Lone wolf

December is a lone wolf. Meaning she can't find a pack, has to move around a lot, and she can't even have a family. All because of her father. Now, after moving she is faced with a new wolf pack and they insist that she be in their pack. She refuses but they force her. She is breaking the rules and the consequences could be fatal


12. Decisions

   I was frozen. I couldn't move, couldn't speak, couldn't breathe. Well the last one felt like I couldn't breathe. But his words kept echoing through my mind.

   We're Mates.

   The words haunted me, leaving an unbearable sensation of guilt. There was talons crawling up my throat that I couldn't control.

   "I'm sorry," I choked out, barely audible to the two of us. Dallas' eyes were bewildered yet accepting.

   "For what?" He whispered to me, reaching out his arm to surround me in a half hug.

   But the apology wasn't for him. I endearingly adored him to every extent, but I did not feel a single sensation for Aidan. He had loved me and I showed no emotion towards him. And he died for it. 

   I had lead those rogues here. It was all my fault. Sure I found my true mate, but it was exceedingly unfair for Aidan. For his entire pack. Of course, I didn't know for sure if they are all dead, but... I had a feeling. An overpowering one, that just wouldn't subside. No matter how many times I filled myself with hope I had that feeling again and all hope was lost.

   A hand caressed my cheek, sending shivers of delight to run down my spine. I brought my eyes up to Dallas.

   "For being what I am," I said clearly and more loudly.

   Dallas' brow furrowed as he studied my face for more explanation. His hands were holding up my face, with his thumbs gently rubbing against my cheeks. I didn't want this moment to end. I wanted to stay here frozen for eternity, just staring into each others eyes as he studied me. I loved it. And I loved him.

   "A werewolf?" He finally said.

   I took a deep breath before answering. "No, A lone wolf." I exhaled, dragging the air out as long as possible.

   His brow furrowed once again, "I don't understand,"

   I sighed slightly and rested my head on his shoulder contemplating whether or not to explain it further.

   He is my mate. My unmistakably true mate and I should be able to tell him anything without his love faltering.

   "i'm a monster, Dallas," I whispered into his shoulder.

   He encased his arms around me hugging me tightly, but gently. He did not speak so I took that as a sign to continue.

   "I'm not a plain werewolf, or a rogue, or a rabid." I listened to his steady heartbeat. "I'm a Lone wolf meaning I can't be in a place for to long or natural disasters start to happen and if I still resist to move... people die." I paused waiting for his reaction.

   "How do you know this?" He questioned without losing his hold on me.

   I hesitated for a moment but I told him.

   "It happened to me once before. I...I..killed my best friend when I was eleven. Everyone said she died of a heart attack, but I knew it was me. I mean I lived at that house for a year and I ignored everything because I loved it there." tears sprung to my eyes as the memory resurfaced. "It was her birthday too." I choked on a sob.

   He stroked my back rhythmically, but still didn't say anything.

   "Dallas, how are we suppose to be together?" I looked out to the growing light of the cave's entrance. How long before we had to go back to my prison?

   He firmly gripped my chin in his hand, "We'll be together, I promise."

   I looked into his eyes, knowing what he had just said came from his heart. But he still didn't know all of my story. The pain. 

   He would never be able to shift in front of me. But quite frankly I didn't want to because he  was a scared wolf.

   "We should get going." I dragged while looking out at the entrance.

   "Before we go though, the others shouldn't know about us. Rafe will find out and he'll use me against you."

   I winced at the thought, causing him to rub my shoulder.

   "I won't let that happen though," He reassured.

   Dallas started scooting out to the opening, me following after him. As he came outside he whirled around stretching out his hand to me. Grasping it, he pulled me up to my feet. I let go of his hand and brushed my body, ridding it of loose debris.

   It was awkward walking back to the house in the dawning sun. Neither of us spoke. Silence.

   I listened to the birds chirping and could faintly make out a deer a couple meters away from gracefully chewing on shrubs.

   There was an odd sense of peace among everything. Like nothing in the world could disrupt the zen.

   And then we broke the treeline and stepped into the backyard.

   I sighed unhappily.

   Home sweet prison.

   But i caught the scent of blood and Dallas smelled it too, because his head whipped up at the house.

   I glanced at him wearily, My mother being the only person on mind.

   I bolted for the backdoor with my mate on my heels. The landscape blurred around me as my heart raced at inhuman speeds. 

   Not my mother, please don't be my mother.

   A hand gripped mine and halted me to a stop. I turned on my heels and hissed at dallas.

   "What!" I sneered.

   "It's not your mother's blood," Dallas said stepping forward in front of me. He reached his hand behind him signaling me to stop. I crossed my arms annoyed by his protection. But there was that little part of me that simply adored his every move.

   Dallas crept forward slowly, his nostrils flared with the scent trail. I walked slowly behind him waiting for something to just jump out. I hate suspenseful situations. So that means I hate scary movies.

   The back door hung wide open and peeking through I saw the rabids in a circle crouching in an uncomfortable but threatening position. They surrounded something that was covered in blood.

   My heart pounded, ready to break a rib at any second. I pushed passed Dallas who was stunned for a reason I don't know but I got past him. I came upon the circle in an instant with my instincts taking over. I heaved Sasha out of the way thinking that my mom was there.

   But no.

   It wasn't my mom at all. Instead they were huddled in the fetal position shaking holding their hands up in surrender. But then their eyes lifted and landed on mine. I couldn't move I was so stunned.

   "December?" He whispered in a raspy voice.



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