Lone wolf

December is a lone wolf. Meaning she can't find a pack, has to move around a lot, and she can't even have a family. All because of her father. Now, after moving she is faced with a new wolf pack and they insist that she be in their pack. She refuses but they force her. She is breaking the rules and the consequences could be fatal


11. I don't know what to do anymore

   Standing in front of my mother with me looking like I was dead, with five rabids around my kitchen, and rouges that could walk in at any moment was my nightmare that has sadly became my reality.

   "Hi mom." I croaked. I don't know what else to say. And I was choking back the tears that desperately wanted to come forward at the fact Aidan is dead.

   "Oh, dear it was worse than I thought." She rushed forward lifted my arms and examining all my marks.

   "You know what happened," My heart beat a little faster, scared for her response.

   "Well, yeah your friends told me you got beat up in an alley. Good thing they walked past and saw you there." She brought me into a hug ," Which by the way i cannot thank you guys enough for taking care of her," She directed towards my 'friends'.

   "Oh...I didn't know they already told you," I looked at Sasha who was filing her nails. Erika gave me a shy smile. And the two guys were busy raiding my fridge.

   "Well they kind of had to explain themselves when I walked in to four strangers with you no where to be seen," She looked past me at Dallas. "And you are?"

   "Dallas," He gave her a smile and put his hand up.

   "Nice to meet you." My mom smiled back, before turning to me, "Now December, I'm going to take a shower. And it's getting pretty late so your friends have to leave soon,"

   I smiled at that. After my mom walked up the stairs I turned to the rabids with a grin plastered on my face. I placed my hands on my hips.

   "Well, it is a little late so you guys should leave. You know Mom's orders," I shrugged my shoulders acting like there was nothing I could do.

   "We can't leave." Griffin said. It was the first time I heard him speak and He had a pretty deep voice.

   "Well, I'm under my mom's orders so..." I smiled teasingly. I saw in the corner of my eye Dallas cross his arms.

   "Well we are under Rafe's orders," Griffin argued, obviously getting ticked off.

   "Well this is my mom. She's a pretty bad-ass motherfucker. So you do not want to disobey her or you will feel her wrath. So I think I win. Get. Out." I said assertively.

   At first, Griffin got up making me think he was going to listen but instead he came to tower over me with an evil stare.

   "We're not going anywhere." He hissed.

   I narrowed my eyes at him. But before I could say more, Dallas spoke.

   "Yes we are. We'll go, but we will be back." He walked over to Griffin, slapping an arm on his shoulders and pulling him. The others were stunned for a bit, but followed after.

   Apparently, Dallas can command them all?

   But as soon as they shut the door, I silently flipped out at the fact that they were gone. jumping for joy and silently screaming out my victory. I danced up the stairs unattractively, but I didn't care. They were gone. I was a little sad Dallas went because we kinda had a friendship forming there, but I had to runaway now. I had to get out of here before the rouges came back. 

   The joy left me when I had to leave my mom. Now I loped to my room making it take as long as possible. 

   Opening it, I squeaked as a scream as the notorious rabids made camp in my room. Dallas looked up from on of my magazines. That cute crooked grin appeared instantly.

   "Miss me?" He turned the grin into a seductive smile.

   I groaned loudly making sure they got the vibe that I was unhappy. My eyes landed on Griffin who was smiling like an idiot.

   "Shut up" I spat.

   I laid down in my bed shoeing Zak off in the process. Closing my eyes trying to sort out what my next move was. 

  I felt the bed dip a little as a body laid down next to me. Opening one eye I saw Dallas making himself comfy.

   "Don't mind if I crash here tonight?" He asked smirking.

   "Do I have a choice?"

   He rolled over, turning his back to me. "No," He answered.

   I got a few chuckles from Zak and Griffin but the girls were painting their nails with my nail polish.

   "When My mom comes in here she can't see you," I said sleepily as I rolled over on my side. Without any responses I fell into a some what peaceful sleep.



  Lying awake at five in the morning tucked under Dallas' arm unable to move is another nightmare that is now a reality.

   I spent most of the time silently crying.

   Aidan is dead and I can't even cry like I normally do at deaths. I just can never get away from anyone. And it is killing me and taking a toll rather harshly.

   Tears streamed my cheeks as I tried to control my breathing. I wanted to whimper. to scream, to let out all of what I was feeling.

   I never even gave him a chance. I never went on a date or kissed him. Just a hug. He even said I love you to me and I didn't say it back. He met his mate and lost her and then he died a painful death. I treated him terrible. All because I am a fucking lone wolf.

   A low whimper escaped my throat, freezing my every move. I even held my breath. With a slight movement from Erika who was cuddled up on my chair, I was convinced no one was awake. 

   More tears rolled down my cheeks. I just wanted to be dead. I couldn't handle this much longer. I don't know what to do anymore.

   A hand wiped my tears. Dallas lifted his head at me all cute with his bed head.

   "Why are you crying?" He asked sincerely.

  'Aidan' I said involuntary in my head to him.

   'I'm sorry this happened to you. I don't like Rafe. He's to brutal.' He said to me while staring in my eyes.

   'Then why do you listen to him?' 

   A pained expression appeared on his face.

   'Want to leave this place for a little while?' He asked avoiding my question. But I still nodded. As I got out of bed He lifted my up in his arms.

   'What on earth do you think you're doing!' I demanded in the link.

   'You floor creaks a lot.' He gave me a half smile before making his way to my window.

   Climbing out of my window I thought would be a challenge for him, but he seemed to do it with ease. Walking on my roof to the edge he stopped and looked at me, giving me that famous crooked smile that was adorable. I was to entranced in his smile that he stepped off the edge, causing me to clench onto him with all my might.

   "You know your adorable sometimes," He commented as he walked across my yard, me still wrapped up securely in his arms.

   I was glad it was still dark out, or else he would have seen me blushing. Like severely blushing.

   I didn't answer him though. i didn't know what to say.

   He walked through the woods with a fast pace until he came to a pond. The water wasn't murky or muddy but clear like the ocean. There was a cave that went a few meters back into it but I couldn't sense an animal or anything occupying it. He walked over to it and gently sat my down at the entrance.

   "Shall we go in?" He gestured into the darkness.

   I nodded my head and crawled in the darkness. Focusing some energy on my eyes my wolf's vision in me sharpened and I could see the wall that was a few feet away from me. I leaned my back against with Dallas right next to me.

   "What now?" I asked staring at the entrance, where it was getting lighter.

   "You can cry the way you want to now. My shoulder is right here." He looked at the entrance. 

   Tears welled already. How could this guy be a rabid that almost killed me? He was so sweet and sincere.

   I scooted closer to him resting my head on his shoulder like he said I could.

   I cried. And cried. And cried.

   And he reassured me and stroked my hair and comforted me.

   "Thanks," I said in between sobs.

   He took my chin in his thumb and index finger. Looking into my eyes he just stared for a few seconds.

   "You don't deserve this." He leaned closer, our noses only a centimeter apart.

   And I did something that surprised us both. I closed the gap between us and kissed him. At first i thought he was going to freak and pull away, but then we both closed our eyes and let our feelings take over.

   It turned into a passionate kiss. Very passionate. It became very heated as he wrapped his arms around my waist, caressing them. I entangled my fingers in his hair not wanting to let go. I was guiding onto my back. Dallas' hands explored my body while our tongues explored each others mouths.

   Suddenly, I broke away from him, His eyes worried that he had hurt me or did something I didn't like.

   But I held my side and sat up sucking in breaths.

    "What's wrong? Did I hurt you?" He asked searching my eyes.

   "No. It's just where you bit me. It was like tingling," I said lifting my shirt to show him.

   It was healing before our eyes. And both of brow were furrowed in confusion. As thin pink lines disappeared before our eyes I looked up at him.

   He reached his hand out to touch my skin. On contact it sent shivers of pleasure all over my body. I looked up at him.

   "What does this mean?"

   He refused to look at me. "We are... Mates,"



So, mom is home and December and Dallas are mates! Hope this caught you off guard! Anyways tell me what you think should happen between them. Maybe I'll use one of your Ideas... ;)




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