Beautiful Tragic

Natalie Craun has the hugest crush on Tristan Miller. They were once friends, but they grew apart when Tristan started Triple Threat ( acting, singing, dancing). She knew he liked to sing and dance. All she wanted was to let Tristan know how much she liked him. And with one stupid prank call, it slowly makes it way out.


1. The Call

"Come on, don't be such a baby about it."  Emily said handing me my phone. 

"What if I get caught?"  I asked worried. 

"You won't get caught.  Just type in the two numbers I gave you first and then the actual number.  They're not going to know."  Madeleine stated from the chair next to my bed.  I took the phone from Emily's hand.  I took one big sigh and unlocked my phone.

"Okay, fine.  Who should I call?"  I looked around at my friends.  Emily, who had long blonde hair and blue eyes, was sitting across from me on my bed.  Madeleine, who has long brown hair and green eyes, was sitting on the white chair next to my bed.  Then there was Sydney, who has long brownish redish hair and brown eyes, was sitting on the floor with my laptop on her legs.  We thought for while.

"How about Tristan?"  Sydney spoke up.

"Oh, no I can't call him.  It's been so long since we've talked."  You see, Tristan and I used to best friends.  We both went to an arts school in the middle of town.  They offered dance, singing lessons, acting, pottery, art, piano lessons, guitar lessons, ect.  They have this thing called Triple Threat (singing, acting, dancing), and Tristan joined.  Ever since he joined, we slowly grew apart.  He would either be in class or in Triple Threat practice.  He barely talked to me, and we just grew apart from each other.

I tried to join Triple Threat, but my parents couldn't afford it.

"Come on, Natalie.  If you disguise your voice he won't know it's even you."  Emily said across from me.  I gave in too quickly.

"Alright.  But just this once."  I dialed his number into my phone and waited for him to pick up.  Ring, ring, ring.

"Hello?"  I heard a voice on the other end.  Tristan.  I had almost forgotten what he sounded like. 

"Um, yes this the balloon factory confirming your order for 200 party ballons."  I said in my best heium voice.  It was all I had to work with.

"I don't know what you're talking about.  I didn't order any party balloons.  And I think you should stop working there, judging by your voice."  Then, he hung up.  Good.  I couldn't handle talking to him anymore.  Too many memories were flooding back.

~2 hours later~

The girls were spending the night tonight.  We all go to the arts school together, so I could take them in the morning.  I put on my sweat pants and my Alabama State t-shirt.  I brushed out my long blond hair and brushed my teeth.  I looked again to see if I missed anything.  I walked out of the bathroom and into my room where the girls were spread out all over the place.  I hopped into bead and slowly driffted off to sleep.  Tomorrow's another day, and I have to see Tristan.  I could already feel the awkwardness between us.  Just seeing him in the halls, he doesn't even acknowledge that I'm there anymore.  I'll just have to get through it.



Hey guys!  So this is my first Movella that I've written.  Emily, Madeleine, and Sydney are real, they are my actual friends.  Tristan is real also.  We do go to an arts school and we are both really good friends.  I asked him if I could a story about us and he said it was fine.  So here you go lovlies!  Let me know what you think?  I will try to update as frequently as I can.  Love ya<3

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