Lone wolf

December is a lone wolf. Meaning she can't find a pack, has to move around a lot, and she can't even have a family. All because of her father. Now, after moving she is faced with a new wolf pack and they insist that she be in their pack. She refuses but they force her. She is breaking the rules and the consequences could be fatal


6. Danger Danger

Today I woke up to the sound of my alarm buzzing annoyongly in my ear.

I had to go to school. 

I wiped the sleep out of my eyes, but of course it didn't work it's six in the morning. And Devin didn't leave untill 12:00AM last night.

Doing the math that's less than six hours of sleep.

I pulled myself into my bathroom and turned the water on hot. I stuck my hand out testing the temperature until it was just right. Then I undressed and hopped in. I stood there for what seemed like an eternity hoping the hot, steamy water would jolt me awake. No such luck.

After my shower I dried myself off and put my hair in a towel turben, then proceeded to put a bra and a pair of panties on.

I pulled my door open and headed downstairs. I need coffee now.

And yes I am aware that I am half naked, but I am home alone and extremely needing coffee right now. So I do not care.

I filled the jar with water measuring about four cups and then put the coffee grounds in the filter. I pressed start and smiled as it slowly started to drip into the coffee pot.

I headed upstairs again to put on some clothes. I descided on black leggings, converse, and a fuzzy grey hoodie with just a white tank on underneath. I heard the faint beeping of the coffee maker and smiled to myself.

Yay! It's done.

This time I stroded down the stairs happily, that is until i was confronted by Shaska.

She was pacing frantically and looked at me with pleading eyes. She had to go potty.

"You want to go outside?" I said in a high pitched voice. I mean everyone talks to dogs in weird voices. 

Instantly her ears perked up and her tail waved back and forth visiously. She bolted to the back door  with me on her heels. I slid the door open and she squeezed through and ran around the yard zipping from here to there.

"I guess she really had to pee," I shrugged my shoulders and went into my kitchen.

I grabbed my favorite cup and got me a cup of joe.


I walked towards my locker with it already in sight. I was surprised to see Devin wasn't gaurding it. 

"Hey December do you want to hang out today?" Madison was at my side.

"Sure." I said nonchalantly.

Oh my god! Maybe I am not going to do nothing all this week while my moms gone. I actually have a friend!

I mean I have had friends in the past, but I didn't try to get close to them. Maybe Madison and I could be different.

"Kay I'll come by your locker at the end of the day and then we'll walk to my house." She said and I nodded, hiding the fact that I was jumping up and down inside.

A friend. I have a friend.

I stopped as I reached my locker.

"Well I gotta go to gym, see you in third period." She turned around and hugged her books to her chest not waiting for my reply.

I grabbed my science book and headed to my first period class. As I walked in though Devin wasn't in his seat in front of me. I placed my book on my desk and looked at the door waiting for him to walk through...but he didn't.

Then The bell rang and he still hadn't made his apperance. I slumped my shoulders. He probably stayed home to catch up on his sleep. I wish I could do that.

"Good mornning Class," Mrs. Anderson greeted. We all mumbled good mornings to her too, but less enthusiastically. I didn't say anything. I kept watching the door.

I don't know why but I expected Devin to be here with me. I kind of felt empty without him.

"Fuck," I cursed under my breath.

I like devin. LIKE LIKE devin.


I face palmed myself. What the fuck is wrong with me! I have a mate! Well I didn't ask for Aidon to be my mate, he kind of forced me. 

I can't have a crush on Devin though!

Its wrong too.

But then his smile flashed through my head, the way his dark eyes always had a sparkle in them, how se- NO! I can't think about him like that!

And then of course he had to walk in.

"Sorry Mrs. Anderson. I woke up late." He lied. I could tell he was lieing because there was a gash on his jawline and he was heaving deep breaths. He got in a fight.

"Okay take a seat," She waved him away and taught the lesson I gave no interest in.

He looked at me and my heart leaped from my chest. Damn he is hot. but i had to stop myself. As he took his seat, I leaned forward about to ask him what happened.

"Devin?" I tapped his shoulder lightly but he didn't turn around.

"What happened?" I asked low enough for only we could hear it.

He shook his head. Was it bad enough that he didn't want to talk about it? 

Did him and Aidan get in a fight? i hate not knowing.

I wish I could read his mind like the rest of the pack. Maybe I could? 

I took a deep breath. I just had to open up to him.

I closed my eyes and focused hard enough that my brows furrowed together. 

come on!

I invisioned myself talking to him. Devin? I asked in my head. But nothing responded. It was like I hit a mental wall. Probably because I did hit a wall.

Then the bell rang and I was zapped out of my concentration. I rose out of my seat behind Devin when he turned around suddenly.

"Please don't try and force your way in my head." He half growled half hissed. Then he rushed out of the room with me standing there dazed.

He knew what I was doing? How? 

What happened to make him so...grouchy? Then someone pushed past me whispering a side comment about how I should probably learn to walk. With that my legs carried me to second period.

I laid my eyes on Devin as i entered the room, but he was focused on a spot on the floor. I was glad i didn't sit close to him because then he couldn't snap at me again. He was scary when he was mad... like every other man who was mad.

But it killed me that he wasn't telling me. I thought we were friends. Maybe it was because I had a crush on him or because I actually was worried for him. The reasons are endless and the possibilities for what happened are endless too.

What made that mark on his jaw?

A fight?

A weird birthmark I never noticed?

Did he do it to himself?

On accident or on purpose?

Did Aidan do it or another pack member?

Ugh. Like I said the scenarios are endless.

I stared at the back of his head all through class. Why won't he tell me? Was it that bad? Or to embarrassing?

I let out a deep breathe in frustration. 

I'm out of ideas and he won't tell me. maybe I should just let it go. Yeah, I'll try that. He'll tell me when he's ready, right? I hope.

The bell rang and I had no idea what the homework was or how to do it. I'll ask Madison later.

I rose from my seat and headed to third period. 






It was killing me that I couldn't tell her. I wanted to so bad. To tell her everything. But I couldn't I would scare her to death. Literally.

As the bell rang signalling me to go to third period I waited for December to leave. Then i stood and and made my way to the door. But I didn't go to third period. I walked out the school doors with no one stopping me. I had to tell Aidan. Now. 

Now I started to sprint. My news couldn't wait. It was way to important.

As I ran I passed houses and people. The humans didn't know what was happening, they were so innocent. So dumb. But now since they're here the humans are in danger. At that thought I pushed harder into the ground. 

I leaped up the stairs to Aidan's porch and walked through the door with out knocking.

"Aidan," i called out. 

I could hear him upstairs.  I just woke him up.

I jogged up his staircase and went to his bedroom.

He saw the fear in my eyes and jolted from his bed.

"What is it?" He asked cautiously.

"Rogues." I barely said above a whisper. He kind of relaxed but I wasn't finished.

"They want her." His eyes stared into mine and I could tell fear was forming inside him.

"Why?" He demanded.

"I'm not sure but they jumped me this morning saying they smelled her on me." I tilted my head showing the gash that was faintly turning into a thin pink line.

"How many?"

"Five but they said they were bringing the rabids."

We both shuddered as I spoke the words.

"We have to protect her at all costs,"

With that He pulled on a T-shirt and headed for the door with me following behind.


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