What are the odds?

It was just another day. Wrong I moved to England in the same building as One Direction. But I mean what are the odds of meeting them. Right?


2. Is it really Niall?

We got into a cab, together. I was in a cab with someone who is possibly Niall Horan from One Direction. God, i'm fangirling so hard on the inside. 

"So you just moved here from America?"

"Um yeah."

"You say um alot."

"Is that a problem?"

"No, I think it's cute. Louis probably will too." He mumbled the last part.

I started to blush. "So Niall, right, what do you do?"

"Well i dont really talk to strangers."

"Aw well fine." I took out my headphones and listened to the Up All Night album.

"You like One Direction?" I pretended not to hear him. He tapped my shoulder.


"You a directioner?"


"Huh. Well i'm Niall Horan from One Direction."

"You use that pick up line on all the girls you take to get food?"

"Maybe." He said mocking me from before.

" Fine," I said as we got out the cab and Niall paid the taxi man before I could pull out my wallet. "Yes i am a directioner."

"Yay! But i am really Niall Horan."

"I still dont believe you."

"Dont believe me all you want. Its still true."

"I'll believe you if you can prove it to me."

"I'll sing to you."

"Do it"

"Not now i'll get mobbed by fans."

I smiled. So i really do know Niall Horan and he's gonna sing for me. I am seriously dying right now.

When we finished shopping, we started walking back to the Flats.

"So, i dont think i caught your name."

"I never threw it."

"Well dont we got a sass master over here."

"Not as big as Lou."

"Ha real directioner over here."

"Yeah buddy."

"So, how can i prove that i am who i am?"


" What do you want me to sing?"

I thought. "Glad you came."




"Okay i believe your Niall Horan."


" You rejected the wanted."

He starts laughing.

"And you have the laugh."

He smiles. 

"So i'll see ya tomorrow?"

" Maybe."

" I can do with that."

"Well, bye Niall."

"Bye, um."

"Look who's saying um now."

I went into my flat shutting the door to the real Niall Horan.


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