What are the odds?

It was just another day. Wrong I moved to England in the same building as One Direction. But I mean what are the odds of meeting them. Right?


1. Moving

I walk up to the door. My new home, forever. I left home so I could be myself not what my parents wanted me to be. I unlock the flat door and go in, it’s huge and all mine. I smile I love it. I grab the boxes and start to unpack getting out my laptop. I open Skype. My mum calls me. “Hi McKennzie!” she said very excited. “Hi mum.” “ How was your flight?” “Fine long, im a bit tired do you mind if i take a nap and call you later?” “ Of course not. I love you.” “Love you too.” I ended the call. Mum had resented me leaving, but she knew i needed time to find myself. My dad always molded me into the perfect son, yes, son. He wanted me to be a boy so badly that what he treated me like. He took me fishing hunting, clubbing once on my eighteenth birthday. I laugh at the memory. I used to live in america with my divorced parents spending weekends with my dad weeks with my mum. I enjoyed time spent with him until he drank more and more. Eventually he lost any custody he had over me. He was put into jail soon afterwords for drunk driving. Another reason I left, he escaped jail. He wouldn’t hurt me or mum or sara, my sister, but it scared me seeing him in that condition. So, a month before my birthday i sent in an application for almost every school in England. The day of my nineteenth birthday i got accepted to a fashion school. So my current status now is, nineteen, in college and lonely. I fall back onto the bed and sleep for who knows how long. My laptop lighting up with differen skype messages and facebook messages. ‘oops’ i thought i never log out. I go on and skype Cathrine, my best friend. “Hey” “OMG GUESS WHAT?” “What and calm yourself its like midnight here. I kind of don’t want my neighbors to hate me.” “ Okay okay okay, so guess who is moving into your building?” She was smiling so big i was scared to guess. “Um, Ed Sheeran?” “NO!”
“Um, Little Mix?” I knew who it was basing on the fact i’m a huge directioner, I would know if One Direction was moving into my building, which they were.
“UGH you are so stupid! It’s One Direction!” “Oh, yeah about that, i met them,” “OMG Tell me what happened!” “Well, um nothing i haven’t met them yet god calm down dont give your self a heart attack.” “Yet?” “We live in the same building, i’m bound to see them but what are the odds?” “Okay okay I have to go we still on for Christmas?” “Of course! Call me later or i’ll call you, one way or another.” “ Ha okay byez.”
“BYEZ” I hung up. I get up and walk into the kitchen. I opened the fridge to nothingness. I forgot to get food! UGH I’m so hungry right now. I lock my room and go down to the lobby. I see a guy in a hoody. “Hi, um i’m kind of new here and well, i don’t know where to go to get food. Do you think you could tell me where i could go?”
The guy chuckled. “An american huh. Haven’t seen one of those in awhile. And yes i could help you find the store i can drive you there if you want love.” His irish accent rang in my ears. “Well um i think im good on the ride i just dont know where to go.” “ I could tell a cab where to go.” He offered. He seemed so sweet. “ Um okay that seems alright.” “Alright i’ll be right back.” I stood there beyond confused until i saw him go toward four other boys in hoodies. I saw one hit him in the head. Hold on a second, five boys, one irish, one acting like their dad, the other four probably british. It could be One Direction. I started freaking out on the inside as he came back. “Sorry okay lets go by the way, i’m Niall.” This was going to be good.  
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