What are the odds?

It was just another day. Wrong I moved to England in the same building as One Direction. But I mean what are the odds of meeting them. Right?


8. Wait wha?

I woke up in McKennzies flat. I looked around, I was lying on a couch. Wait wha? Why am I, Louis Tomlinson, on a couch. I heard McKennzie talking to Cathrine I think it was.

"McKennzie, you can't just date him."

"But Cathrine,"

"Don't but me. This the sass master. You are a sass master. It won't work!"

"You told me we were compatable." i could hear her saddly whisper. I got up, I thought her friend would have supported us. I left the flat walking back to the boys and mine flat. When i walked in Niall attacked me.


"Niall, it was Mackenzies idea calm down." I pushed him off playfully.

"Louis, where were you? I missed you boo bear!" Harry jumped on me.

"Hazza, get off."

He looked depressed as he got off and went back to his room. Liam came in.

"Lou, hi."


"You should come here."

"Okay.........." I walked into the kitchen with him and saw Simon and Eleanor, this wouldn't end well.

McKennzies POV


"No i'm serious, end things with him."

"Youre crazy if you think i'm ending things with,"

"McKennzie, Zac...."

"Wait what about Zac."

"Your dad....."

I got up. This could not be happening. Last time i wasn't with a guy my dad approved of he killed my current boyfriend. Nathan, my dad shot him so i could be with his friends son. I couldnt believe this my teenage crush, is who my dad wanted me to date. If i don't he'll shoot Zac and Lou. 

"I have to save Zac."

"Good. Now go be a big girl and end things with Lou."

I walked out. He was gone.

"He left."

"Thank god lets go, you can stay with me and borrow my clothes."


We were about to leave i left a note on the fridge, I had given Louis a key last night when we started dating.

"Lets do this."


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