What are the odds?

It was just another day. Wrong I moved to England in the same building as One Direction. But I mean what are the odds of meeting them. Right?


6. Louis?

" Louis?"

he just barely looked up. His eyes were tearing as it was.

"Listen, maybe you should go McKennzie."


"No go."

"Louis, mate come here." Liam called dragging him into the kitchen.


"Hey, um still help me up to my room?" Niall slurred.

"Yeah come on."

Once he was in bed asleep I went downstairs. I was about to leave when Liam came back in the room.

"Hey, sorry about Lou. he just,"

"It's okay i kinda called him out on something personal."

"Well, Eleanor is cheating on him, she doesn't know he knows."

"Wait what?"

"Eleanor is cheating on Lou."

" Are you kidding?"

" I wish."

" Can i go talk to him?" 


I walked int the kitchen to see Louis with a bag of oreos.



"Um, are you okay?"

"Why do you care?"

"Well, you looked,"

"Why don't you leave you don't like me."

"I know."

He turned around. I walked toward him.


"I don't like you Louis."



"Hey guys, oh" Liam stopped dead in his tracks when he saw how close we were.

"Liam mate, stay out of this." Louis was turning into a darker version of himself. It was pretty sexy. Stop! This guy has a girlfriend.

"What were you saying?" Louis asked as Liam walked pout of the kitchen.

"I don't like you. Louis I love you."

He looked down. "Really?"


I turned around and started walking, "So i guess i'll just keave now sorry for intruding Lou." 

He grabbed my wrist turning me around. His faec was centimeters from mine, his eyes so full of lust.

"You  are not going anywhere love, not until you tell  me when you got these feelings."

"Well i'm a directoner,"


"Yeah. Wanna get revenge on Niall for saying im his girlfriend.?"


I smile. "Oreos."

About an hour later Niall came down. He saw the plate of oreos.

"Guys can i have some oreos?"


He took one.

"Imma go bye.""Hey don't leave me with angry Niall."

Niall ran to the sink spitting out the oreo.


"Well um i'll be seeing ya."

 With that i left the flat.

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