Beautiful Tragic

Natalie Craun has the hugest crush on Tristan Miller. They were once friends, but they grew apart when Tristan started Triple Threat ( acting, singing, dancing). She knew he liked to sing and dance. All she wanted was to let Tristan know how much she liked him. And with one stupid prank call, it slowly makes it way out.


5. Thunder

After I got home, I changed into my pajamas and went to bead.  I heard rain hitting the window pretty hard.  The biggest roar of thunder burst into the sky and I awoke with the biggest jolt.  It was the biggest storm to hit in the past year.  I heard my phone ringing.  I leaned over to my bedside table to look at who it was.  I picked it up and answered it.

"Hey, Tristan.  Whay are you calling me?"  I asked sleeply.  Why was he calling me at two in the morning?  I sat up in my bed, letting my back rest against the wall.

"I couldn't sleep.  The storm woke me up.  And I knew you would be awake too.  I knew, because your afraid of thunder.  I wanted to make sure you were okay.  Are you okay?"  He asked, concern in his voice.  I can't believe he remembered my fear of thunder.

"Yeah, Tristan.  I'm okay.  Now I'm not so sure if I'll be able to fall back asleep."  I said while giggling.

"I can help with that."  He whispered through the phone.

"What do you mean?"  Next thing I know, he's singing.  He was singing Title and Registration by Death Cab for Cutie.  It was one of my most favorite songs ever.  I set my phone on speaker and set it on the table next to my bed.  His voice was sweet, it made me fall asleep almost instanly.  The last thing I heard was, "Goodnight, Natalie.  Sleep tight, best friend."  And he ended the call.

~the next morning~

It was Friday.  I went to school in my  Which is a green with white polka dots shirt with no sleeves, blue skirt, and my cream lace Trirs.

I walk into the front doors of the school and Tristan comes up to me.

"Hey, Tristan.  Thank you for helping get to sleep last night."  I told him with a smile.  He hugged me from my side and I hugged him back.

"No problem.  And I have a pesent for you."  He reached in his bad and pulled out a CD case.

"Here,"  he gave me the CD.

"What's this?"  I asked, openeing the case.  The title on the CD said 'Natalie's Lullaby'.

"Tristan, I don't what to sa-"  I was cut off.

"It's no bigie.  If whenever you can't go to sleep, just play this.  I recorded the song I sang last night and put it on here.  I couldn't get back to sleep last night after I called you.  So, here you go."

"Oh my gosh.  Thank you, Tristan."  A smile spread across my face.  He looked at me and I looked at him.  We were staring into each other's eyes.  I wanted to kiss him, right there.  He slowly leaned in, and I did the same.  (RIIIING)  The bell went off before we could even touch.

"Well, I've got to get class.  I'll see you later."  My face started blushing.  I could tell he was embaressd by what just happened.  I walked away quickly to my class, not bothering to look back at him.

~Tristan's POV~

What did I just try to do?  I finally got my best friend back.  I missed her so much.  I needed to let her know how I feel about her.  That I love her.  I could tell she felt the same way about me.  She wouldn't have tried to kiss me if she didn't feel the same way.  I feel so stupid right now.  Hopefully things won't be awkward at lunch.  I have to try to talk to her today.  Let her know how I really feel.  I knew that the CD would work, but the damn school bells ruining the perfect moment.


Hey lovlies!  Things are heating up!  Let me know what you think.  More chapters to come!  Love ya!

P.S. I really apreciate all the vies that I have gotten so far!

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