Lone wolf

December is a lone wolf. Meaning she can't find a pack, has to move around a lot, and she can't even have a family. All because of her father. Now, after moving she is faced with a new wolf pack and they insist that she be in their pack. She refuses but they force her. She is breaking the rules and the consequences could be fatal


3. Home Alone

December's POV

  The only thing I could hear was there growling. The snarls, the barks, and the whines of the wolves behind me.  I was only seconds away from them, but I couldn't out run them. If I shifted it would make the pain inside a hundred times worse and they would be on me almost instantly.

Instead I cluthed my stomach as I ran through the woods up the cliff side. I had to go to my house. Maybe then they would leave me alone. They would be out of the security of the woods. They wouldn't risk there secret trying to get to me.

Would they?

I forced the thought out of my head and focused on the pain roaring inside me. Tears rolled down my face as I tried not to scream out. My teeth were clenched so hard my jaw was throbbing. Everything around me died on sight. The smell of death and decay filled the air.

Maybe the smell will cover my scent?

Then I heard Aidan howling.

Maybe he lost my scent?

Or he had just found it?

I pushed my feet harder into the ground and dragged myself to the top of the cliff. Then a body rushed past me but no pain was added to me. He was in human form. I tried to manuver past him but I ended up slamming into  his chest. His arms encased me and I struggled to get free. 

I took my hands away from my stomach and pushed as hard as I could against his body. More tears streamed my face and I clenched my teeth harder.

My strength surprised both of us because I knocked him back a couple of steps. I didn't hesitate and I kept running. I glanced over my shoulder to realize it was the boy who said I was fiesty. 


My house is miles away from here! It is going to take me forever to get there if I don't shift. I can't shift or they'll catch me. I need a new plan. 

And Fast.

I heard a wolf run past me twenty feet away but it kept going forward until I heard it turning around to confront me head on. I veered to my right so It wouldn't find me.

I need a game plan fast. I was already tired and my energy was depleting fast.

I could feel the wolves paws smashing into the ground as they slowed down. Then I realized I was slowing down. I had to stop.

I doubled over and puked my guts outs and then an idea hit me. I looked right in front of me and saw a pine tree. It was dying right before my eyes but  I didn't care. I climbed the branches until I reached the top. Then I placed one foot on the trunk of it and pushed off with my hands out in front of me. I landed on another tree and climbed to the top of it and repeated. This way the wolves would have to shift to human in order to get up here. But I was going slower then before and now they where in my sight. I panicked and tried to climb faster but the trees where dying faster now that the wolves where so close. The limbs where falling off just at the touch. And when I pushed off to get to the next tree the tree would crack and fall over. 

Panic alarms rang in my head as the pain dulled the slightest bit. It was still unbearable but enough where I didn't want to explode. I was still crying and my teeth where still clenched , but I kept moving.

Now I will probably have to leave in a month or two. The pain was already dulling inside me and it was my second encounter with these wolves. If this kept going bad things would happen in a few weeks.

Even death.

The wolves were just below me and some jumped up on their hind legs to try and reach me, but I was well over their heads.

 As they started to shift I veered my eyes away not wanting to look at their nude bodies. 

"December!" I heard Aidon yell.

I ignored him and jumped to another tree. The pain subsided now that the boys in their human form, so I moved much faster and the trees didn't fall down dead.

"Get down here!" Aidon yelled in his alpha voice because everyone instictivley kneeled before him. His voice bounced harmlessly off me leaving no effect.

"Your stupid voice doesn't work on me. I don't belong in your pack!" I called as I jumped to another tree this time showing off and doing a flip in mid air.

Aidon was outraged and he showed it by punching a tree and leaving a huge dent. 

Someone else spoke up finally and he was much more calm.

"We just want to talk," The boy said.

"No. There is nothing to talk about!" I said.

I jumped to another tree. The whole pack just had to take a few steps until they were right under me. Yet again I need a new plan. I sighed.

I looked down at the wolves. They're human now so maybe I could shift. No they would shift as soon as I did.

The water!

I  could just jump off the cliff into the water and swim away! 

I jumped to another tree set on the ocean.

"December don't waste your time. Just get down here." Aidan said surprisingly more calm. This guy had a temper. I have to be carefull around him.

"Don't waste your time." I replied back.

I hugged the current tree I was on and closed my eyes. I concentrated on the landscape and instantly the goegraphy of where I was popped into my head. I guess it's like having my own version of Google  Earth in me.

Okay so about half a mile before I can go cliff diving.

I tried to pick up my pace of tree jumping, but now I was  running into another problem. The trees were getting farther and farther apart.

I pushed off harder from the tree and landed on a very low branch. This is ridiculous. It's a forest there should be like a million trees! I looked down to the wolves sitting there smiling up to me.

This is not funny.

"You guys don't know when your not wanted." I commented flinging onto another tree.

"Well you decided to not listen," A boy said.

"Well I guess this is goodbye!" With that I jumped to the ground only having to take a couple of steps before I ran out of land. I dived into the ocean.

As I fell the wind was sharp and pinched my face but a smile spread across my face.

I escaped!

Before I hit the water I looked up to see the pack at the edge staring at me. i couldn't see aidan's face, But I knew he was pissed.

Then I hit the surface. Hard. I froze under the water for a millisecond but then I recovered and surfaced.The bitter cold water refreshed me. I had been sweating as I was jumping from tree to tree.

I felt good and gracefully made my way back to the shore. Before I actually got to shore I made sure no wolves in sight. Then I walked up like the queen proud and really happy. I made my home.

As I was shutting my window my door opened. 


My mom walked through with her robe on and her arms crossed.

"December, where were you?" She questioned.

"I went for a run. No biggy. I just couldn't sleep." I replied.

"Oh really?" I nodded." Then why are you soaking wet?"

" I kinda went for a swim too," I Scratched the back of my head awkwardly.

"Goodnight, December," With that she turned and closed my door.

I let out a sigh of relief. If she questioned me further I would of been in for it. I am a terribke liar and she knows it. 

I stripped my self of my wet pajamas and slept in my bra and underwear.

I probably got another hour of sleep until my alarm started going off.

I was so tired but I could't skip on my second  day of school. Not yet at least. I dragged myself to my batrhroom and ran the shower cold in hopes it would wake me up. Not likely. 

I slapped on skinny skeans with a purple hoodie and pulled on my sneakers.

I went downstairs for coffee. My uncaffinated brain needed it...badly. My mom was already up, with coffee made for me. My cup was already out and poured.

"Thanks," I yawned.

"I knew you would be a zombie today," She said pouring her own.

"I just couldn't sleep okay," I said crankily. She put her hands up in surrender. My mom was more like my sister.

"I'm leaving for work, I'll be gone all week," She said quickly.

My shoulders slumped. I slammed my cup down. Good thing it was already empty.

"Seriously," I whined. 

"Sorry, I have to make money somehow." to pay for us moving around so much. I know that's what she wanted to say, but didn't.

"Okay, fine" I hid my anger from her. Home alone all week? That leaves me an open target for the fucking werewolves!

I walked to the,living room and plopped on the couch. Maybe I could invite Madison over? I don't know if were even that close yet?

I turned on the TV and watched NCIS before I went to school.


"What's wrong with you? You look like the walking dead," Devin asked worridly.

"I couldn't sleep last night. That's all. Do I really look that bad though?" I told him only half lying as we walked to science together.

"nah I was messing with you," He said. 

I could sense he wanted to tell me something else. But what? I shrugged it off and sat in my seat.

The day went on in a blur. In didn't ask sixth and seventh I didn't ask Maddie if she want to hang out with me. It felt to early in our friendship. It's only been a day, so I chickened out.

As I walked in the door I realized I was home alone for a week. I had no freinds to hang out with yet so It appeared I was having an anti-social week. I went up in my room and threw my bag on my bed. I put on shorts and tank and put on different shoes.

I was going for a jog to clear my mind. I headed outside and jogged in the road. Cars passed and I didn't pay attention. I was honked at and yelled at and a few gave me the finger. I was running in the middle of the road.

I kept thinking about aidan and the wolves. How at any moment he could come into my house, because it was only me. 

Another think that stuck in my mind was who made up the rest of his pack?

Were they like aidan's age or were they younger and go to my school?

I started to sprint down the road and then veered into the woods.

I found a trail and ran as fast as I could. I don't know why, but I felt I just needed to run, run like hell.

No one was following me, no one was chasing me, and I wasn't running from the law, it just felt right. I knew my wolf wanted to be free, to rome. It's sick of being cooped up in my body. 

I was tempted to shift but everytime I did I ran into the wolves. Could they feel when I shift?

I ran past a couple hiking. I wish I could do that. I couldn't find love though.

I ran even harder at that thought.

I made a sharp left and in no time I broke through the trees and was in my backyard. I stepped inside into my kitchen, surprised not to find a pack of wolves waiting for me. 

I hadn't realized how hard and fast I was running until my throat told me that it was on fire. I sipped from the tap and went upstairs to take a shower. I was sweating bullets and needed to cool off. 

I took the steps two by two to my room and I locked the door behind me. I don't I guess I nedded to feel more secure.

I showered in even colder water than this morning.

I towel dryed my hair and put on shorts and a humungous t-shirt that once belonged to my dad. 

I went downstairs and put on the TV. I cuddled into a blanket and drifted off.





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