Lone wolf

December is a lone wolf. Meaning she can't find a pack, has to move around a lot, and she can't even have a family. All because of her father. Now, after moving she is faced with a new wolf pack and they insist that she be in their pack. She refuses but they force her. She is breaking the rules and the consequences could be fatal


1. Moving in


I’ll tell you one thing. Being the new girl is not fun. I repeat not fun. Growing up I guess it wasn't that bad. I didn't make a lot of friends and during lunch I would make my way to the bathroom. But know I am fifteen and well it's different.

I guess I couldn’t really blame myself either. It's in my profile to be alone, anti-social, and aggressive towards people. But sometimes I just wish I was normal.

This is my eleventh time moving and I know I should be used to it by now, but I’m not. It's more like I am sick of it. In my car I watched as I passed a forest that looked so inviting to me that i wanted to jump out of the car doing the tuck and roll. Too bad I had to go to my house and unpack.

I glanced beside me and looked at my mom who had earphones on and was bobbing her head up and down to the music she was listening to. I decided to look at a less disturbing scene and locked my eyes on the outside. We passed small shops with teenagers looking so normal and innocent that it made me want to puke. 

This all happened because of my dad by the way. He just had to defy the laws of nature and have a kid. I honestly don't know how it was possible. I mean he was a lone wolf. Emphasis on the lone part. He was supposed to be alone forever. Rome the world looking for a reason knowing he would find none. But that was before he saw my mom at a coffee shop. They hit it off and bing bodda bang they have a kid. After that nature didn't really agree with me. They made me a monstrosity. I was a lone wolf. I could never find a pack and I was made to move around. I couldn't stay in one place for long. That made having a home tough and going to school even tougher. I have been tested for ADHD and of course I have it. Once I am in a place for to long I get signs for me to leave. Like things die and alot of stuff goes wrong. Also bad things happen like earthquakes and forest fires. Did I mention that if I am even near another wolf these problems start to happen even faster? Yeah it sucks being me.

We neared the our driveway and I fumbled for my car door. My new house was isolated from the rest of our neighbors. There were thick high hedges that bordered our front lawn, closing us in. The backyard led into a forest and I sensed it went really far back. Perfect for me. I could already smell the salt water too. After 35 miles in the forest half of it cuts off and is a cliff leading into the ocean. 

I am also really good at geography. The landscape pops into my head and I know practically all of the land around me. I guess that is a perk of having this curse.

I grabbed an armful of my bags and headed for the front door. I stepped into a hallway and as I preceded down It opened up into an old medium sized kitchen. Off that to the left was the living room. I crossed the kitchen were the stairs led up to my room. My mom chose to stay in the basement. This a small house and it was inexpensive. I was probably going to have to move in like five months anyway so I cant really have a glamorous house. 

I walked up the stairs and once at the top went to my room. There was only a closet in the hallway so I guess that means that I had a bathroom in my room. My room was small. It had a twin mattress and a dresser already in it.  I threw my bags on the floor and went over to my window. I opened as quickly as possible and the fresh air cascaded over my body. I smelled the scents of pine and salt water and my wolf inside me jerked, wanting to explore. I had to admit I was curious, but I promised my mom I would unpack first.

In about half an hour I was done. How, you ask? Well I did it like lightning fast. To be honest though, I really didn't take the time or anything to actually fold my clothes or make anything look nice. I could do that later. Because first, I was going outside.

By now my wolf seemed to bouncing up and down. I never had closed my window so I swung my legs over the windowsill and ducked my head under. I was now on the roof and I took a running start. I lunged off the edge getting such good air a skate boarder would have been jealous. I landed on all fours and took off running into the forest. 

I could feel the change inside me taking place. I felt my ribs shifting and my legs shortening. I saw my blonde hair turning white and then it started to grow all over me. I heard the tear in clothes and forgot to strip down before.

Oh well I didn't like this shirt anyway.

Next my vision sharpened and I could smell everything a hundred times better. I picked up speed and raced around. I stretched my muscles and relaxed. This is me.

And I had to admit it. I loved the feeling of being free. I don't know if that was because of what I was or if it was actually me.

But the one thing of all that could of happened, happened. I sensed them before they could even sense me. I turned and took off in the opposite direction with pain welling inside me.



There couldn't be a whole pack I just moved here. But I could here their paws thudding on the ground. Yep it was a whole pack of... ten.

I dropped to the ground, writhing in pain. As soon as a single wolf was near me pain was my alarm system. I didn't get it. It didn't seem fair at all. Nature didn't want me with other wolves so this is how they made sure I wouldn't go near them.


Of course it will dull down and that's when the bad things start to happen. Earthquakes, forest fires, and death. That is when I have to leave.

I started crawling away from the wolf pack and soon enough I was in my secluded backyard. I changed into my human form and before anyone could spot me nude I jumped up to the roof and slid into my room. I slapped on some new clothes and heard my mom knocking on the door.

"come in" I called.

She came in with a book bag full of binders and pencils etc, etc.

"Oh god no," I said pitfully.

"You start Monday!" She chimed trying to make it sound fun. Not likely.

"Are you serious! That's tomorrow. Ugh!" I plopped onto my bed face first into my pillows. I heard my mom set my bag down and then she closed my door.

Finally I decided to get up grudgingly and set my alarm on my phone for six. Then I laid back down and thought about the wolves. Why did there have to be wolves! I couldn't tell my mom. We just got here today! She would be heart broken! Ugh. I wonder if they are actual wolves or werewolves. Great. My life sucks.

And with that thought in mind I slowly drifted off to sleep




'Walk fast, walk fast.' I thought to myself as I dodged in and out of teens in the overcrowded hallway of the high school. A big dude bumped into me and luckily my books didn't go flying because I was holding them so tight my knuckles were turning white

I dashed into my first period science class and took an open seat in the back just as the bell rang. I kept my head down and pretended to study my schedule. I got a few stares from people but not alot. Until that is when the teacher walked in.

"Class today we have a new student," She said searching the room for me. Finally her eyes found mine and she gave me a sweet smile.

"Well what's your name?" One the girls asked.

"December," I answered.

"Welcome to my science class. I am Mrs. Anderson," The teacher said. She smiled at me once again and moved onto the lesson.

I gave no interest in space science so I looked out the window. I could see a forest not to far from the school parking lot and wished I could just run free. But then there were the wolves that completely scared the shit out of me.

The guy in front of me turned around and smiled. I did an awkward short wave.

"Hi, I'm Devin" he whispered. I didn't respond. He saw my schedule popping out of my purse. Yanking it out, He pulled it up to his face. After a couple of seconds I saw his eyes light up. A huge grin spread across his face and I gave him a questioning look.

"Okay I have First, second, fourth fifth, and eigth period with you.

"Cool," I said. After science ended we headed to math together. I guess I made a new friend. Devin didn't have third period social studies with me so I sat in the back and didn't talk.

Lunch was finally here and about a million pounds lifted off my shoulders when I saw Devin waving frantically at me. I happily strode over and took a seat next to him. I set my bag on the floor and when I looked up the of the people (all guys) at the table were looking at me. Most had confused looks on their faces. I nudged Devin in his rib with my elbow hoping he would save me. He looked up from his food and saw all of the guys. He loudly cleared his throat.

"Uh guys. This is December. She's new here."All of them still looked at me intently. I could tell they weren't happy with me sitting here. I could see the tension in the air. Great.

Devin's POV


"What the hell is she doing here!" Everyone yelled through the mind link.

"Guys its her first day here and lunch is the hardest part. It's called being generous. You should try it." I growled.

"You are so lucky Aidan isn't here. He would've ripped you to shreds," Cole smirked at me. Before I could even tell him off Dylan butted in.

"Dude you have to tell her to leave. This is the pack table." He said.

"Only when she makes more friends." I grumbled.

Everyone mumbled fines and okays and started eating again. Some of the guys even introduced themselves to December. Before lunch ended I reminded everyone that there was a pack meeting today, and all of them groaned before heading to fifth period.

"Come on December you do not want to be late to music. That is a teacher you don't want to mess with," With that said we walked to music together.


December POV


The rest of the day went well. During sixth and seventh period where I didn't have Devin I met Madison. We kinda-sorts hit it off so make that two on my new friends list. Eighth period dragged on and I practically ran out when the bell rang. I threw my books in my locker and eagerly headed home.

"How was your first day?" My mom asked stepping out of the kitchen. Scents of freshly baked bread filled my nose and I stepped past her into the kitchen.

"It went well. I made two new friends," I said popping a piece of bread into my mouth. My sighed.

"You know it's not in my nature to be around people. Too many could make the outcome fatal," I said. My mom's face hardened like she was fighting back tears. She wrapped her arms around me bringing me into a tight hug. She took many deep breaths before speaking.

"i know honey, I never intended for it to be like this for you."

"Mom I have delt with this for 16 years I am used to it," I lied. She released me from her grip. I gave her on last quick hug before going upstairs into my room.

Devin's POV 


 We all gathered in the clearing not far from my house. Aidan was pacing back and forth between two trees. I wonder what his problem is.

"Everyone get in a circle now! I have news" He barked through the mind link. Everyone pushed around at his command. I sat down on my two hind legs next to Cole and Brandon. Our two newest wolves.

"We have a new wolf in the area."  With that said everyone went crazy and started howling and barking. My head throbbed at the noise.

"Be quiet and I will tell you who it is!" Aidan growled. Everyone responded as his alpha voice gave the command. He looked each and every one of us in the eye before continuing.

"The weird thing is, is that the new wolf is...a girl" He paused waiting for us to go haywire but shock and confusion spread through the pack. I was the first to speak.

"But, that's impossible" My voice was barely above a whisper. Aidan nodded, agreeing with me.

" I know it sounds crazy but I am certain she is one of us,"

"Who is it?" Everyone asked including me.

"December Bolten"  My mouth opened wide and all heads turned in my direction.


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