What are the odds?

It was just another day. Wrong I moved to England in the same building as One Direction. But I mean what are the odds of meeting them. Right?


9. She left me

Louis POV

I look from Eleanor to Simon.


"Louis, sit."


"Don't pull sass with me, sit."

"Hey baby,"

"Eleanor i broke  up with you."

"Louis, was that a prank?" Simon asked me.

"NO! I don't love her! I love someone else who happens to be my girlfriend."

"Louis, you will break up with this girl now!"

"No i love her!"

"Simon leave me with my boyfriend."

Simon got up and left.

"Louis, honey we are togethor please tell me you were kidding."

"No i love her more then i ever loved you." 

"Fine, do you love her more then the boys?"


"Pick one her or the boys."


"Fine you have a week to choose."











* HEY! So what do you think?????? sorry its short so should Louis pick mckennzie or the boys?????????????? answer in the comments

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