Lone wolf

December is a lone wolf. Meaning she can't find a pack, has to move around a lot, and she can't even have a family. All because of her father. Now, after moving she is faced with a new wolf pack and they insist that she be in their pack. She refuses but they force her. She is breaking the rules and the consequences could be fatal


13. Flaws

 "Get away from him," I growled at the rabids, pulling Devin to his feet and helping him to the kitchen table. Growls erupted from all their throats as Devin looked at them wearily.

        "Devin, how did you get here? How did you survive the rogues?" I shot questions at him whilst ignoring the rabids behind me, including my mate.

        "December... the whole pack...gone...I...how are you alive?" He stuttered through the words barely above a whisper as he took in deep, ragid breaths.

        "I don't know why the Rogues have kept me alive but i need to know where they are. I need to get you and my mom out of here to safety before they get back." I said wiping blood from the side of his face.

        "Your mom is here?!" He half-whispered and half-yelled.

        "There is no way he leaves here alive," Growled Griffin from behind me. I disregarded Griffin's claim and looked Devin in the eyes. I didn't say a word hoping he'd get it.

        'Devin, I will get you out of here alive. I promise. I just need you to promise you will take my mom to safety as well.' I thought the words praying only he could hear them through the mind-link.

        'I promise.'  He replied with a slight nod.

        Then I turned my attention to Griffin along with the other rabids. They were all angry and every few seconds they would glance at Devin deciding whether or not to kill him right then and there.

        "You can't kill him. I ... forbid it," I stated attempting to look firm and menacing by glaring at Griffin.

        "And what makes you think we need your permission?" Sasha growled. My head snapped in her direction with a smirk appearing almost instantly.

        "You'll have to kill me first."

        "That's not a problem with me," Sasha hissed. I smiled even more at her.

        "But it will be with Rafe. Kill me and Rafe will have your ass," I crossed my arms as her expression turned to fear of what Rafe would do to her. He wouldn't just kill her. He would slaughter her and make her suffer for days maybe weeks.

        Sasha looked back at Griffin for help but found the same fear on his face as well. Zak and Erica didn't say a word.

        I think I win." I smiled sincerely as I turned back to a beaten Devin. He looked utterly broken and I'm surprised he made it to my house without bleeding to death.

        "I'm getting you out of here,okay?" I whispered helping him up so he could stand.

        "What about you?" he asked.

        "I'll be fine. I mean I've made it this far." I reassured him with fake confidence.

        I walked him to the back door avoiding eye contact with the rabids who didn't do anything about it. Thank god for that or else I don't know what I would have done. As Devin was about to leave He turned and looked me in the eyes as I explained the plan to him through the mind link. Devin glanced at the rabids one last time before turning and leaving.

        I made my way to the kitchen to make some coffee, " Does anyone want some?" I asked trying to piss them off just a little bit more. I got no ones answer, so I turned to measure the water.

        A hand touched my shoulder gently while another pushed my hair behind my ear.

       "You're going to get me in trouble," Dallas whispered in my ear. His breath tickled my neck, sending shivers all up my body.

        "I had to get them out of here," I whispered back to him.

        "Them?" He questioned.

        I realised my mistake with my wording and my cheeks grew hot. I don't think he would care if I told him my mom had to get out of here, but what if Rafe was planning to use her against me. Or simply just kill her?

        "I know Devin's one of them? Who else?" His grip on my shoulder tightened just the faintest but I din't like the feeling it gave me.

        "My Mom," I answered. Instantly, his grip loosened again and he picked up the coffee pot and opened a cupboard reaching for a mug.    

        " She I understand, but isn't she here?" He asked pouring himself a cup.

        "Well, not anymore. I asked Devin to sneak into the basement window and take her somewhere safe." I explained while getting the creamer from the fridge.

        "Why didn't you let me in on it?" He asked snatching the creamer from my hands.

        "Well you're loyal to Rafe whether you like it or not. He could listen in on our 'private' conversations." I replied putting emphasis on the word private.

        "Well... your not wrong on that. Actually i've done it quite a few times. Simply read his thoughts for the fun of it." A familiar voice sarcastically said.

       Rafe stood in the kitchen as the other Rogues filed in behind him. Dallas quickly moved away from me, walking behind the rogues to be with the rabids.

      "Well that's not very nice." I squeaked trying to stop my coffee cup from shaking in my hands.

       Rafe smirked at me sadisticly, "Where is he?"

       I shrugged my shoulders, "Who? The werewolf that you couldn't kill? The one that got away? Well I'll tell you one thing, he isn't here that's for sure. And I wouldn't tell you where he's going either. You'd have to kill me first."

      Rafe turned around facing another Rogue, "I thought you said he was here, Brock"

      Brock, the rogue, then turned to Griffin obviously enraged. Griffin looked so small and scared like a baby deer. I almost felt bad for him.

      "You said he was here," Brock hissed storming up to him and firmly grasping his throat.

      "He was I swear!" Griffin croaked, from the lack of oxygen reaching his lungs.

     "Then where is he?!" Brock yelled raising his voice. He lifted Griffin from the chair and flung him against the wall. I flinched at the sound of the impact. Griffin crumpled to the ground helplessly.
     Brock turned on me and before I could move away he had me boxed in against the counter with his face inches from mine.

     "Are you going to tell me where your little friend is? Or do I have to force it out of you?" he asked menacingly.

     I gulped making my fear clear to everyone in the room. "I'm not going to tell you shit,"

      I was suddenly ripped right from where I was standing and in seconds I was across the kitchen into the living room. Well now I know how Griffin felt. I staggered to my feet pushing a strand of hair behind my ear. I forced a smile at Brock, "You're gonna have to do way better than that,"

      Brock took a few steps towards me but rafe put his hand out haulting him to a stop.

     "We need her alive." Rafe said staring at me.

     "She could heal. She did it when Dallas nearly killed her." Brock reasoned obviously wanting to kill me himself.

     "She'll still suffer in the end. We'll win and be on top," Rafe stated. Brock calmed down enough, satisfied with Rafe's words.

     "You know I'm right here. I would kinda like to know how this all plays out." I said walking up to Rafe to piss Brock off even more.

     "If you must know, darling, we payed a visit to your father. He spilled everything to us to save is own ass, including every little detail about you." Rafe sneered and I tried to back away as I took in his words.

        "You don't know anything about me." I said.

        Rafe smirked at me closing the space between us and leaning close to my ear, "I know about the pain, the deaths, and I plan to use it to kill other alphas and have my own swarm of rabids at my own command.

        "But there's the flaw. The pain only hurts me," I said. "And even if it kills someone its always been at random."

        "Your father has informed of that. But you don't allow it to get muche worse. After a certain point there's no return and I intend to bring you to that point. The pain will have consumed you by then and finally it will back lash on all the werewolves who have caused you pain, which will eventually kill them." Rafe explained with a grin on his face causing me to back away from him again.

        Thoughts rushed in my mind. There has to be another flaw. There's always flaws in the bad guy's plan. Think. think. think.

        "You won't be able to shift in front of me then or I could kill you too." I stated hoping that was enough to stop them for a little while.

        "Brock, a demonstration please," Rafe smiled showing the whites of his teeth.

        "What?" I asked, not knowing i actually said it aloud. Brock took off his shirt and lunged.

        "No!" I screamed crouching down and squeezing my eyes shut, waiting for the pain. But, it never came. Then i heard a snarl and I slowly opened my eyes to see a grey timber wolf sitting on it's haunches.

        This is not good.

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