Mind Trap

Written in two twin sisters P.O.V.'s, this story is about Camilla, who occupies herself by art and reading, and Cassandra, who likes cell phones and acting. They're just normal twins with normal problems...they both live in completely different worlds! They have different friends, talents, and clothing styles, but there's one thing the two both enjoy- writing. One day somebody comes into both Cassandra and Camilla's lives, trying to fix their rough relationship. It change's the girl's lives forever and what they think of about one another. :D
If you could give me some feedback I'd really appreciated it! Thanks!


1. Camilla 1




First of all, I can’t stand it when Cassie calls me Cammy! I like my name, and I think nicknames are super annoying. Actresses change their names all the time, and it drives me nuts. Cassie wants to change her name when she legally permitted, all because she’s ‘famous’ for being on a Pull-up commercial and one for braces and retainers! She did one for bracelet making station, and really! She makes a big fuss on how the hair stylist used designer gel and curled her hair with the latest curler! Well I wouldn't want my big head appearing all over the world, just advertising somebody else’s stuff! She’s in the honor’s classes like me, but she isn’t proud of it. I am creative at least, and tell me, has Cassie ever had her very own original story and illustrations published in the school newspaper for the past 28 issues? No, she has not! Has she had many solos in ballet and started ‘en pointe? Not that, either. What about marketing? How about sewing? Reading? Cooking? Being over all creative? She’s not interested in any of these things . . . because one of them might mess up her hair! And boys, cell phones, designer clothes . . . who needs ‘em? Cassie, that’s who. Well, anyway, now you can see why I would love being a twin . . .  just not with Cassie. 

I have long, light brown hair and freckles. My hair has a horrible cowlick so it’s impossible for me to have bangs, although I think they are very cute. Cassie has blond hair that is wildly thick and always needs to be tamed. She has bangs that are almost always pulled back in a way that I usually do my hair, just a simple little clip and a ponytail. (I had that look first, but no . . .) Twins generally look alike- and we do- people can always point out our similarities. We are tall, with long legs. Our faces are both rounded, and our eyes are a brilliant blue. Cassie doesn't have half as many freckles as I do though, and my feet are strong and graceful. Cassie has bright colored toes and always curled hair, and needs to work on her posture. Cassie can speak, act, or do anything without having to think about what other people will assume about her, because everybody does in fact, like her. I guess that’s just one advantage about being popular that I’m actually jealous of.

Cassie doesn't understand that I do care about clothes and hair and what I do, but I don’t have to go ahead and overdo it like she always does. Enough can be enough, and I frankly don’t understand why she thinks I don’t care. I can be happy being quieter than most, only having a few friends on email, (she’s not one of them), having an awesome laptop to write on instead of a boring cell phone, and drawing to keep myself occupied. That’s how I like it, and I don’t understand why she has to interfere so much into my personal life.

Leo is the best. He’s my brother, (and Cassie’s, but it’s not like she cares what her brother and I do), and I’m so glad he’s there to draw and play outside with me when Cassie’s locked me out of our room.

Leo’s 10 years old and looks a lot like Cassie, with messy blond hair that is almost never combed. I must say he sure is cute and popular in his grade, but not at all stuck up like Cassie is. I honestly (and I’m not afraid to say it) wish Leo was my twin instead of Cassie.

I think I've said (more like complained) enough about my twin sister and our two very opposite worlds, so to wrap it up-

Cassie just doesn't understand. She doesn't understand my life. My world. Why can’t I be who I am and she be herself? Just because were twins doesn't mean we always have to do every single thing together; to be so alike. I don’t want to be a copy of Cassie, I like to be unique, my own person. We have our differences, and the stuff we have in common. For example; we both like writing. We both enjoy it; but we have different techniques. I like art, she likes acting. I don’t like acting much, and she doesn't like art. And that’s okay. I don’t need to take acting lessons to be like her. She doesn't have to make me teach her art. In fact, I like being different, like in writing. I can be whoever I want when I write . . . unlike reality. She can’t decide for me, because the last time I checked, she doesn't control my mind. 

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