What are the odds?

It was just another day. Wrong I moved to England in the same building as One Direction. But I mean what are the odds of meeting them. Right?


3. Hey, aren't you in One Direction?

I walked down to the lobby the next morning. I imediatly crashed into someone.

"Crap! I'm such a cluts sorry." I said.

"It's alright love." I would know that voice anywhere.

Without looking up i whispered, "Louis?"


" Oh um, you weren't, uh well, I know, Hi i'm McKennzie." I finally get out. I'm so nervous around him i just can't explain it. Cathrine told me awhile ago i'm capatable with Louis. I guess thats when he became my favorite. Or at least the one i would date. I looked up.

" Well, you obviously know who i am, so hi."

I laughed. "Well thats what happens when your a directioner." Crap did i just say that.

'Oh your a directioner. Figures."

" Excuse me, how does it figure?"

"Well soem one asked what directioners were, you fit my description perfectlly."

" Wha,"

"Directioners are quite sexy." He said winking.

" Oh wait, did you just, omg, um i, uh."

He looks me straight in the eye as he says, " To bad i have Eleanor, you, would, be, perfect." He breathed out every word making me melt.

" Well, um i should um uh," I tried talking as looked straight into his eyes.

"You should go i get it. Bye love."

With that he walked away. I was going to die. I went back up to my flat and turned on Chatty Man. One Direction was gonna be on. I had to watch. As four of them went on, Louis wasn't there. He came running in seconds later sitting on Harry. I laughed. 

"So boys," Alan asked "How are your love lives.

The other boys talked about their girlfriends. Niall talked about how awesome being single was. Harry talked about Taylors new songs about him. 

"Louis, what about you hows ms. Eleanor?"


The boys and Alann looked stunned. I freaked.


"I had to end things with her. Theres someone else now," He looked straight into the camera. "I know shes watching this right now."

"Who is she?"

I turned it off. Louis and Eleanor broke up. Elounor was gone. If it's because of me, the fandom would kill me. But, what if he did want to date me.

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