figure which we could now make out.

Luma gasped. “Uh . . . Hallae . . .” (That was me, Hallae, the leader of my group, working for the Mistress Marroe.)

The figure was unconscious, and not what my group had expected”

“Well . . . ?” I questioned Rilla when she had finished reading.

Rilla thought for a second.

“It’s great, but . . . it doesn’t seem like you wrote it.”

I smiled. “Exactly! I’m exploring different techniques of writing. It’s a good skill to learn.”

Rilla thought again.

“What are the names supposed to mean though. They’re . . . gibberish.”

“Real names get boring.”

“Yeah, but they’re so weird.”

“They’re a group of crime fighting secret agent sort of girls. Think of them as code names in a foreign world.”

“So they’re on the good side?” Rilla gave me a puzzled look.

“Are you trying to tell me you don’t like it so far?”

Rilla laughed. “I love it, but I’m trying to act as a reader would get all the facts to help you out, Camilla. Miss Natalie taught us that in English last semester.”

I exhaled. “Oh . . . thanks. I think.”



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