Lone wolf

December is a lone wolf. Meaning she can't find a pack, has to move around a lot, and she can't even have a family. All because of her father. Now, after moving she is faced with a new wolf pack and they insist that she be in their pack. She refuses but they force her. She is breaking the rules and the consequences could be fatal


2. Pack confrontation


It was three in the morning and I couldn't sleep at all. I woke about an hour ago and just couldn't force myself to go back to sleep. So I did the only sensible thing that came to my mind. I pulled the bed covers away from me and walked to my window. I opened it and the cool night breeze danced across my face and arms sending a chill up my spine. I eagerly hopped out and jumped of the roof in a matter of seconds. I headed for the treeline where I then stripped down and folded my pajamas. 

I changed into my wolf with one slick movement and went off to explore. My nose was a millimeter above the ground and all sorts of scents filled my nose. I heard squirrels rustling in the trees and faintly heard the ocean from miles away.Then I took off running freely knowing nothing was going to bother me.

I didn't realize that I came to the cliff's edge until I was about to fall over into the ocean. I think I should go for a swim.  I turned and made my way back to wear i had my clothes and picked them up in mouth. I then ran back to the ocean which was miles away. In my wolf form I don't really get tired so I was back at the cliff's edge in no time. There I shifted and put my clothes on.

Soon enough I found a trail leading down to the ocean and made my way to the water's edge. The water was still warm from the sun shining on it all day and I waded out until it was an inch away from my shorts. I took a deap breath and dove under the surface.

I swam for what seems like hours but I couldn't tell what time it was and I really didn't care.

I like being alone, maybe because it was part of me maybe it wasn't. I didn't care. I was so relaxed I let my constant guard down right now. The memory of the wolves surfaced in my mind but I know wolves can't swim. Unless that pack was a pack of werewolves that could shift into humans then I was in trouble. It was probably four in the morning and everyone sleeps during this time. Including werewolves.

Suddenly I was being pulled from the water and I was dazed and confused and everything went blurry for a few seconds. When my vision cleared I was on the sand with a bunch of people. 

What the Hell?

"Who are-" I started to say.

"December Bolten," The guy in front of me said. I scrambled to my feet nervously so I could see who this person was, but it was still dark out and I couldn't see the guys face.

"Who are you," I asked again.

"I am your new alpha. Welcome to my pack," The air caught in my throat and it seemed like I forgot how to breathe. My face was probably turning purple but no one noticed from the darkness.

NO, no, no, no, no! This isn't happening!

"No. I uh...I decline. I can't be in your pack." I rushed past the alpha before he could say anything. I had to get away from here. Had to get away from this pack. Had to get away before they shifted and the pain started. I had to.

I was to lost in thought that I was startled when someone grasped my arm.

"Why?" It was the alpha again and his tone was harsh.

"I just can't okay. I'm sorry," I knew that I shouldn't of been apologizing but I was in a rush.

His hold on my arm became stronger and I had to bite my lip. "I never asked for your permission. It's not a choice. Now, shall I introduce you to your new pack?" I knew his question wasn't waiting for my answer but I said it anyway.

"No," I stated firmly.

"I don't care," He growled. Then he yanked my arm and started to pull me to the other men.

I honestly did my best to restrain against him, but he seriously was strong and had muscels. Once we reached the group he still hadn't let go and I knew he wasn't going to anytime soon.

"I'm Aidan," he said.

"I don't care," I shot back frustrated. I heard someone laugh in the group but I couldn't find them. My eyes locked on Aidon's and he was giving me the death stare and I gave it right back.

"Fiesty aren't you," Someone said walking up to me."I like fiesty,"

"You know What I would like? For your god damn alpha to let me go!" I yelled trying to yank myself free again but with no success. I heard some ooh's and ahh's spread through the pack.

"Let me go!" I screamed in Aidan's face. 

"You are in this pack whether you like it or not!" Everyone in the pack took a step back and I saw some trying to keep the will to stand and not kneel. I could see in this that Aidon had just used his alpha voice.

I looked into his bewildered eyes because his voice had no effect on me what so ever. 

"You think your alpha voice is going to force me? Ha! Think again. It doesn't work on me, because I don't belong in this pack or anyother pack!" I spat. Aidon was so stunned that he loosened his grip just the tiniest bit and that was my ticket out.

But I wasn't just going to run off yet. I mean, after just saying those words so brave and strong. No I slipped my arm out and marched out to the treeline leaving him and his pack behind.

The confident in me melted away once I was in the trees. I faught back the immense fear and the urge to puke and this time I ran away as fast as my legs could carry me. It was only a few seconds before I heard Aidon yell.

"Go Get her!" 

Apparently he recovered.




Devin's POV


  I was sleeping when Lucus called me to tell me that we were going to December that night. And when I looked over at me clock it was four in the morning. The sleep was out of me when he said her name. I couldn't believe that she was a werewolf. I also couldn't believe that Aidan was going to make her be in our pack right now. The only reason he wanted her was that she was a girl. Wolves aren't girls, they have only been boys.


I tore my covers away from me and pounded down the steps. I didn't care if I woke up my parents. This is important.

It's December.

I burst through my front door and took off into the woods. I tore off my shorts and my shirt shifted instantly. I had to hang on to them by holding with my mouth.

"Where am I suppose to be heading, exactly?" I asked through the pack mind link.

"Beach,"  Thought Lucus.

With that said I picked up my pace and raced to the beachfront. Before I came out of the trees I shifted back and put on my clothes. Then I strode to the water where the rest of the pack was. They where all at the ocean's edge looking in the water.

"What is it?" I asked in a hushed whisper.

"Her,"Lucus replied.

"It's time," Aidon stated and waded into the water. I hadn't realized that December was swimming gracfully until Aidon plucked her out. He brought her ashore and instinctively crowdedaround her in a circie. 

"Who are-" She started to say.

"December Bolten," Aidon interupted. Now she stood up and faced Aidan. She was at least a foot shorter than him.

"Who are you?" She said firmly.

"I am your new Alpha. Welcome, to my pack," She froze at his words and her heartbeat quickened. She was scared? All I wanted to do was go and tell her I was right here by her side. That we could be mates. Anything for her to join this pack and be with me. I love her.

I know I just met her and all but I believe in love at first sight. And that's what happened between us.

"No. I uh... I decline. I can't be in your pack," She rushed past him leaving us all in shock especially me but she didn't even know I was here. Maybe she was just scared because she didn't know any of us. I had to tell her. But I couldn't. Aidan would kill me.

"Stay here" He growled, only audible enough so we could here. But he put in some alpha voice to make sure we stayed put. Then stormed off after her.

"What do you think they're saying?" Brandon asked. He was our newest along with Cole.

"I don't know?" Dylan said.

They were halfway to the tree line when Aidon started dragging her back over here. I literally wanted to rip out his throat. If I see a bruise there so help me someone is going to die. 

"I'm Aidan," He said starting the introducing cycle. Eagerness bubbled inside me. I wanted her to know I was at her side.

"I don't care." She shot him.

Micheal decided to be brave and walked up to her. "Fiesty aren't you. I like fiesty." Micheal was also a perverted jerk.

"You know what I would like? For your god dam alpha to let me go!" She yelled. I didn't like her so agitated because it made me agitated. But I like how she didn't take lightly to Micheal's crap.

"Let me go!" She screamed

"You are in this pack whether you like it or not!" I took a tentetive step back and I saw Cole struggling to stand. I almost lost it. Aidan used alot of  his emotions in that statement and it radiated throughout the pack. Everyone was barely standing and I was on the brink of caving. My eyes clouded over and the last thing I saw was December walkeding into the trees.

"Go Get Her!"

The alpha command shook through me and before I knew it I was running into the woods following her scent. She smelled like vanilla.

I had to get to her before anyone else could catch her especially Aidon. He was probably going to knock her out cold. I picked up my speed at the thought of that.

I felt everyone shifting into their wolves, but I couldn't. I mean when I caught December I would have to change back to human and then I would be naked. Not good.

That's when I heard her screaming.




December POV


There was an inferno burning inside me. Pain coursed through my viens like a snake's venom. Like  someone was using a sledgehammer to crush my scalp in. There were to many wolves and they were way to close.

I was rolling on the ground screaming my head off. I couldn't take it. I willed myself to open my eyes but it was a horrible sight. The grass around me was dead and yellow. The trees were full of dead leaves and the bark was peeling away. Everything around me was dead.

I brought myself to my knees and then to my feet surpressing my screams with tears that partially blinded me. I started to run again with everything turing to a dark musty dead black. I had to get away.

But they were closing in and I could feel it.

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