Lone wolf

December is a lone wolf. Meaning she can't find a pack, has to move around a lot, and she can't even have a family. All because of her father. Now, after moving she is faced with a new wolf pack and they insist that she be in their pack. She refuses but they force her. She is breaking the rules and the consequences could be fatal


10. Possibilities

   I rocked back and forth on my bed as I sat cross-legged. My mind raced around crashing into jumbled thoughts that I couldn't even understand.


   Dallas is a rabid.

   I took a deep breath, not loosing focus on my feet. A slight pain crawled up to my shoulder were a wound was. Then again I had bruises and scratches all over my body.

   I had gotten into a pretty bad fight with him, but what bothered me most was that he was so much stronger than me. I had gotten a few good blows on him, but what i look like right now does not compare to him. Dallas might have a black eye and possibly a sprained ankle, but I have three broken ribs, a dislocated shoulder, and a lot of bleeding, deep scratches.

   How was I so weak? 

   How is he so strong?

   I expected it from the rogues, who had muscles bigger then my head. But Dallas was sort of scrawny.

   I finally looked up from my feet as an intense pain erupted in my side. I hissed as my hands pressed lightly against the throbbing flesh.

   As the pain subsided for I now I slowly crawled off my bed suppressing my grunts and moans of discomfort. My floor creaked as my bare feet tapped against the wood. My hand rested on my lower hip as I leaned forward.

   I look like an old person.

   I limped my way to the bathroom with a pained expression on my face. Then it turned to horrified as I caught a glimpse of my reflection. I gasped as my hand traced the dried blood and gashes and bruises.

   Tears welled in my eyes. I looked terrifyingly ugly. A sob caught in my throat, causing a raspy hiss to come out instead because of the pain in my broken ribs.

   I reached for my cupboard fumbling for the peroxide and a wash cloth. Putting an ample amount of the liquid on my cloth, I dabbed it gently against the blood that had dried. White foam sizzled across most of my body as I cleaned myself up. Jerking here and there when a sting formed.

   Now with the blood gone it didn't look like I had killed anyone now but the bruises and every  other mark was still there. I slumped my shoulders forward ignoring the stupid pain in my ribs.

   I turned to my shower running the water cold, but before I stripped down I locked the door. Then I hopped in.

   You do a lot of thinking in the shower, and I exactly did that. My mom would be home in two days, and I have no idea whats going to happen with that. The rogue leader is probably killing the pack right now, and I should be in school today. 

   I sighed as water rolled down my face. My life sucks. Really sucks.

   I sat down on the tub floor, resting my head on my hands. The cold water soothed most of my wounds. I didn't realize I was crying until I felt the hot tears.

   "Pull yourself together," I hissed at myself.

   I sucked in a breath as i ran my fingers through my soaking hair. Pull yourself together. I turned off the water and grabbed a towel. wrapping it around me. Walking into my bedroom, I headed towards my closet. Picking out a cute cut off shirt I pulled on black leggings.

   Whipping my head forward, I wrapped the towel into a turban. I glanced at myself on the mirror over my dresser. My face was still ugly.

   "Make up won't make that any better," I sighed.

   Placing my hand on my hip I walked over to my window, peering through the drizzling rain. No one was out side guarding, making it easy for me to make my getaway.

  "Not in the shape I'm in," I growled. 

   I walked back over to my bed flopping on it unattractively.

   Focusing all my willpower in mind I tried to open my link to the pack.

   "Come on talk to me. Anyone!" I moaned.

   'December' whispered a voice.

   My eyes flew open at the words.

   'Aidan?' I asked.

   'No, it's me...Dallas.'  

   ' I don't want to talk to you' I snarled at him.

   'Well  then just let me explain myself' He pleaded.

   'No' I snarled, loosing my concentration and closing my link.

   I rolled onto my side cupping my hands under my ear. I heard footsteps coming towards my door.

   "Leave me alone." I moaned as the body reached the door.

   "We need to talk."

   "I don't want to," I retorted as he opened the door and stepped through. 

   I could see the black eye but that was it. He looked normal like we never had that fight. Like he never almost killed me.

   "We have to." He said with no expression, but his eyes completely said something else.

   "I don't care."

   "Listen, I had to protect Rafe, okay? I'm his rabid. I have to do everything for him, including protecting him." He walked around my room as he explained himself.

   "Did he order you to practically kill me?" I hissed.

   "Well, actually yes... only so that you couldn't escape." He looked at me with sincere eyes.

   "Is the pack dead?" I asked, nervous for his response.

   "I honestly don't know that answer. He doesn't tell me anything. At all." He sat down on the edge of the bed, with me hiding my face with a pillow. 

   Suddenly, an overwhelming pain erupted in my stomach. I arched my back as I screamed to my hearts contempt. I raked my nails through my head as I flopped around my bed unable to breath. I couldn't get enough oxygen to my lungs, and it felt like my head was going to explode. I could hear Dallas yelling at me, but all I could respond with was a deafening scream.

   What was happening?

    I able to breath but it came in short raspy breaths, before it stopped. My heart was beating incredibly fast. And I was sweating crazily. 

   Two hands firmly grasped my shoulders pressing me into my bed. Dallas was on top of my pinning me down with worry plastered on his face.

   My eyes darted around me, as if I had no control. 

   "What happened?" I croaked with a whisper as my breathing slowed.

    He looked at me sadly, "I... don't think you should know." He got off of me walking towards my window.

   "What?" I whispered, staring after him.

   I tried propping myself up on my elbows, but with no avail. I fell back on my pillows light-headed. I sighed slightly.

   "Tell me," I demanded even though it didn't sound that way. I sounded like I was pleading.

   Dallas turned around with a pained expression.

   "Your uh...Well...Bond....it uh..." He trailed.

   "it what?" I asked with my regular voice back.

   "It uh....Broke" He rubbed his neck, resisting to look me in the eye.

    "What do you mean it broke?" I questioned.

   "Rafe...uh... Aidan...he..." He trailed again.

   "Spit it out" I yelled.

    He looked at me with pleading eyes, " Rafe killed Aidan. He's dead."

    I laid back down on my pillows shocked. I couldn't register what he just said. How could my mate be dead. He was a strong alpha. I blinked, laying there for what seemed like hours, days,years even. But it was only seconds before I spoke again.

   "Why did the pain come from one spot and then spread?"

   He looked my way with widened eyes, obviously scared. " What spot?"

   "The spot where you bit me on my stomach,"

   Thinking nothing of it I lifted my shirt and showed him the infected bite mark. It looked worse now than it did an hour ago.

    "That's weird it didn't look like this before," i said looking up at Dallas who paled as he saw the mark.

     "What?" I asked suspiciously

     But before he could speak I heard the door open with a familiar voice.

     "December! I'm home!" My mothers voice pierced through my ears as my eyes widened.

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