Beautiful Tragic

Natalie Craun has the hugest crush on Tristan Miller. They were once friends, but they grew apart when Tristan started Triple Threat ( acting, singing, dancing). She knew he liked to sing and dance. All she wanted was to let Tristan know how much she liked him. And with one stupid prank call, it slowly makes it way out.


6. First Love

~Tristan's POV~

I was sitting at the table at lunch.  Emily was on my right, Natalie next to her, Sydney next to Natalie, and Madeleine next to Sydney.  Emily, Sydney, and Madeleine went up the lunch line to get food, while Natalie stayed at the table eating lunch she brought from home.  It was time to make my move.

"Natalie?"  I said across the table.  She looked up from her sandwich she was eating to look at me.  Her blue-grey eyes were the most perfect thing I've ever seen.  Scratch that.  She was the most perfect thing I've ever seen.

"Can I talk to you for a second?"  She shook her head and we stood up.  I took her hand in mine and I lead her out of the cafeteria.  I stopped when we got to the bathrooms outside the cafeteria.

"What's going on, Tristan?"  She simply asked, as if nothing happened this morning.

"You now how we almost kissed this morning?"  She nodded, "Well, do you now how long I've waited to do that?  Do you now who long I've waited to kiss you?  A long time, Natalie.  Ten years I've waited to kiss you. Ten years I've waited to tell you how I really feel about you.  Ten years I've waited to tell you that I love you, Natalie.  I love you."

~Natalie's POV~

Did he really just say that?  He loves me?

"Can I admit something?"  I asked, he nodded, "I've waited ten years to kiss you too.  I've waited ten years for you say that you love me.  Ten years I've waited to say that I love you.  I love you too, Tristan."

"You don't know how glad I am to hear you say that."  He took my face gently in his hands.  I looked into his eyes.  We both leaned in, and kissed.  His lips were soft.  We pulled apart and looked at each other.

"What does this mean?  What are we now?"  I asked.  Were we just best friends or more than that?

"Will you, Natalie, be my girlfriend?  I promise to love you with all my heart like I have for ten years.  I will never hurt you, and I will be by your side no matter what.  Please."  I looked deep into his brown eyes.  I smiled.

"Of course.  I've waited so long for you to ask me that.  Yes, I will be your girlfriend."  His whole face lit up and he smiled.  He pulled me in for one more kiss, this time lasting a little bit longer than the last one.


After school ended, Tristan walked me home.  I was singing the whole way back to my house, because my vocals teacher gave the whole class an assignment.  We each had to pick a song and sing it for the semester jam session in two weeks.  I picked First Love ny ADELE.

'Foregive me first love,

but I'm tired.

I need to get aways, to feel again.'

I felt Tristan's arm snake around my waist as he pulled into him, his arm around me that way I was leaning into his side.

"You have the most beautiful singing voice I have ever heard.  And you are the most beautifu girl I have seen.  And the best part is, I have you"  It was true.  I was his, and he was mine.



Hey lovlies!  Wasn't this a beautiful chapter?  Let me know what you think.  More chapters to come!  Love ya! <3

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